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Useful Tips in Selecting the Right Tables for Kids


Children tend to be extremely energetic, and holding their attention can be a challenge. Trying to keep them engaged while sitting at a table is probably one of the hardest things to do. Look into providing the right types of tables that can keep any child engaged.

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Reap benefits in children’s furniture market
Kids’ tables for different ages and purposes
Keep the kids engaged

Reap benefits in children’s furniture market

The global children’s furniture market is expected to generate more than US$ 47 billion within the next decade. With the increase in home-based learning all over the world, more children are required to stay home for longer periods of time. This calls for furniture that can keep the younger ones engaged and suitable study areas for school-going children. Here are some tips to pick suitable tables for kids.

Girl reading a book

Kids’ tables for different ages and purposes

For toddlers who spend a lot of time in playrooms

A miniature desk and chair set would be a great addition to any toddler’s playroom. Since these plastic table and chair sets are lightweight and small in size, it is easy for toddlers to move them around. While doing so, they can improve their motor skills as well.

You can rest assured that these table and chair sets can hold a good amount of weight even though they look tiny. Toddlers might climb onto the tables at times, and having furniture made of strong and stable material is important.

Kid playing with toys on a table

Consider having different designs and decorations for the plastic tabletops and packaging the furniture together as table and chair sets. Some design ideas could be having the alphabet or numbers on the tabletops. Parents who prefer to start teaching their children ABCs and some basic numbers would be likely to pick these.

Kid drawing on paper

Apart from educational designs, providing color customization for kids’ tables and chairs in brighter colors will ensure that they fit in any playroom. Furthermore, such pieces of furniture can function as both activity tables and dining tables. It might be hard for young children to sit without making a fuss during mealtimes. Placing them at their own dining area might help make mealtimes an easier process for parents.

For preschoolers who can’t wait to grow up

For preschoolers who might need more functional tables, tables with storage are a great option. Apart from having a table to work on crafts and mini projects, letting them keep their belongings in a storage area of their own can teach them about organization.

These tables are also a great way to teach the kids about ownership. Parents can take the chance to educate their children on having to ask permission before taking someone else’s belongings. This would be especially useful for preschoolers with siblings. Since these tables double as storage areas, they are also a great furniture item for customers who live in smaller spaces.

Kid using a table with in-built s

As with all furniture, it is especially important to make sure that tables are made of sturdy and durable material. Smooth hinges and being able to take a reasonable load are some factors consumers might focus on. Such tables may be more functional than aesthetic, but color customization will definitely be a plus. For consumers who prefer furniture without too many sharp edges, a round wooden table and chair set might be a good option.

Miniature tables for preschoolers are also perfect for roleplay. Children are usually intrigued about what adults do on the day-to-day, and many love pretending that their table is their workstation for the day. When the child grows older, these tables can always be repurposed as storage or used as coffee tables in the living room.

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For school-going children who need proper study areas

School-going children are going to need more conducive study areas as home-based learning becomes more of a norm. Adjustable tables and chairs might pique customers’ interest as the furniture height can be tweaked. This is a great investment for parents as their children’s furniture would basically ‘grow’ with them.

Adjustable study desk and chair set with in-built storage

With adjustable furniture, the desk and chair can be kept at an ergonomic height for the child, preventing shoulder and backaches. Having features like shelves and storage for books, paper, and stationery is also more likely to make the item a hit with consumers. School-going children are likely to spend a lot of time at their desks for homework or projects. Thus, furniture designed with providing conducive study areas in mind is more likely to be popular.

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Keep the kids engaged

Children of different ages need different types of tables. Getting the right type of kid’s furniture can help to engage them, teach them about different concepts, and provide a favorable area for their studies. Look into the variety of kids’ tables available on Alibaba.com.

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