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Your Guide to Eyeshadow Stamp Trends for 2024

A black eyeshadow stamp on a white background

Getting amazing eyeshadow applications can be tricky. Luckily, there’s a way that one can achieve that killer makeup look while saving hours of frustration—and that’s with eyeshadow stamps.

From beginners to professionals, everyone can use eyeshadow stamps to get flawless creases, which is why they’re in such high demand today. This means that beauty sellers who stock up on them can cater to these demands and potentially boost their profits.

But before entering this market, read on to discover the must-know trends for eyeshadow stamps and how to source the best options for 2024.

Table of Contents
Eyeshadow stamps: what are they?
How do eyeshadow stamps work?
What to consider before choosing eyeshadow stamps?
The bottom line

Eyeshadow stamps: what are they?

A hand holding a black eyeshadow stamp

Eyeshadow stamps are fantastic tools for consumers looking to cut makeup routine time. These products allow ladies to apply their favorite eyeshadow precisely and consistently.

Created by professional make-up artist Jack Nogueira, eyeshadow stamps help the application of eyeshadows easy and fast—assisting female consumers in achieving the perfect “cut crease” technique.

Typically, manufacturers make them from silicone or plastic, equipping them with a flat/dome-shaped applicator that evenly picks up and transfers eyeshadow pigment. Even better, eyeshadow stamps help to create professional-looking eyeshadows, especially for beginners.

Eyeshadow stamps have gained some attention in 2023. They’ve grown from 390 searches in October to 480 inquiries in November. Despite being a fairly new trend, they’re generating a respectable amount of interest that is expected to continue in 2024.

How do eyeshadow stamps work?

An eyeshadow stamp with a crystal handle

Consumers who love using eyebrow stencils to create perfect lines will love eyeshadow stamps for added simplicity and ease. They’re so easy to use that it’s a two-step process for consumers to get their preferred eyeshadow application.

First, ladies start the process by applying the eyeshadow they want on the stamp and layering it however they like. Then, they’ll slowly press the stamp on their eyelid, transferring everything to the perfect position.

Usually, the results are perfect enough for the day, but women can touch up to make them look even better—especially if they prefer blending their eyeshadows.

What to consider before choosing eyeshadow stamps?

How easy are they to use?

Three similar pink and white eyebrow stencils

One thing businesses/sellers must check before investing in eyeshadow stamps is how easy they are to use. The primary goal of these products is to make the eye makeup process easier—if not, consumers might not see them as necessary.

So, what makes eyeshadow stamps easy to use? First, the stamp should accommodate multiple eyeshadow layers, easily transferable to the user’s eyelid. Second, it should have the perfect shape (round, almond, or winged creases) to ensure the makeup looks good after stamping—preventing consumers from doing the process more than once.

Third, the chosen eyeshadow stamps should be compatible with every eye shape and eyebrow style, allowing them to easily create doe-eyed, wing, and almond effects in minutes. Lastly, they should require zero techniques so even beginners can enjoy amazing makeup effects.

Note: avoid stocking up on eyeshadow stamps that don’t meet these criteria.

Check different applicator sizes

A long black eyebrow stencil with different applicator sizes

Consumers need different eyeshadow stamp applicator sizes to get the perfect look. Although most ladies experiment with these products until they figure it out, they’ll likely end up with stamps that are too big or small for their eyelids.

However, sellers can best avoid such issues by prioritizing eyeshadow stamps with at least two applicator sizes. With that, consumers will surely find the perfect fit for their eyelids—and prevent their applications from looking unnatural due to incorrect sizing.

