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How to Choose the Best Snow Shovels

Someone shoveling snow with a snow shovel

Winter comes with its challenges, and one of the most unnerving is keeping driveways and walkways clear of snow. The ideal snow shovel can turn this boring domestic work into an achievable task. The good news is that several snow shovel options are available to stock up on today.

Understanding the snow shovel designs and types that cater to different snow-clearing needs is crucial. Whether it’s for light dustings or major blizzards, here are the right snow shovel types, which will be a wise investment for your customers.

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Global outlook of the snow shovel market
Key considerations for choosing a snow shovel
How to choose the best snow shovels

Global outlook of the snow shovel market

Snow on an orange shovel

Snow shovels are in high demand due to their essential role in snow removal, particularly in regions prone to heavy snowfall. They provide a cost-effective solution for clearing driveways, sidewalks, and other outdoor spaces, allowing for safe passage and accessibility during the winter months. Their simplicity, durability, and affordability make them a staple tool for homeowners.

In 2022, the snow shovel market was valued at roughly US $10.70041 billion. Research suggests it could reach about US $17.3468 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.39%. This surge is linked to unexpectedly high demand during COVID-19, maintaining a strong market similar to the time before the pandemic. The primary drivers of demand for snow shovels include:

Weather patterns

The demand for snow shovels is heavily influenced by the severity and frequency of snowfall in different regions. Areas prone to heavy snowfall, such as parts of North America, Europe, and Asia, typically have a consistent market for snow removal equipment, including snow shovels.

Technological advancements

Innovative designs and materials are changing the snow shovel game. Shovels are getting lighter, easier to use, and better at moving snow, which makes a big difference when you’re out there clearing your driveway.

Online retail and distribution

The rise of e-commerce has made snow shovels more accessible to consumers globally. Online retail platforms offer a wide range of options and competitive pricing, potentially impacting traditional brick-and-mortar sales channels.

Key considerations for choosing a snow shovel

A variety of snow shovels

Materials and durability

When choosing snow shovels for your inventory, focus on a wide range. This may include lightweight plastic for small cleanups, sturdy metal for challenging conditions, and versatile composites for a balance of durability and ease of use, catering to various customer needs.

Ergonomic design and comfort

Offering a few snow shovels with ergonomic features such as bent or adjustable handles can significantly enhance user comfort. Ergonomic snow shovels are an attractive and affordable option for your esteemed customers looking for tools that minimize effort over extended periods of time.

Blade size and shape

Stock a variety of shovels with different blade sizes and shapes to suit various snow-clearing tasks. Your customers can either choose snow shovels with larger blades, ideal for moving more snow, or curved designs for lighter tasks. Snow shovels with flat blades are perfect for tackling hard-packed surfaces.

Weight and ease of use

Add snow shovels that strike the right balance between strength and manageability to your product range. The older population tends to enjoy snow shoveling; ensure you select shovels that are lightweight and easy for them to use. Your esteemed clientele will have access to durable and easy-to-handle tools.

How to choose the best snow shovels

Electric snow shovels

Person shoveling snow with an electric snow shovel

Top on this list of snow shovels are electric snow shovels. Electric snow shovels are a convenient tool for quick snow clearing, powered by electricity to move snow without manual effort. They are lightweight and suitable for use on decks, patios, and small driveways.

These snow shovels, with 27,100 average monthly searches, are valued in regions with unpredictable snowfall, where an effective and swift response is essential. Since they utilize electricity, they can be used effortlessly. This makes them a go-to for maintaining clear, safe pathways during the winter.

Ergonomic snow shovels

A snow shovel with an ergonomic handle and D-grip

Ergonomic snow shovels are designed with user comfort in mind and feature handles and shafts that reduce bending and strain during use. These snow shovels, with 1,000 average monthly searches, come equipped with adjustable lengths or curved handles to better fit the user’s height and posture. This helps make snow clearing less physically taxing.

Push snow shovels

A black snow pusher shovel

Push snow shovels are designed for efficiently clearing large areas of light to moderate snowfall. They feature wide blades that allow the pushing of snow aside without having to lift and throw it.

With 2,900 average monthly searches, push snow shovels help reduce physical strain when clearing driveways and sidewalks. They are an excellent addition to your inventory for customers looking for speed and ease when getting rid of snow.

Scoop snow shovels

Heavy-duty metal snow shovel

Scoop shovels have a deep, rounded blade that resembles a scoop, allowing for easy lifting and throwing of snow. They are suitable for heavier snowfalls and can clear larger amounts of snow quickly. Scoop snow shovels are preferred for their ease of storage and portability, which also make them a practical choice for on-the-go situations.

Cordless snow shovels

Cordless snow shovels offer the convenience of portability without the restriction of a power cord. This type of snow shovel, with 6,600 average monthly searches, is powered by batteries.s. This makes the snow shovel suitable for use in areas with zero access to electrical outlets.

Thanks to their user-friendliness and versatility, cordless snow shovels are one of the top choices for your customers who need to clear snow from their various outdoor areas efficiently. Since this tool blends the usefulness of electric snow shovels with the flexibility of traditional ones, adding it to your inventory won’t be a bad idea.

Telescopic snow shovels

Telescopic shovel used in winter

Telescopic snow shovels are known for their adjustable handles. This allows for a tailored fit for various users and snow-clearing needs. Its unique feature makes it a valuable addition to any inventory.

Telescopic snow shovels can be considered a variety of compact snow shovels due to their adjustable handles, which allow for easy storage and transport. However, the defining feature differentiating this snow shovel from its compact counterpart is the ability to adjust the handle length for user comfort as well as task suitability.

Folding snow shovels

Folding snow shovels are designed for easy storage and transportation, making them ideal for small spaces or on-the-go use. They can be considered a type of compact snow shovel. Due to the hinged design, which allows the snow shovel to fold, it becomes compact and convenient for travel or emergencies.

Interest in this type of snow shovel varies, as it reflects seasonal and regional demand for snow removal tools. Offering these in your collection can meet the needs of customers seeking practical, space-saving snow-clearing solutions.


Traditional snow shovel with aluminum handle

Selecting the right mix of snow shovels for inventory means considering varied customer needs, from ergonomic comfort to compact storage and cordless convenience. Offering a range that includes electric, telescopic, and push models ensures customers find exactly what they need for efficient snow removal.

Understanding the latest in snow shovel technology and design can set a collection apart, attracting a broad customer base looking for quality and innovation in their snow-clearing tools. Ensuring a diverse selection helps meet the demands of every snowfall scenario, keeping paths clear and customers satisfied.

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