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Make Customers Happy With These Top 4 Mood Light Trends

Corner of room with red LED strip

Mood lights can be used to enhance the atmosphere and mood of residential or commercial spaces, and there are many exciting emerging styles in 2024. In this article, we’ll discuss the latest mood light design trends that businesses will want to take advantage of.

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Overview of the ambient lighting market
Mood light trends in 2024
Staying on top of mood light trends

Overview of the ambient lighting market

Globally, the ambient lighting market is valued at an estimated USD 69.57 billion in 2024 and is expected to grow to USD 106.55 billion by 2029 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.90%.

The rising interest in energy-efficient solutions creates an opportunity to stock light fixtures that use less energy compared to traditional lighting options. For example, the demand for light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs is expected to see increased global adoption, while the integration of modern technology is also predicted to help accelerate the demand for ambient light.

Mood light trends in 2024

1. Color-changing LED bulbs

Side of building with green and purple LED lights

Mood lights with color-changing LED bulbs allow customers to customize light fixtures to their desired ambiance. Color-changing LED mood lights offer a wide range of rainbow colors and adjustable brightness levels.

A color-changing LED light can often be changed with a remote control or through a mobile app. The color-changing mood light should support a wide spectrum of different colors, including warm whites, cool whites, and vibrant hues. There should also be a variety of color combinations, such as monochromatic tones, complementary colors, or a customized palette.

Gamer room with purple ambient lighting

According to Google Ads, the term “RGB LED bulb” saw a search volume of 4,400 in March 2024, up from 3,600 in October 2023, representing a 22% increase over five months.

2. Smart light strips

Set of purple LED light strips

Smart light strips are flexible strips with integrated LED lights that can be easily applied along walls or furniture. Water-resistant mood light strips can even be used outdoors along a patio, deck, or garden pathway. Smart LED light strips are designed to be easy to cut or configured so that they can fit into spaces of varying shapes and sizes.

LED light strips often feature color-changing lights that can be programmed with custom patterns. They can even be programmed to respond to music or other sounds in their surroundings. The lights are also typically Wi-Fi enabled and controllable through a mobile app or voice command.

Ceiling with RGB LED strips

The term “LED hue light strip” experienced a nearly 50% increase in search volume over the five months between March 2024 and October 2023, with 12,100 and 8,100 searches, respectively.

3. Projection lights

Man standing against wall with abstract mood light projection

Projection lights are designed to project patterns or images onto walls, ceilings, or floors. They use a wide range of patterns, colors, and motion effects to create visual displays.

The factors to consider when purchasing light projectors include the brightness and clarity of the projections, along with the projector’s adjustability. LED light projectors may even include built-in timers or remote controls for convenient customization of projection settings.

Woman standing against wall with galaxy light projection

LED star projectors are one of the most common types of mood lights. They are often used to create a starry night sky or colorful galaxy in a bedroom, dorm room, or gaming room. According to Google Ads, the term “star projector” gained a 22% increase in search volume between March 2024, with 33,100 searches, and October 2023, with 27,100.

4. Mood lamps

Two table lamps with soft mood lighting

Mood lamps are standalone lighting fixtures that can be placed on a nightstand, table, or desk. Lamps for mood lighting may come with adjustable brightness levels and color temperature settings to create different moods as well as additional features like USB charging ports or touch-sensitive controls.

With retro styles continuing to dominate interior design, lava lamps have once again proven popular in recent years. Modern lava lamps may feature new geometric shapes and glitter lava in addition to the traditional cylindrical design with heated wax fluid.

Round ambient mood lamp for bedroom

A moon lamp is another popular product for mood lighting. Lunar lamps feature a spherical design that mimics the surface of the moon. They offer a soft, diffused light that is suitable for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, nurseries, or relaxation spaces. The term “moon lamp” attracted search volumes of 90,500 in March 2024 and 49,500 in October 2023, representing a nearly 83% increase over five months.

Staying on top of mood light trends

The latest trends in mood lights consist of both classic designs and new products. Color-changing LED light bulbs and mood lamps continue to be versatile options that can be used for commercial or residential applications. For customers interested in more decorative mood lighting, smart light strips and light projectors offer a wide array of customizable light designs.

One of the major factors that will drive the growth of ambient lighting over the next few years is smart lighting. Businesses may therefore want to take advantage of trend.

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