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Bold Hyperbright Colors Are Making a Fashionable Comeback


Fashion styles come and go, and fashion trends are in a never-ending cycle where designs see a resurgence over time. One of the latest fashion trends taking the world by storm is “dopamine dressing.” What does it mean, and how would it impact popular fashion?

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Fashion buzzword: Dopamine dressing
In vogue: Bright and vivid colors
Ride the latest fashion wave

Fashion buzzword: dopamine dressing

Those aware of the latest fashion trends are bound to have heard of the term “dopamine dressing.” This term has been in vogue for quite a while now. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes a person feel good when released into the brain. Thus, “dopamine dressing” is about wearing outfits that make you feel good.

Woman in a bright yellow top

The fashion world embraced the ‘dopamine dressing’ trend by focusing on vivid colors. Many fashion houses showcased bold colors and vibrant designs in their recent collections. The Spring/Summer 2022 runways abounded with bright and vibrant hues. Bright and bold combinations are also predicted to be one of the top fashion trends in 2022.

In vogue: bright and vivid colors

Harper’s Bazaar notes that more color will be incorporated into all our wardrobes in the near future. Here are some of the trendiest fashion items one can get their hands on when it comes to “dopamine dressing.” Hyperbright designs seem to be leading the trend.

Psychedelic prints

Fun outfits are a throwback to the happy and carefree days one had in childhood. Kaleidoscope-inspired prints are an interesting addition for wardrobes lacking in color. For something equally bright but less eye-catching, colorful stripes are a great option. Many bold designs look great on sweaters and cardigans, and these staple pieces can be styled as part of many different outfits.

Man in colorful striped clothes is laughing

For pastel-lovers, cute, candy-colored cardigans are great for layering. Cardigans are akin to accessories that can make one’s outfit pop. Consider designing customized sweaters or printed blazers to provide more options to consumers and make your brand stand out.

For more casual picks, printed tops or bright, tie-dye button-down shirts might be the answer. Consider offering customization for items like tie-dye T-shirts and tie-dye hoodies to attract more consumers. These designs are rather timeless, and they are great for a casual errand or two. Most importantly, comfy cotton is unlikely to ever go out of style.

Woman posing in a cartoon printed top and candy-colored trousers
Man in a pastel tie-dye shirt

Euphoria-inducing styles

Outfits with bright colors and vibrant looks brighten anyone’s complexion and mood. A glitter bodycon dress is sure to steal the show and make anyone the highlight of a party. For those who prefer less bling, a satin ruched mini dress would be an amazing choice.

Two women decked out in bright blue hues

For those who still want something flashy but prefer prints over glittery sequins and solid colors, hyperbright maxi dresses are great picks. When summer arrives, it would also be the perfect excuse for many to get a flowy maxi dress to frolic on the beach. For those who prefer to channel the flamboyant tourist in themselves, shirts with tropical prints are another choice. Such outfits would be perfect for staycations.

A flowy, floral dress
Woman posing in a casual, tropical print outfit

Bold colors

Keeping up with color trends is a must for those who wish to make their own fashion statements. “Very Peri” is the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 and has a purplish hue. There is a good mix of both bright and muted hues in its complementary color palettes.

Blazers with bold colors will bring out anybody’s confidence for sure. Bright colors are likely to take center stage in the fashion world, and dressing in something like a bold purple blazer would be sure to turn heads. For modern women who like to deck themselves out in power suits, a monochromatic business suit will up anyone’s fashion game.

Woman in a bright, purple blazer
Woman in a vibrant red sweater

Vivid and lively activewear

Nothing screams “louder” than neon activewear. Bolder consumers might pick out yoga outfits with psychedelic prints. On the other hand, the uninitiated can try dipping their toes in vivid color gym wear. Putting on hyperbright designs might help motivate gym-goers as vibrant colors are typically associated with positivity.

A woman in bright-colored gym wear

For those big on athleisure clothing, customizable hoodies in various colors might tickle their fancy. The size of the activewear market worldwide is set to see steady growth. Leverage this trend and set your brand apart from other labels with customized yoga and gym wear.

Woman in a neon pink athleisure outfit

Metaverse-inspired streetwear

More designs are inspired by the digital universe as the metaverse expands. The North Face’s collaboration with a streetwear boutique is a recent example. Rising interest in similar styles heralds greater demand for items like metallic puffer jackets.

Woman in a shiny red puffer jacket

With metaverse-related products getting more mainstream over time, consumers might consider brighter fashion items for fall and winter, which are seasons traditionally associated with wearing colder or more muted colors. Ensure your fashion pieces are a cut above the rest by providing a variety of design choices. Some options to consider are reflective jackets and unique, hyperbright puffer jackets.

Woman in a bright yellow puffer jacket
A streetwear-inspired blue and red outfit

Ride the latest fashion wave

Fashion trends disappear almost as fast as they appear, with rather short life cycles. Though the fashion cycle repeats, it is wise to seize the opportunities available now. Waiting for another five to ten years for the next “dopamine dressing” trend to come around would just be unthinkable.

Bold and bright colors take center stage on Stylecaster’s list of 2022 color trends. At the moment, the market looks rather ripe for picking. Hop on one of the latest fashion trends before it leaves. Browse through the variety of products for bright and bold apparel on Alibaba.com.

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