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Makeup Sponges: What Female Consumers Want in 2024

A young lady applying foundation using a makeup sponge

A beauty box is incomplete without a makeup sponge, and that sentiment is reflected in Google data, showing that they receive around 40,500 monthly searches from potential consumers.

Businesses looking for how to invest in these products will want to read on to discover the different types of makeup sponges available and how to boost profits in 2024.

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What are makeup sponges?
An overview of the makeup sponge market
3 things to consider when choosing the perfect makeup sponge
Different types of makeup sponges to leverage
Final words

What are makeup sponges?

Makeup sponges of varying colors and designs

Makeup sponges are soft and pliable beauty tools essential for applying cosmetics, blending, and creating the perfect base for a clean makeup look.

Over the years, makeup sponges have risen in popularity for their skin-friendliness, ease of use, and unbeatable precision when it comes to the application of foundation, preventing makeup from looking dry and cakey.

An overview of the makeup sponge market

Young woman smiling while using a makeup sponge

Consumer interest in personal beauty and skincare is skyrocketing. It’s one of the reasons why the global market for makeup sponges is experiencing success, with experts predicting it will grow from US $638.58 million in 2022 to US $1.2 billion by 2032, with a 7% CAGR over the forecast period.

The increasing demand for natural and eco-friendly beauty products has also led to the introduction of organic makeup sponges, further driving market growth. North America is currently leading as the biggest regional market, with experts predicting it will hold its dominance over the forecast period.

3 things to consider when choosing the perfect makeup sponge


A range of makeup sponges on a purple background

The material used to make a makeup sponge matters for two major reasons: performance and safety. Makeup sponges are mainly used to set, blend, and apply cosmetics. However, accomplishing that can be difficult if the makeup sponge is made of hard or non-pliable material.

Consumers are also increasingly concerned about the materials they use – especially on their skin. It may therefore pay you to invest in makeup sponges made from more biodegradable materials, making them easy on the skin and friendly to the environment.

Foundation type

A beautician applying foundation to a woman's face using a makeup sponge

Are makeup sponges excellent at applying foundation? Yes. Do all makeup sponges work with different foundation types? Certainly not! Some makeup sponges work better with specific foundations. 

For instance, makeup sponges with flat edges are great for cream foundations because the pointed ends help with precise application. On the other hand, round makeup sponges are ideal for stick foundations because they are versatile enough for blending. Finally, a slightly less absorbent makeup sponge does wonders with powder foundation because the application is more controlled.


We all have different face shapes and features, so it’s important that businesses stock up on different sizes of makeup sponge to suit each consumer’s specific needs. For example, smaller faces and more exact applications may require smaller sponges, etc.

Different types of makeup sponges to leverage

Disposable makeup sponges

A bowl of colorful disposable makeup sponges

While not the most eco-friendly option, disposable makeup sponges are super convenient, saving consumers the hassle of washing their makeup sponge after use.

Typically, manufacturers make disposable makeup sponges from foam, making them suitable for heavy foundation applications. Although these sponges are relatively cheap, they don’t have the best absorbency, limiting them in terms of the range of what they can achieve – especially for liquid products.

Air cushion puffs

Air cushion puffs displayed on a pink box on a white background

When it comes to versatility, air cushion puffs stand at the top of the ladder. Consumers can use them for everything, from applying concealers to working with powders and foundations. Air cushion puffs are also lightweight and can easily slip into a bag for on-the-go use.

The best part is that air cushion puffs are ultra-soft, providing seamless foundation coverage. Air cushion puffs are usually friendly to sensitive skin, so there’s no need to worry about possible irritation.

Powder puffs

A small black powder puff on a pink background

Powder puffs are small, malleable sponges most suitable for powder complexion products. They are gentle on the skin and provide an even foundation distribution. Seeing as they’re reusable, powder puffs are also a cost-effective option for consumers who do not wish to repeatedly buy and replace makeup sponges. 

Standard powder puffs are made of satin, velour, and synthetic fibers. These materials absorb excess oil on the skin, reduce mess caused by stray powder, and help to create the perfect matte finish.

Silicon sponges

A woman holding a silicone sponge with a foundation product

Silicon sponges are a unique type of makeup sponge made entirely of silicon. Compared to other makeup sponges, silicone sponges are non-porous, meaning they don’t absorb cosmetics. And while these products may not be “sponges” per se, they are used in the same way.

Better yet? Silicon sponges are durable, less prone to tearing, and super easy to clean. However, keep in mind that not all consumers prefer their harder texture, feel, and the streaky look that they can sometimes cause.

Cleaning sponges

Finally, cleaning sponges are not designed for the application of cosmetics, but rather, for removing makeup following a facial cleanse.

These sponges are incredibly soft and made from stretchy, bouncy cellulose, making them great at removing makeup and cleansing the user’s face effectively.

Final words

Makeup sponges are a crucial addition to any beauty kit. When stocking up on disposable makeup sponges, air cushion puffs, powder puffs, silicone sponges, and cleaning sponges, remember to keep in mind material, size, and what your consumers are most likely looking for.

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