Moreover, some eyeshadow stamps offer up to three sizes, giving women more freedom to pick the best ones suited for them. Here’s a more detailed look at the different applicator sizes:

Applicator sizeIdeal for Consumer type
Small (3-4 mm)This size can easily create precise lines and details.This size is ideal for ladies with small eyes.
It’s also great for beginners still learning how to apply eyeshadow.
Consumers who want a natural or subtle eyeshadow look can also use this size.
Medium (5-6 mm)This size is the best for applying eyeshadows to the entire eyelid.This size is great for consumers with medium-sized eyes.
Consumers with large eyes can use medium-sized applicators.
Women with small eyes can also achieve a good effect with medium–sized applicators.
It’s also the go-to for ladies looking to create classic or everyday eyeshadow looks.
Large (7-8 mm)This size is perfect for creating a smokey eye look and adding a dramatic wing to the eye’s outer corner.Consumers with large eyes will love this size.
Ladies with medium-sized eyes can also create amazing effects with large-sized applicators.
Ladies who want to create bold or dramatic eyeshadow looks can also rock with this size.

What eyeshadows will they be compatible with?

A crystal-handled eyeshadow stamp on a white background

Consumers may prefer one eyeshadow type, whether pressed (powder), loose, or liquid. But even if they have a clear preference, it’s safer to consider eyeshadow stamps that work with various eyeshadows.

As a result, consumers won’t be restricted to one or two types of eyeshadows in the long run. They may want to experiment with something new later. However, eyeshadow stamp compatibility depends on the material manufacturers use to make them.

Here’s a table showcasing the different eyeshadow stamp materials and their product compatibility.

Eyeshadow stamp materialCompatible eyeshadow
SiliconePressed, loose, cream, and liquid eyeshadows. Silicone eyeshadow stamps can be applied to all types evenly and precisely. They’re also the easiest to clean.
PlasticPressed and loose eyeshadows. Similar to silicone but only compatible with two types. However, using cream and liquid eyeshadows on plastic variants will make them hard to clean.
SpongeCream and liquid eyeshadows. Sponge eyeshadow stamps will absorb some of the pigment, helping to create a softer, more diffused look.

Note: Silicone eyeshadow stamps have the highest compatibility. They can work with any eyeshadow type consumers prefer and will still deliver amazing effects if they change products down the line.

Are their handles easy to grip?

A black eyeshadow stamp with a long handle

Despite eyeshadow stamps being the easiest way to apply eye makeup, they still require some precision. Consumers have to lay it and use it well enough to get the right look—and what determines this is the product’s handle.

Ladies can create a precise eye shadow crease with a comfortable, steady grip on the eyeshadow stamp. So, businesses must ensure their products have the right handle size for the perfect grip.

Here’s a table showing the handle sizes and who can use them for the best grip.

Eyeshadow stamp handle sizeIdeal user
Short (8 to 10 cm)This handle size is comfortable for consumers with small hands or those looking for a compact, portable tool.
Medium (13 to 15 cm)This handle size is perfect for most people.
Long (18 to 20 cm)Ladies with large hands want a longer handle for a comfortable grip.

In addition, handle material is another factor contributing to an eyeshadow stamp’s grip. Check out this breakdown to know the best ones to stock up on.

Handle materialDescription
Soft siliconeSilicone, known for its soft and smooth texture, offers a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue. Its non-slip properties ensure a secure hold in wet conditions.
Rubberized plasticThis material is similar to silicone in softness and comfort—and is also more durable. Rubberized plastic handles can withstand regular use and cleaning without losing grip or texture.
Ergonomic corkCork is a natural material that’s soft and grippy. It provides a personalized feel by adjusting to the user’s hand shape, reducing strain on the finger.
Texture plasticThis material adds a tactile element, making them easier to grip and control.

The bottom line

Eyeshadow stamps are considered an essential eye beauty tool because they offer an easy, convenient way to achieve amazing shadow looks. However, purchasing them could be tricky for first time buyers. Nonetheless, sellers can consider the factors presented here to help with a purchasing decision. 

This means factor in how easy they are to use, their eyeshadow compatibility, the different applicator sizes, and ensure easy-to-grip handles before adding eyeshadow stamps to inventories for an appealing list of options in 2024. 

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