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Interview: Sustainable Packaging Solutions for E-Commerce

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Packaging Gateway delves into Priority Direct’s vision via an interview with its managing director Josh Pitman.

The business aims to achieve net neutrality by 2030. Credit: Julia Sudnitskaya via Shutterstock.
The business aims to achieve net neutrality by 2030. Credit: Julia Sudnitskaya via Shutterstock.

The booming world of e-commerce has brought undeniable convenience to our fingertips, but it has also ignited concerns about its environmental impact, particularly regarding packaging waste.

In this space, Priory Direct, a sustainable packaging retailer, stands out as a champion for change.

In an insightful conversation with Josh Pitman, the company’s managing director, Packaging Gateway delves into the company’s mission, strategies, and vision for a future where e-commerce and sustainability coexist seamlessly.

Minimising the environmental footprint of e-commerce

Priory Direct focuses on secondary packaging, the crucial materials that bridge the gap between retailers and consumers.

While acknowledging the potential environmental harm associated with e-commerce, Pitman emphasises its inherent efficiency compared to traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

“We realised e-commerce can be a more sustainable way of shopping,” he explains, “because the supply chain can be far more efficient than all of the consumers going to the shop and coming home.”

However, Priority Direct recognises the need for improvement and has made it its mission to “minimise the impact of e-commerce on the environment with the ultimate goal of making it a truly sustainable industry.”

Achieving net neutrality by 2030: A measured approach

Priory Direct has set an ambitious goal – achieving net neutrality by 2030.

It firmly believes in the philosophy of “what’s measured is managed,” and has implemented robust processes to track its environmental impact. These processes include utilising the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to understand its scope 1 and 2 emissions (direct and indirect emissions from its operations). Its current focus lies in understanding its scope 3 emissions (emissions across its entire supply chain).

This comprehensive approach involves collaboration with various stakeholders, including government agencies, recyclers, manufacturers, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-approved forest sources.

Pitman highlights the importance of transparency and responsible sourcing, stating: “We don’t source in the Middle East. We don’t source in China. We don’t believe that packaging material should be travelling across the globe.”

Priory Direct is a Sedex-registered company, and it encourages its manufacturing partners to do the same. Sedex provides a framework for ethical and responsible labour practices throughout the supply chain.

Sustainable production methods and the future of packaging

Priory Direct collaborates with 72 manufacturing partners who utilise lean manufacturing practices with a continuous improvement mindset.

It prioritises minimising single-use plastics due to the lack of robust recycling infrastructure compared to paper-based products.

It also employs a process called value engineering, where it works with clients to identify opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of their packaging while maintaining product protection. This involves using the right amount of the right material for the specific application.

Additionally, the company conducts minimum viable product testing with clients to validate the performance of new, more sustainable packaging solutions.

Looking towards the future, Pitman sees several key areas with the potential to revolutionise sustainable packaging:

Improved forecasting: More accurate forecasting will enable manufacturers to optimise production, thereby reducing waste and inefficiencies.

Smart packaging: Integrating technology such as radio-frequency identification chips into packaging will allow for real-time tracking throughout the product’s life cycle, facilitating circularity and improving transparency.

Local sourcing: Reducing transportation distances associated with packaging materials will significantly lessen their environmental impact.

Ensuring responsible and ethical sourcing

Priory Direct prioritises responsible and ethical sourcing through various measures:

Sedex membership: Sedex membership ensures adherence to ethical labour practices and responsible sourcing.

Certified B Corporation: It is certified B Corp, signifying its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Material certification: It requires material certification for all its purchases, ensuring responsible forestry practices such as FSC approval.

Local sourcing: It prioritises sourcing materials locally, thereby reducing transportation emissions.

Looking forward: growth and positive impact

Priory Direct’s goals include:

Expanding partnerships: It aims to reach more retailers to amplify its positive impact.

Refining LCA understanding: It is working with the University of Kent in the UK to develop a more comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) model for its packaging solutions.

Continuing advocacy: It actively participates in industry events and organisations to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in e-commerce.

Priory Direct serves as a beacon of hope in the e-commerce industry, demonstrating that sustainability and responsible practices can go hand in hand with growth and success.

Its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and positive impact paves the way for a future where e-commerce can thrive in harmony with the environment.

Source from Packaging Gateway

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