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How To Make Money Buying and Selling Used Tablets

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If you’ve got your eye on a used tablet for personal or business use, it’s a smart investment. With the rising costs of consumer electronics, there are many styles of used tablets for sale. 

If you’re a business owner or consumer who has an abundance of tablets or someone who wants to start buying them for a profit, there’s a way to take advantage of both paths. This article not only explains the process of making money by buying and selling used tablets but also highlights the tablet market. 

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How popular are tablets?
Why buy or sell a used tablet?
How to buy used tablets
How to sell used tablets

How popular are tablets?

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According to Statista, the average cost of a consumer tablet in the United States is about US $474, and prices are projected to rise to roughly US $553 from 2013 to 2027. As of 2022, approximately 163 million tablets were shipped across the world. Tablet revenue in the United States is estimated to be about US $16.2 billion in 2023. 

While Apple dominates the market, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, and Microsoft are also major tablet brands. The first consideration to make, whether buying or selling tablets, is which brand to offer or buy. Statista notes that tablets with an Android operating system were the most popular as of 2022, overtaking Apple’s iOS system. However, Microsoft’s Windows-based tablets have begun ramping up. 

Why buy or sell a used tablet?

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For consumers, one of the primary reasons for choosing a tablet that’s second-hand is cost. Technology changes rapidly, so electronics become out of date nearly every year. Plus, for consumers seeking cheap used tablets for kids, it’s a good way to save money.   

With so much overstock, retailers, wholesalers, and individuals are either on the hunt for or have excess used tablets. These exchanges are also a way to recycle electronics instead of them ending up in landfills.  

How to buy used tablets

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The first step to making money buying used tablets is to research the market to determine the demand for popular products like used iPad Air tablets. If you don’t already have a company, start an online e-commerce business. If start-up capital is a barrier, consider crowdfunding or applying for a loan or business line of credit to launch your company. 

With funding out of the way, you can now start buying your inventory. Since you plan to buy pre-owned electronics, market yourself as a company that sells cheap used tablets to stay competitive and for clarity. 

Follow these next steps to start buying:

  • Identify reliable sellers: Reach out to wholesale distributors and electronics recycling centers to build your inventory. Establish minimum standards, such as only purchasing tablets in good or excellent condition, so that your company is buying quality used electronics. You’ll also want to certify the authenticity by checking the serial numbers, since many tablets are stolen or counterfeit. 
  • Set a budget: Have a firm number for how much your company wants to spend on buying second-hand tablets. Negotiate bulk prices with suppliers so that your company can gain a better profit.  
  • Make space: With inventory available, your company will need space to process orders. This could be as easy as your living room or a shared business space. 
  • Partner with repair shops: If your company finds a good deal on tablets but some of the screens are broken, money can still be made. Finding a reliable, experienced electronics repair person can be useful to make quick repairs before selling to consumers. 
  • Test the used tablets: Sure, you can take the word of the seller, but it’s important to test basic operations like working buttons, holding a charge, and connecting to the Internet. Before selling, also ensure that the previous owners’ data is removed. 

Once the aforementioned steps are complete, move on to creating an inventory system, building an online presence, and implementing promotional strategies.

How to sell used tablets

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First, perform market research to determine how to stand out. Then, check your state’s requirements about forming a legal company to sell electronics. Research and form a relationship with wholesalers and manufacturers to purchase bulk quantities of used tablets. 

Follow these other tips to become a seller of second-hand tablets:

  • Clean and restore the used tablet: Use the factory reset function to restore the device to its original status. Then, physically clean the device with a microfiber cloth, paying special attention to the buttons, corners, and ports. Check for cracks and normal wear-and-tear, but be on the lookout for severe damage.  
  • Determine the value of tablets: To pinpoint a sale price, sellers need to assess the value of their inventory by considering age, condition, and brand reputation. To get an idea of price, look to other used tablet resellers to set a benchmark. Once a price is set, add a desirable feature like free shipping or discounted shipping with a minimum purchase amount. Be sure to include the original packing (if applicable), battery, and charger.
  • Understand when to sell: New versions of electronics hit the market every year. Second-hand tablet sellers should stay abreast of current models and offer their items prior to new releases to generate sales. 
  • Choose a selling channel: Electronics sellers may opt to create their own website or use the built-in audience of established seller websites like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. Having a storefront will involve spending more money, but it’s another option if space and demand are considerations. 
  • Use social media: With any business, you need to market your services. By creating engaging content showing off your inventory, business owners can drive traffic and potentially generate sales. Take clear photos and videos of the tablets’ capabilities and standout features, along with compelling, SEO-rich descriptions. Try tools like Semrush or Moz to get an idea of high-ranking keywords. 
  • Strengthen customer service: To build trust, sellers need to provide accurate information about their tablet inventory and respond quickly to inquiries and issues. 
  • Offer a return and warranty policy: When customers are dissatisfied with their purchase, used tablet sellers should have policies to correct the problem. A positive experience has the potential to boost customer returns and new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations. 


Man holding an iPad tablet with a Spiderman wallpaper

Whether you have an overstock of used Apple tablets for sale or want to buy iPad Air refurbished tablets, there’s a market for used electronics that can generate a profit. Before diving into the used tablet marketplace, it’s important to understand the field. This scope of knowledge includes knowing the various tablet sizes, capabilities, and brands. Alibaba.com is a great resource to start with to assess the market.

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