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Ink Innovations Valuable for Your Printing Business


Keeping up with the latest innovations helps your printing business stand out. For wide-format printing, inventions like solvent ink, phosphorescent ink, fluorescent ink, and thermochromic ink can be a key differentiator if adopted wisely. Let’s explore some trending technologies.

Solvent ink

Solvent ink produces a print that is tough, long lasting, and with bright, fully saturated colors. With this appealing advantage, the market for solvent printers continues to expand. 

DTF printing

As an alternative to solvent ink-based printing, Direct-to-Fabric (DTF) printing can work on a wide range of substrates. This new technology addresses the need for printing onto materials such as polyester-based textile, which is widely used for products like flags, banners, flexible signs, and car wraps. It also produces a high quality print on hard surfaces, such as glass.

Phosphorescent ink

Phosphorescent ink produces a print that absorbs UV light either from daylight or artificial lighting conditions and emits a long afterglow in the dark.

This afterglow can last up to approximately 8 hours, depending on the exposure to light and the amount of ink used in printing.

Daylight fluorescent ink

Daylight fluorescent ink produces strong, bright, and clean colors based on a limited range of pigments. Colors can be mixed to develop the desired shade. Invisible fluorescent colors are visible only when exposed to UV light while remaining colorless under mild daylight or in most household lighting conditions. Therefore, the print can display different designs that are rendered in different lighting conditions. 

Thermochromic ink

Thermochromic ink produces a print that changes in response to its surrounding temperature. Based on this feature, many creative minds are restlessly creating fun designs that help their products stand out. 

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