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Outdoor Fiesta Essentials: Curate Your BBQ Grills Inventory for the Upcoming Summer

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Table of Contents
● Introduction
● Market Overview
● Exploring Diverse Grill Types and Features
● Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Grills
● Top-Performing Models and Innovators to Watch in 2024
● Conclusion


As a business professional or online retailer, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in outdoor BBQ grills is crucial for meeting customer demands and driving sales. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the dynamic market landscape, various grill types and features, and key considerations to help you make informed decisions when sourcing products for your business in 2024.

Market Overview

The global barbeque grill market size was valued at USD 5.01 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% from 2024 to 2030. North America dominates the market, accounting for 57.2% of global revenues in 2023. The region’s diverse climate, vast outdoor spaces, and cultural affinity for grilling contribute to the widespread use of gas barbecue grills

According to the study by Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association (HPBA), the U.S. and Canada have high grill ownership rates, with 64% of U.S. adults and 72% of Canadian adults owning a grill or smoker. Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific region is projected to experience the fastest growth during the forecast period. Gas grills hold the largest market share, followed by charcoal and electric grills. The increasing popularity of outdoor cooking, rising disposable incomes, and the growing trend of home cooking as a leisure activity are driving the demand for barbeque grills in countries like China, India, and Australia.

bbq grill market share by region

Exploring Diverse Grill Types and Features

As the weather grows warmer, people are increasingly interested in outdoor social activities. This trend is reflected on Google Trends, where searches for keywords like “gas grill” and “charcoal grill” have been skyrocketing since the beginning of the year. Outdoor BBQ grills come in various types, each with unique features and benefits. When selecting the best BBQ grill for your business, understanding the diverse types and features available in the market is crucial. The three main types of grills—gas, charcoal, and electric—each offer unique benefits and cater to different grilling needs and preferences.

Gas Grills: Efficiency and Control

gas grill

Gas grills lead the market, holding a significant share due to their convenience and efficiency. They are particularly favored for their versatility in using various types of gasses such as propane, butane, and natural gas. These grills are ideal for both direct and indirect cooking, allowing food to be cooked either directly on the grill or on a platform placed above the heat source. One of the standout features of gas grills is their rapid heating and cooling capabilities, making them perfect for outdoor events like picnics and tailgating. They range from models with a single burner, suitable for small gatherings, to those with up to six burners, accommodating larger groups and commercial needs. This adaptability, combined with the ability to precisely control the cooking temperature, positions gas grills as a top choice for many businesses.

Charcoal Grills: Authentic Flavor and Tradition

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The charcoal grill market is experiencing steady growth, driven by an increased interest in home cooking and the authentic taste that charcoal grilling offers. These grills are cherished for their ability to impart a distinct smoky flavor to the food, which is highly valued among culinary enthusiasts. Charcoal grills require more time to heat up and a bit of skill to manage cooking temperatures, but the flavor payoff is often considered worth the effort. They appeal to purists and those who enjoy the process of building and tending to a fire, making them a popular choice for businesses that prioritize tradition and a hands-on grilling experience.

portable electric grill

Electric Grills: Convenience and Safety

Electric grills are the fastest-growing segment, expected to see significant growth due to their convenience and suitability for a variety of settings, including indoor use. They appeal particularly to the millennial demographic, who favor cookouts and view cooking as a leisure activity. Electric grills are considered the most environmentally friendly option, producing no emissions and requiring no fuel other than electricity. They are known for their ease of use and safety, eliminating the need for open flames and reducing the risk of fires. Electric grills come in sizes ranging from small, personal countertop models to larger units designed for social gatherings. Their portability and minimal maintenance make them an excellent option for businesses looking for a hassle-free grilling solution.

propane and charcoal grill combo

Hybrid Grills: Versatility and Flexibility

Hybrid grills, which offer the ability to switch between gas and charcoal, are emerging as a popular choice for those who demand flexibility. These grills cater to both the quick convenience of gas and the flavor-enhancing properties of charcoal, making them a versatile option for diverse cooking styles. Furthermore, innovations in grill technology have introduced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth temperature probes, which allow for more precise cooking and convenience. According to Food & Wine, these high-tech features are setting new standards in the market, attracting tech-savvy consumers who seek out the latest innovations for their outdoor cooking experiences.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Grills

Selecting the right outdoor BBQ grill requires understanding several key factors that directly influence both residential and commercial applications. Performance and reliability are paramount. According to Grand View Research, consumers highly value grills that offer consistent heat distribution, durability, and the ability to withstand frequent use. Such traits ensure that the grill performs optimally across various cooking conditions, from searing meats to slow-cooking vegetables.

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Ease of use and maintenance are also critical considerations. Features that contribute to a grill’s ease of use include electronic ignitions for quick start-ups, easily adjustable heat controls, and effective grease management systems, as highlighted by Food & Wine. For maintenance, grills designed with fewer crevices and made of stainless steel can drastically reduce cleaning time and improve overall longevity. These features are particularly attractive to commercial users who need to maintain a fast-paced, efficient cooking environment.

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Design and aesthetics play an increasingly significant role, especially in the consumer market. The Guardian notes that modern grills are not only functional but also designed to enhance the outdoor décor. This trend reflects a broader consumer desire for products that fit seamlessly into a well-curated lifestyle, appealing particularly to high-end markets where design can be as important as functionality.

In commercial settings, the demands can differ significantly. Restaurants and caterers, for example, might prioritize large cooking surfaces and robust build quality to handle higher volumes of food and longer cooking durations. For these buyers, the key factors include industrial-grade materials and features that support a quick turnaround, such as multiple burners and enhanced heat retention.

Top-Performing Models and Innovators to Watch in 2024

As 2024 approaches, the outdoor BBQ grill market is dominated by standout models that set the standard in both design and technological integration. The Weber Genesis E-325s, praised by Food & Wine.com for its precision and large cooking surface, is ideal for both residential and commercial settings. It allows for a variety of cooking techniques, from searing to slow roasting, thanks to its precise temperature controls.

Weber grill

The innovative Weber SmokeFire series is another market leader, celebrated for its smart technology which includes Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth temperature probes. These features enable remote monitoring and adjustments, aligning perfectly with the demands of a tech-savvy consumer base. Additionally, the Cuisinart Venture stands out for its portability and high heat capability, making it perfect for tailgating and camping with its easy setup and effective temperature distribution.

boujee BBQ grill

The aesthetic appeal of BBQ grills is becoming as important as their functionality, sparked by the “boujee BBQ” trend and amplified by social media influencers who showcase everything from “tablescaping” to casual outdoor gatherings. This has led to popularity for visually striking models like Weber’s minimalist Go Anywhere barbecue and Heston Blumenthal’s bright orange portable grill. The Big Green Egg continues to be a coveted item among millennials for its versatility and endorsement by celebrities like Meghan Markle, further highlighted by Aldi’s budget-friendly version that rapidly sells out upon restocking.

Emerging brands are continuously innovating, adding features like automated temperature controls, solar-powered options, and customizable modules that cater to a market that values functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. These advancements are reshaping consumer expectations and expanding the definition of what a modern BBQ grill can be.


Selecting the best outdoor BBQ grills for your business requires careful consideration of market trends, grill types, features, and customer preferences. The competitive edge in 2024 will likely belong to those brands that can merge these elements—advanced technology, environmental consciousness, and user-friendly features—into products that resonate with a diverse and discerning customer base. By staying informed and offering a diverse range of top-performing models, you can meet the growing demand for outdoor cooking equipment and enhance your business’s success in 2024.

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