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Top Lawn and Garden Packaging Trends You Need To Know


Gardening is a healthy and fun hobby for many consumers. It is all about growing and maintaining healthy greens and getting positive vibes around. With their rising demand—especially among consumers—, wouldn’t it be intriguing to find out how gardening supplies are stored for sustainability and are environment-friendly? This article will cover the various packaging trends for lawn and garden supplies.

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Significance of packaging lawn and garden supplies
What are the latest lawn and garden packaging options?

Significance of packaging lawn and garden supplies

The global lawn & garden consumables market was valued at around USD 16.16 billion in 2021. During the forecast period between 2022-2030, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4%. There has been a significant gardening trend among millennial consumers as their participation in gardening has sparked demand for lawn and gardening products. Since most millennials have families, they want to look for eco-friendly products that are safe for their kids and still enjoy the beauty of having plants around their homes.

As a result, this demand has urged businesses to bulk up on lawn and gardening packaging options to keep supplying agricultural products to consumers.

Lawn and gardening packaging is crucial because:

  • It offers protection to hold contents and withstand external conditions that could damage the products.
  • It provides convenience when storing and carrying around, thus making gardening for consumers efficient and highly productive.
  • It helps brands to market their products with innovative printing and design to capture customers’ attention.

What are the latest lawn and garden packaging options?

1 Flat bottom stand-up pouches

Flat-bottom, light-blue paper pouch

Flat bottom pouches are one of the commonly used stand-up pouches for garden packaging:

  • Its flat bottom gives stability—making it more suitable for long-term storage and keeping on shelves.
  • Its high capacity with such a low amount of film makes this a highly efficient product.
  • The use of fewer materials to produce this pouch makes it a cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging option.
  • It can come with a resealable zip lock that makes it easy to reuse.
  • It gives adequate space for printing, which gives brands the ability to market gardening products.

2 Quad seal pouches

Four-sided, white quad seal pouch

Quad seal pouches are similar to flat bottom stand-up pouches but have a four-sided dimension:

  • It is stable and can stand straight without any support.
  • Its quad dimensions make it stable for bulking up lawn and garden content inside—thus making it a good option for heavier fills.
  • Because it has more space—especially with its side gussets—, it provides more room for printing and branding purposes, thus making it a marketing-friendly packaging option.
  • With more space, it is a sustainable packaging option to add more content.

3 K-seal bottom pouches

These stand-up pouches have the bottom sealed resembling the letter “K”:

  • Due to its smaller sealing area, it provides more storage space for content.
  • It provides stability without affecting the bag’s beauty—making it stand perfectly erect after heavier fills.
  • As it is formed using one single web, it is a better heavy-duty packaging choice.
  • It is a suitable packaging choice for storing granular or powder-like gardening products.

4 Back valve bags

Gold back valve plastic paper bags

These bags have a tiny air valve at the back that helps in emitting aroma or gasses:

  • Commonly used as coffee bags, back valve bags can help to store gardening supplies and allow consumers to feel the aroma emitted through the exhaust valve.
  • Some lawn and garden products will continue emitting carbon dioxide when stored so the air valve makes it a perfect addition to release gases.
  • After filling content inside, it is rigid, secure, and forms a fine packaging choice for gardening products.

5 Roll stocks

When it comes to flexible packaging, roll stocks are engineered films—used on form-fill-seal packaging machines—to form solid packaging for gardening products:

  • Roll stock manufactures packages faster—making it a convenient packaging option in today’s competitive and quick-paced market.
  • Because of its high-volume production and lower manufacturing waste, it is a cost-effective option.
  • The biggest advantage of roll stock is the flexibility it can offer, which makes it more convenient for filling stocks on shelves and storing it in large volumes.
  • It is highly customizable, making it useful for making custom pouches with adequate space for printing and design.
  • Roll stock offers superior protection as it keeps out UV light and dust particles, and is quite moisture-resistant.

6 PP woven bags

PP woven bags in five colors

PP woven bags consist of PP plastic manufactured by weaving:

  • Its strongest quality is that the cloth is quite flexible, making it easy to store gardening supplies and other agricultural-related products.
  • It has strong fabric, making it still reusable after multiple washes. It is a durable and sustainable packaging option for gardening.
  • Not only is it resistant to moisture or water, but also resistant to wear and tear.
  • It offers enough space to have printing and branding imprinted on it.
  • They are also available as partially transparent bags that can be helpful for presenting gardening supplies to consumers.

7 Plastic and glass containers

Plastic container bottle for spraying

Using plastic and glass containers and bottles for gardening is another creative way to store agricultural contents:

  • Plastic bottles offer durability as they can be washed multiple times without worrying about any risk of damage.
  • They are made of lightweight materials—making them easy to carry and move around when gardening or spraying water on plants.
  • Plastic and glass containers offer security, as they prevent pests and bugs from entering them.


Gardening will continue to spark interest among consumers, and research proves that. This is a great opportunity for business buyers to bolster their lawn and garden packaging supplies and continually back the supply of the growing gardening consumable market.

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