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7 Epic Winter Warm Hats Trends 2023


As soon as the cold weather hits, consumers pull out their warm hats or head to the shops to purchase a new one. And it’s now just as easy for the consumer to shop online too, so they have access to every style of hat imaginable. From the classic beanie hat to trapper hats, there are some epic winter warm hats trends in 2023 to look out for.

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Global market value of winter hats
Top trending winter hats for 2023
The future of winter hats

Global market value of winter hats

In today’s market there are no shortages of styles of winter hats to choose from, and there are modern versions of classic styles coming out all of the time. The most important feature of a good winter hat is that it keeps the wearer warm on cold days. Consumers will want to have more than one winter hat in their wardrobe though to rotate with their various outfits and to ensure that they look great in whatever they’re wearing.

In 2021 the global market value of winter hats hit USD 25.7 billion. By 2030 there’s a revenue forecast of USD 36.4 billion, which is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% between 2022 and 2030. This growth is largely down to a growing awareness among consumers about the latest fashion trends and an increase in spending in the apparel market. 

A group of women near sea wearing different winter hats

Top trending winter hats for 2023

With such a high demand for warm winter hats among consumers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some however, are more popular than others. The classic beret and beanie hat are still going strong, but the likes of trapper hats, balaclavas, crochet hats, cozy bucket hats, and baseball caps are also proving to be just as popular choices. 

Classic beret

The chic-French beret is a classic style of winter warm hats that has never gone out of style, and doesn’t look to be losing its popularity anytime soon. They’re often made of wool but can also come in materials such as acrylic or cotton depending on the consumer’s preference. What makes them a big winter hats trend is the fact that this classic style not only looks great but keeps the wearer warm, and it can be paired with almost any outfit and still look fashionable. 

Whereas some consumers prefer plain colors such as black or gray, to really make a bold statement many consumers are turning to brighter winter berets or berets with patterns on them. The beret will always be a fantastic winter warm hats trend to follow.

A warm light purple beret used as a winter hat

Vibrant beanies

One of the top winter warm hats trends among consumers for many years has been the classic beanie hat. Beanies can be great to wear all year round, but are most common in the colder months, especially in the winter. They’re common for both men and women, and now come in a variety of styles and fits which is what helps make them appeal to so many people.

Whether the consumer wants a loose fitting or tighter beanie, ribbed or chunky, it’s no secret that consumers love the vibrant beanies that are hitting the market. It’s also not uncommon to see beanies with logos on them, which can be anything from big brands to fun shapes and patterns.

A selection of warm winter beanies in different colors

Trapper hats

In terms of warmth, one of the best options for consumers is the trapper hat. This style of hat is very popular with people who spend a lot of time outdoors, and first became popular with hunters and fisherman. Rather than being worn everyday, this type of warm winter hat is best for special occasions such as winter hiking or skiing. The major features that appeal to consumers when it comes to the trapper hat are the warm ear flaps as well as the overall cozy nature of it. The trapper hat is quickly becoming a fashion statement so this is one trend to watch. 

A beige colored trapper hat with fur lining inside

Warm balaclavas

When the weather hits freezing temperatures, not many hats can compete with the balaclava. These aren’t the standard ski balaclavas though, these ones have more fashionable features included in them that make them appeal to more consumers. They can come in different materials such as cotton or cashmere, but a big trend with them right now is having fur added to the balaclava that not only adds extra warmth to them but also makes them look even more stylish.  

Woman wearing a fur lined pink winter balaclava

Crochet hats

Crochet has become a very popular method of making clothes and accessories in recent years, and this trend has now reached winter hats. Crochet winter hats are a major fashion accessory when it comes to casual streetwear, as more people look to take up knitting and crochet as a hobby. This type of hat really stands out as it’s often made of unique patterns and colors that aren’t found on other types of hats.

Three different colored crochet winter hats with patterns

Cozy bucket hats

The cozy bucket hat is one type of bucket hat that’s considerably warmer than the terry cloth or polyester hat that are normally reserved for the summer months. The warm fuzzy bucket hat often mimics fur and is a good option for pairing with a long winter trench coat. Bucket hats have maintained their popularity for years and as new styles emerge they’re becoming a great option for a warm winter hat. 

A warm fuzzy black bucket hat with logo in center

Baseball caps

Baseball hats in winter? They’re quickly becoming a thing even though they’re not necessarily known as a warm winter hat option. In terms of the top winter warm hats trends in 2023, the minimalist baseball cap is growing in popularity as they can be paired with many different outfits. Rather than regular baseball caps, there is a growing demand for corduroy and lamb fleece baseball caps which are slightly warmer.

Warm fuzzy baseball cap in a green and gray color

The future of winter hats

Fashionable winter accessories are growing in popularity as consumers look to add a sense of style to their otherwise bulky and warm outfit. The top winter warm hats trends for 2023 include the classic beret, vibrant beanies, trapper hats, warm and cozy balaclavas, crochet hats, warm bucket hats, and winter versions of baseball caps. 

As winter hats become more fashionable and incorporate warm features into them, the market is expecting further demand from consumers of all ages. Vibrant colors will begin to overtake neutral tones as consumers look to stand out more and make a bold statement with their wardrobe choice. 

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