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7 Tips For Choosing Gates That Will Boost Sales Immediately 


Home gates come in all shapes and sizes, each with specific purposes and benefits. Yet, choosing the perfect gate can be tricky, especially with the varied preferences different homeowners have these days.

Knowing what to look for in a gate before purchasing will ensure that you make the right decision for your business. This list of 7 tips for selecting the perfect gate will help you find the right products to sell. 

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Gates: market share and demand
Tips for gate selection
Final thoughts

Gates: market share and demand 

The demand for gates by homeowners has steadily increased over the past few years. Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve the security and value of their property, and adding a gate is one way to do both. 

According to a recent study, the market share for gates is now at an all-time high. As of 2021, the global gate market was valued at US $2.49 billion, and is projected to reach US $3.43 billion in 2028. This growing demand presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business in this industry.

North America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe make up the regional market share. By 2028, Asia Pacific is projected to make substantial gains in the global market, holding a significant percentage. 

Furthermore, the installationling of automated gates is one of the key driving factors in the industry. The global automatic gate opening system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% CAGR between 2018 and 2026)

Tips for gate selection 

1. Consider the function and purpose of the gate

The gate’s function is what it does – opens or closes – while the purpose of a gate is what it sets out to do. Understanding its purpose allows you to make better choices when purchasing gates to suit your business needs. A functional gate, such as one that opens and closes automatically, typically boosts sales since it encourages homeowners to think about elegant entrances.

2. Decide on the gate type

There are several types of gates that homeowners can choose from. Below are the most common types of gates.

Ornamental gates

Ornamental gates are a beautiful and elegant addition to any home. They are popular because they come in various designs and can be customized to match a home’s specific aesthetic. 

Standard gates 

The most popular type of gate is the standard gate. These gates will match the color and height of a fence and are available in various materials that make a perfect combo. 

Hidden gates

Hidden gates are more secure since they are not visible to potential intruders and can be more aesthetically pleasing since they blend in with a home’s design. A hidden gate is a perfect option for homeowners looking for a gate that provides security and style.

Specialty or customized gates

Speciality gate at a building entrance
Speciality gate at a building entrance

Specialty gates can be an excellent option for those who want a unique look for their home, while customized gates offer the benefits of a tailor-made solution. Some of these gates include features like fingerprint or facial recognition.

3. Consider the material

When deciding on a gate, you should also consider the material. Gates can be made from wood, metal, or vinyl, and each material has its benefits and drawbacks.


A steel gate is an excellent choice for both security and durability. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option to offer customers, consider a steel gate with a powder-coated finish.


Aluminum gates are a popular choice because they are sturdy and durable. They tend to also be low maintenance and will not rust like iron gates. They are also often cheaper than steel gates.


Wooden gates provide a classic and elegant look that can complement any home. They are also durable and can last for many years with proper care. A wooden gate will be a better option for individuals with a more traditional home.

Wrought iron 

Gate made from wrought iron
Gate made from wrought iron

A wrought iron gate is an excellent choice for a gate that will make a lasting impression. Not only is it durable, but it also has a classic look that can enhance any home’s curb appeal.


Glass gates offer several benefits that other materials simply cannot match. They provide a clear view of what’s beyond them. However, unlike other material options, glass gates are less durable.

4. Consider automation features

Automated gate with classical detailing
Automated gate with classical detailing

An automated gate can make life much easier as it can have various automation features. A smart circuit board door opener can be an excellent option for customers who want something easy to use that can be controlled remotely. 

Electric motor automatic gate openers are another popular choice, as they are relatively quiet and can be triggered by various devices. Some gates can be opened via a smartphone app. Your options are limitless.

5. Consider the type of opening 

Swing gates

Open swing gate in front of large building
Open swing gate in front of large building

Swing gates are the most common type of gate used for residential and commercial applications. They open by swinging away from the house and locking into place when they hit a stop or stop post. They can be either internal or external, depending on the driveway.

Sliding gates

Sliding gate with classical detailing
Sliding gate with classical detailing

Sliding gates roll on wheels instead of being mounted on posts. These gates are more suitable for wider spaces and commercial settings where the gates need to be opened often. Rolling gates are typically less expensive than swing gates but may not last as long because of their greater use and travel.

Cantilever gates

A long black cantilever gate
A long black cantilever gate

Cantilever gates are unique because they open up like a door by pushing off a wall or other structure behind them, rather than swinging open like a standard gate. Due to this, they are flexible as far as opening directions and distance from building structures are concerned, making them ideal for detached homes.

6. Consider the location of the gate

The location of a gate is essential for both security and aesthetic reasons. Here are some of the gate types based on location:

Side gates

Side gate with automated feature
Side gate with automated feature

Side gates are typically installed on either side of the home and are often used to access outside areas such as the garage, patio, and driveway. Side gates are easy to install and suitable for a home’s secondary entrance.

Driveway gates

A classical-style driveway gate
A classical-style driveway gate

Driveway gates are suitable for the front of homes, but can also be found on the side or rear of the home. Like side gates, driveway gates are an effective way to secure properties from intruders and help keep properties safe from accidents or damage.

Garden gates 

Garden gate nestled in plants
Garden gate nestled in plants

Garden gates can be a great way to keep pets or children out of certain areas while providing easy access for maintenance crews and outdoor enthusiasts!

7. Don’t forget upkeep and maintenance 

By considering gate upkeep and maintenance for customers, you can source quality gates to boost sales. When you offer quality products, you ensure that your customers have a positive experience and will make return purchases.

Additionally, this will make you more competitive in the long run because it shows that you value customer satisfaction.

Final thoughts 

Choosing the suitable gates to sell can help businesses, but with so many options on the market, it can seem a little overwhelming to decide what types will boost sales. In this article, we advise you to choose a quality gate that is also appealing to customers. 

However, the decision is ultimately up to you. Make sure you take the time to get your details right and consider the gate selection tips above before making your purchase.
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