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How To Select Electric Lawn Mowers

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The good thing about electric lawn mowers is that they are super easy to use. There is no hassle of pulling a recoil starter cord or dealing with the mess of a gasoline engine. On top of that, their low noise level makes them suitable for areas where noise restrictions may apply. Also, many users claim they are the most cost-effective option for lawn care. This is especially true for electric riding lawn mowers, which also offer convenience.

Electric lawn mowers are also a sustainable product. Compared to gas-powered lawn mowers that produce emissions, they are a choice for earth-conscious consumers.

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Global electric lawn mower market share & size
Guide to selecting profitable electric lawn mowers

Global electric lawn mower market share & size

Infographics of global electric lawn mower market size

The electric lawn mower market grew from US $2.1 billion in 2022 to US $9.10 billion in 2022. This acceleration is partly due to increasingly stringent environmental regulations. For instance, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently declared that all lawn mowers sold in 2024 must be zero-emission. 

Additionally, a 2013 survey estimated that 70% of Americans are inclined toward do-it-yourself activities, and mowing the lawn with an electric machine on a Saturday falls into this category. As a store owner looking to add these modern mowers to your catalog, you may wonder what types are the most profitable and best-rated electric lawn mowers. 

Thankfully, recent research reveals that walk-behind designs (also known as electric push mowers) accounted for over 58.0% of the global market share in 2022. Read the buying guide below to learn how to shop for profitable products.

Guide to selecting profitable electric lawn mowers

1. Conduct extensive market research

There are three aspects to extensive market research: knowing your target audience, identifying your competitors, and discovering trends. Here’s a short example of a market research result highlighting a target audience and its trend:

  • In 2022, North America accounted for the largest share of the global market value of electric mowers, at 32%. 
  • It is expected to reach a US $9.62 billion valuation by 2032. 
  • The most purchased designs in North America are walk-behind, robotic, and electric riding lawn mowers.
  • The top-end users are homeowners, professional landscaping services, and golf courses.
  • The countries with the highest purchases are the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

According to this research, sellers offering walk-behind and electric robot mowers to the U.S. and Canadian markets have a high chance of profitability.

2. Choose cutting width & height carefully

A mower’s cutting width directly impacts the required amount of back and forth for a complete mowing session. Extensive lawns (400 to 700 m²) can be mowed in 2–4 passes with a 46 to 53 cm cutting width. But 35 to 46 cm of cutting width is enough for trimming smaller gardens (less than 400 m²) in 2–4 passes. Similarly, a lawn mower’s cutting height should match the size of the grass to be mowed. Here’s a grass-mowing height chart based on grass type:

Grass typeMowing height (inches)
Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass, and Centipede grass2–2.5
Fine fescue, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and Tall Fescue3–4

If you’re targeting the US market, where Kentucky bluegrass is the most popular lawn grass, you’d do well to stock up on mowers that quickly cut 3–4 inch–tall grass. Check a mower’s height range settings to ensure your buyers are covered.

3. Check the collection box capacity and machine weight

Today’s top electric lawn mowers feature boxes holding 30–60 liters of grass. (Though commercial electric mower boxes can have more than that.) A 30-liter capacity mower would suffice for a small garden below 400 m²; a 50–60-liter mower would be suited to more extensive lawns. 

Now, weight doesn’t matter as much except for push or walk-behind systems. If your market leans more toward this design, compare the weights of different models to find the lightest ones. Remember: the lighter, the easier to push around.

4. Should you go cordless or not?

Man mowing lawn with a corded electric lawn mower

While cordless electric lawn mowers are more globally prominent, they have limitations. They operate on batteries that eventually wear out, require frequent charging, and need replacements. Also, there are reports that self-propelled cordless lawn mowers tend to be heavier due to the added battery weight. 

The best cordless electric mower would feature light blades, engines, and lightweight lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that last longer. Mowers in this category would feature high amperage and voltage, indicating battery longevity and high mower power, respectively. 

Finally, a good cordless lawn mower would come with additional batteries to keep the system running when the main batteries are on a recharge. But as you stock up on the cordless models, you could add a small amount of the corded models to your store for diversification.

5. Choose a supplier

Alibaba.com website showing electric lawn mower suppliers

To procure electric lawn mowers effectively, focus on identifying trustworthy suppliers or manufacturers known for high-quality, reputable brands. Additionally, aim to negotiate advantageous terms with these suppliers, including competitive wholesale pricing and favorable shipping arrangements. 

You can find hundreds of reliable electric lawn mower suppliers on Alibaba.com, whether you’re looking for some of the best riding electric lawn mowers or other models.


The electric lawn mower market is fast-growing. Business opportunities abound with the continued advancement in technology and the spread of stringent environmental regulations. Offer quality models to the market and watch the profit roll in.

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