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Jelly Nails 2.0: The Modern Twist on the Classic Manicure

Jelly nails

Jelly nails are making a dazzling comeback, redefining the classic manicure with a modern twist. Originating in the ’90s and experiencing a resurgence last year, this trend is once again taking the beauty world by storm. The latest iteration of jelly nails goes beyond the traditional soft and sheer pastels, incorporating futuristic 3D designs and vibrant colors to create a mesmerizing effect. With TikTok influencers embracing the trend and the #jellynails tag amassing millions of views, it’s clear that jelly nails are here to stay.

Jelly nails

What sets this trend apart is its versatility. Whether you prefer a simple single-polish manicure or a more intricate 3D design, jelly nails offer endless possibilities. Nail artists are pushing boundaries with swirls, bows, globs, and water-like droplets, inspired by the trend’s origins in Korea and Japan. Creating these intricate designs is easier than you might think, with the right tools and techniques.

Jelly nails

In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about jelly nails. From the best jelly nail polish brands to DIY tips and expert insights, we’ll guide you through the process of achieving the perfect jelly manicure. Whether you’re a nail art enthusiast or someone looking to try something new, jelly nails are a fun and stylish way to express yourself. So, are you ready to elevate your manicure game with jelly nails 2.0?

Trend Analysis

In the ’80s, Jellies were the shoe of the moment. In the ’90s, the rainbow-colored sandals came back into fashion. And just last year, there was yet another resurgence – jelly nails are once again the manicure of spring! 🌸

Soft and sheer pastels aren’t groundbreaking for this season, but the way we’re wearing the color palette is. According to nail artist and educator Yess, “The Y2K vibe has a futuristic twist with the 3D designs.” TikTokers are on board – the #jellynails tag has 427.4 million views and over 16,000 videos! 📸

Jelly nails

If you’re not a fan of nail art, New York City-based nail artist Julie Kandalec says this is the perfect way to “wear a nail ‘look’ without it being a literal design.” For instance, several coats

of sage green polish with a glossy finish can resemble an apple Jolly Rancher. “It’s pretty and feminine,” says Kandalec. 🍎

In their most basic form, jelly nails are easy to DIY – just prep your nails with a nail grooming set (Tweezerman is a favorite) and apply one to four layers of jelly nail polish. The fewer coats you apply, the more transparent your manicure will appear. Many polish brands have jelly formulas in their lineups – We Love Cirque Colors, Lights Lacquer Cherry Jelly, and the new JinSoon Glazed Glass Collection! It’s one way to brighten up the typical clean girl mani of the past. 💅

Jelly nails

While you can certainly stick to this simple iteration of the look, amongst those aforementioned 16,000 videos on TikTok you’ll also find a number of modern 3D jelly nails enhanced with designs

like swirls and bows – globs and water-like droplets are also popular iterations. The 3D jelly nail trend began in Korea and Japan and has been gaining popularity stateside thanks to mesmerizing manicures created by nail artists like Miki Higuchi, Nic Tran, and Fleury Rose. 💅

To create these patterns, New York City-based nail artist Elle Gerstein suggests using builder gel like V Beauty Pure Diamond Gel. “It’s got a thicker viscosity so you’ll have to cure it [with an LED lamp],” says Gerstein. Dip a thin nail art brush in builder gel and paint on your desired pattern before curing. Add more layers (curing after each one) to make your design thicker. 🖌️

Jelly nails

Regardless of whether you go for a single-polish manicure or something more intricate, Kandalec predicts lilac, peach, cherry red, and ocean blue will be the trendiest jelly shades as we head into

the warmer months. However, the entire rainbow is certainly on the table! If you can’t wait to get your hands on a special jelly polish, you can create the look with any regular nail mix and a few drops of your favorite nail polish color with clear polish to achieve the perfect sheer shade. (This only works for regular polish; if you prefer a gel manicure, Kandalec recommends

Kiara Sky Gel Polish The Jelly Tint Collection.) 💅


As we have discussed before, jelly nails are back and better than ever, making them a trend that online retailers should definitely consider. This resurgence in popularity presents a unique opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the growing demand for jelly nail products. By incorporating jelly nail polishes and accessories into your product lineup, you can attract a new customer base and increase sales. Additionally, featuring jelly nail tutorials and showcasing the latest jelly nail designs on your website or social media platforms can help you engage with your audience and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving beauty industry. Whether you’re a beauty blogger, an online boutique, or a nail salon looking to expand your offerings, embracing the jelly nails trend can be a lucrative move for your business.

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