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Electrohold Expanding Solar Footprint With €100 Million Investment in 100 MW PV Project

  • Electrohold is coming up with another large scale solar power plant in Bulgaria with 100 MW capacity
  • It will be located in Maglizh town in Stara Zagora region and will be built for an estimated €100 million
  • The project partners for this one are the same as for Electrohold’s recently completed 123 MW FEC Verila plant

Less than a month after inaugurating the largest solar power plant in Bulgaria, electricity utility Electrohold has now announced another utility scale PV project in its portfolio with 100 MW capacity, to be built on uncultivable land.

The Belozem Solar Park 2 is planned to be located in the town of Maglizh in Stara Zagora region under a ‘special program for the protection and expansion of the territory’s biodiversity’, it said pointing at the native population of ground squirrels.

Electrohold is investing into the project with partners ES Solar and Sizigi. These 2 companies are the largest shareholders in Electrohold’s parent company Eurohold. Another renewable energy company 360 Energy is identified as the developer and operator of the project. All these partners were also responsible for 123 MW FEC Verila PV facility, the largest in the country as announced by Electrohold in June 2023.

The €100 million investment is ready with all building permits and environmental clearance. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of 2023, and complete by mid-2024.

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