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Nature-inspired and Minimal: Serene Workwear Aesthetic for All in 2023


The 2023 workwear trend is taking a serene, minimalist, and gender-inclusive direction. As views on gender evolve, brands have an opportunity to design outside of the male/female dichotomy. Relaxed silhouettes, neutral colors, premium sustainable textiles, and inclusive sizing are central to this movement. By embracing comfort, versatility, and ethical production, labels can craft refined workwear that appeals to eco-conscious Gen Z consumers looking for self-expression.

Table of Contents:
1. Appealing to Gen Z values
2. Crafting minimalist, refined silhouettes
3. Sourcing premium sustainable fabrics
4. Making fit truly gender-neutral
5. Key styles and details to note
6. Conclusion

Appealing to Gen Z values

Gen Z in serene workwear

Generation Z represents an important demographic for fashion brands aiming to tap into the gender-inclusive workwear trend. Often called “fluid,” Gen Z consumers tend to view gender as a spectrum rather than a binary. Nearly 40% believe that fashion needs to be completely rethought to recognize gender diversity and expression. They expect brands to align with their values around inclusion, diversity, and sustainability.

When designing serene, minimalist workwear, labels should consider core Gen Z preferences. Non-traditional sizing is a priority, as is neutral styling that allows the wearer to present their identity in an authentic way. Using eco-friendly materials and transparent manufacturing practices also appeals to this value-driven generation. By carefully considering silhouette, color, fabric, and production, brands can create collections with versatile appeal.

Rather than segmenting consumers according to outdated binaries, forward-thinking brands recognize the diversity of their customer base. They understand that self-expression transcends gender. By mirroring the openness and flexibility of Gen Z perspectives in their products, marketing, and sizing, fashion labels can demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity. In doing so, they gain relevance with an influential generation shaping the trajectory of the industry.

Crafting minimalist, refined silhouettes

serene workwear

The minimalist aesthetic is integral to the gender-inclusive workwear trend for 2023. Simplicity and restraint allow versatile styling and wardrobe integration. By paring down design elements, brands can create foundations that consumers can build upon to express their personal style.

Silhouettes should be relaxed and mobile to allow for comfort and activity. Oversized detailing and natural draping add ease while still remaining refined. Trousers can be cut full through the hip and thigh, then tapered at the ankle for an elevated but not overstyled shape. Workwear sets in premium natural fabrics exude polish but still feel casual and approachable.

When crafting minimalist workwear, it’s important not to confuse basics with boring. Subtle utility accents, pintuck detailing, and considered color pairings keep looks interesting while retaining versatility. By blending workwear traditions with this pared-back aesthetic, brands can design staples that transition from desk to dinner with stylish ease.

The minimalist direction aligns seamlessly with the gender-inclusive ethos. Simple but thoughtfully designed silhouettes allow the individual wearing them to shine through. By avoiding rigid styling cues, labels give consumers the freedom to present themselves authentically.

Sourcing premium sustainable fabrics

serene workwear

The materials used in gender-inclusive workwear should align with Gen Z values around sustainability. Seeking out premium sustainable textiles demonstrates a commitment to ethical production. It also enables the creation of durable, transseasonal pieces that consumers will integrate into their wardrobe for years to come.

Natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen, and hemp are ideal choices. Their organic hues help create the muted color palette that allows versatile styling. These renewable materials also offer comfort and breathability, supporting the relaxed workwear aesthetic. Responsibly sourced wool and down can provide warmth when needed while still fitting the pared-back aesthetic.

In addition to sourcing ethical fibers, brands have an opportunity to innovate on the processing side as well. Exploring less wasteful manufacturing methods, renewable dyeing systems, and recycling technologies are all ways to reinforce sustainability commitments. Partnering with vendors and mills that utilize these techniques ensures quality while also minimizing environmental impact.

By being selective regarding materials, labels tap into consumer desire for premium basics that stand the test of time. They demonstrate shared values that foster an authentic connection. Paired with versatile design, premium sustainable fabrics create the building blocks of the inclusive workwear trend.

Making fit truly gender-neutral

serene workwear

Achieving truly inclusive sizing is critical for brands embracing the gender-neutral workwear trend. Rather than categorizing consumers as male or female, forward-thinking labels consider the diversity of human proportions.

Creating custom fit systems is one route for developing versatile sizing. Some brands have invested years in proprietary research to design blocks based on real body data rather than pre-determined gendered formulas. Others collaborate with wearers to make fit adjustments based on real-life feedback.

Inclusive sizing also means expanding size ranges beyond outdated gender-based norms. Offering a wider array of sizes supports healthier self-image and prevents marginalizing those who fall outside statistical averages.

Thoughtful pattern and garment construction is also key. Strategic ease through the hip and thigh combined with adjustable waist detailing accommodates more body types. Incorporating stretch fabrics ensures comfort across sizing options.

Brands embracing inclusive workwear move away from the one-size-fits-most approach. They recognize that true gender neutrality means accommodating the diversity of proportional needs. By innovating fit from the ground up, labels empower self-expression by making versatile foundations available to all.

Key styles and details to note

serene workwear

Several signature styles and details exemplify the serene, minimalist aesthetic of the gender-neutral workwear trend. While silhouettes remain relaxed and versatile, subtle accents add interest and functionality.

Oversized overalls and dungarees epitomize the laidback mood. Their roomy shape allows for ease of movement while adjustable straps support personalized styling. Cargo pants and trousers offer another key silhouette, with side seam pockets and pintuck detailing providing understated utility.

The workwear jacket remains a staple for the trend, taking on a pared-back look in muted tones. Softer shoulders and an easy cropped length update the classic style. Sleek waistcoats also bridge the gap between casual and refined.

Designers are also expanding the coordinated workwear uniform beyond shirts and trousers. Matching sets featuring breezy overalls, boxy shirts, and cropped drawstring trousers channel a modern interpretation of the corporate duo.

serene workwear

By blending signature workwear and uniform pieces with the tenets of inclusivity, versatility, and sustainability, brands can capture the spirit of this emerging trend. The overall mood remains serene and unfussy while still offering function and polish.


The workwear landscape is evolving in an inclusive and sustainable direction. By embracing versatile design, neutral palettes, and premium ethical fabrics, brands can craft collections with broad appeal. Relaxed silhouettes, non-binary sizing options, and considered construction details are key to making workwear suitable for self-expression by all. The serene, minimalist aesthetic of this emerging trend ultimately promotes individuality rather than conformity. As views on identity continue to shift, forward-thinking labels have an opportunity to reenvision the fundamentals of workwear through an inclusive lens.

Together, these strategies will help appeal to Gen Z consumers looking for ethically-made and innovative wardrobe essentials. The future of workwear has arrived.

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