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Top Packaging for Christmas Trends 2022


Christmas trends change from season to season, with new toys, games, and electronics coming out all of the time. These changes in trends also cover packaging for Christmas gifts, which are a key part of the gift-giving process and can really brighten up someone’s day. From boxes to bags and everything in between, here are the top packaging for Christmas trends in 2022 to look out for. 

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Christmas packaging in the market today
5 packaging for Christmas trends to watch
Popularity behind Christmas packaging

Christmas packaging in the market today

Businesses that incorporate packaging for Christmas into their sales are a big step above their competition. With Christmas being one of the busiest times of the year for both small and large businesses, consumers oftentimes expect the goods they’re purchasing to include innovative and eye-catching packaging. 

The current global market value of gift packaging sits at USD 27 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% between 2022-2032. By 2032, its value will hit USD 38 billion and account for 3% of the total global packaging market. This growth is down to a number of factors such as a rise in online purchases by consumers, growing demand for elaborately packaged goods, and the growth of Christmas packaging for both at-home use and pre-packaged gifts. 

Christmas present wrapped in green paper with red bow

5 packaging for Christmas trends to watch

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to packaging for Christmas, with the most commonly used packaging being wrapping paper, decorative bags, and boxes. But there are specific trends today that can make any present stand out. The market is seeing an increase in demand for character-themed boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, drawstring gift bags, advent calendar boxes, and unique Christmas Eve boxes

Character-themed boxes

Character-themed boxes, such as Santa Claus or reindeer, are a big trend with consumers looking for unique packaging for Christmas. This type of box goes beyond the regular square or rectangular box and adds a playful note to the gift-giving process. These handheld gift boxes are not only a great way to present a memorable gift, but they’re also a nice decoration to have around the house during the holiday season. 

This type of box is generally a smaller-sized one, so it’s ideal for gifts such as candles, photo frames, or craft items. For consumers who are hosting holiday parties, the character-themed boxes can be used to hold sweets and other Christmas gifts that are given in bulk to all of the guests. 

Santa Claus and reindeer Christmas boxes on a table

Gift boxes

Many businesses choose to create gift boxes around the Christmas period, so it’s important that they stand out more than at other times of the year. These gift boxes are made of cardboard with a simple interior, while the exterior is decorated in Christmas colors and patterns. 

These corrugated boxes are perfect for shipping as they’re made of sturdy cardboard material, and the design on the outside makes them visible to potential customers. The design inside can feature a personalized message that can seamlessly include the social media information of the business. These aren’t your standard gift boxes; they can be used for various purposes such as cosmetics, false eyelashes, and electronics in an appealing way that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Red cosmetic gift box with items inside and red ribbon

Drawstring gift bags

The drawstring bag is an increasingly popular type of packaging for Christmas with consumers, as it’s a more unique alternative to plain wrapping paper or boxes that is reminiscent of Santa’s red gift sack. These drawstring gift bags look magical under the tree and come in different sizes, meaning they can hold a variety of different gifts without alerting the receiver of the gift to what’s inside. 

Drawstring bags are a unique type of Christmas packaging that can be reused for the following year for gifts or for decorating part of the home by stuffing it with various decorations. The patterns on the drawstring bags are endless too, so it’s easier than ever to find one that matches both the gift and the look the business is going for.

White Christmas gift bag decorated with reindeer and snowflakes

Advent calendar boxes

Advent calendars have been a popular type of packaging for decades, with the most common types holding chocolates. These boxes are a great way for people of all ages to countdown to Christmas day, and more and more companies are getting on board with this idea and creating advent calendars that hold more than just chocolate. 

Advent calendars are increasingly being used for items such as cosmetics, alcohol, food, and even toys, meaning there are a lot of possibilities for all types of businesses. These boxes can also be designed with different patterns on them as well as different sizes of openings to adapt to the items being placed inside. 

Red advent calendar with the last day open

Christmas Eve boxes

For the majority of consumers, presents are opened on Christmas Day. New trends are showing that some consumers open one present on Christmas Eve too, which is where the Christmas Eve box comes into play.

This type of cardboard box can come in a few different designs, but the most popular has a magnetic closure and a ribbon on the front that helps to add to the overall aesthetic of the gift. This box isn’t purely for Christmas Eve though, so it can be used for many different forms of gift-giving around the festive period and have the same positive effect. 

Red Christmas Eve box with a red bow on front

Popularity behind Christmas packaging

Christmas is an important time of the year for businesses, and today’s consumers are interested not only in the gift itself but also in how it’s presented. Current packaging for Christmas trends include advent calendars, drawstring bags, the Christmas Eve box, cosmetic gift boxes, and character-themed boxes, and are ones to keep an eye on.

Although holiday packaging sales increase in the period building up to Christmas, today’s eco-conscious consumer is increasingly looking towards packaging that comes from eco-friendly resources or that can be reused. In the future, the Christmas packaging market can expect more sustainable packaging to hit the market, in the same way that the cosmetic packaging market is witnessing.

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