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Outstanding Hair Claw Sizes To Explore This Season


Hair claw clips are functional and attractive accessories consumers use to style their hairdos. However, these hair accessories usually come in various designs and sizes. As a result, businesses may need help knowing which ones are worth selling for maximum profit.

This article discusses three hair claw sizes that will increase sales and five types of hair claw clips that brands can leverage in 2023.

Table of Contents
Overview of the hair accessories market
Three hair claw clip sizes that will increase sales
Five hair claw clips to leverage in 2023
Final thoughts

Overview of the hair accessories market

Market size

Based on statistics, the global hair accessories market is anticipated to be worth USD 31.6 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% from 2021 to 2028. The market expansion is due to consumers’ increasing interest in hair accessories that are both trendy and functional. 

In addition, advancements in manufacturing technologies, changing hair fashion trends, and the onset of fashionable hair accessories such as clips, barrettes, and headbands are other factors boosting the market growth.

Additionally, consumers in the US have become more concerned about their appearance and are readily investing in hair grooming products, trendy haircuts, and innovative hair accessories. 

Moreover, social media and celebrities greatly influence the adoption of fashion and makeup, especially among millennials. These factors, coupled with the growing number of working women and higher disposable income, significantly impact the market.

Distribution channels

The general stores segment had the highest share of 47.8% in 2020 and will maintain its lead during the forecast period. It is due to the increased tendency of customers to shop at their neighborhood stores. 

Nevertheless, the online distribution channel is anticipated to grow by 8.2% during the forecast period as the consumer shopping behavior shift continues to drive sales in the segment. The ease of online shopping, safe payment, vast delivery options, and mouth-watering discounts in e-commerce stores propel this shift.

Product segmentation

Elastics and ties dominated the market with a percentage income of 32.3% in 2020. The market growth is ascribed to the variety of designs, shapes, and materials used in the segment. In addition, manufacturers contributed to this segment’s growth by adopting better fabrics like silk and mesh to create better products. 

Wigs and extensions are foreseen to be the second fastest-growing segment, with a CAGR of 8.0% from 2021 to 2028. This segment became popular after launching human hair-based wigs and extensions, which are better than synthetic wigs. These two products are widespread among buyers with curly and textured hair.


Asia Pacific held the largest revenue share of over 38.3% in 2020. Its growth is attributed to the rising number of working women in the corporate and fashion sectors in India, Indonesia, and China. 

Europe follows closely behind and is anticipated to experience a CAGR of 7.7% during the forecast period. The evolution of fashion trends and consumer styles fuels this market. 

Likewise, female students are strongly demanding elastics and ties, whose availability in a broad spectrum regarding color, shape, pattern, and size will significantly contribute to market expansion.

Three hair claw clip sizes that will increase sales

Small hair claw clips

Curly-haired woman with small hair clip

Small claw clips have two small prongs attached to a central hinge that hold small sections of hair in place. Shoppers with short or fine hair cherish these clips for securing small braids, tiny top knots, or twists. They are also famous for children’s hairstyles because they are easy to use and come in colorful designs.

Medium hair claw clips

A little girl wearing an orange hair clip

Medium claw clips are typically 2-3 inches long, with long, wide prongs holding medium-sized hair sections. They come in different materials, patterns, and colors, and consumers can use them in simple hairstyles like braids, french twists, low ponytails, and messy buns. 

Furthermore, consumers can secure thicker sections of hair with these clips when creating pinned-back hairstyles that require a good grip without being too bulky. Medium claw clips are practical choices for creating chic hairstyles with minimal effort, making them popular among buyers.

Large hair claw clips

Woman looking sideways wearing large white hair clips

These sizes are bigger and more suitable for large chunks of hair. They range in sizes from 3 to 6 inches long and are commonly used by consumers with thick or lengthy hair. 

Large claw clips are ideal for various hairstyles and for holding hair back during workouts or other strenuous activities. In addition, consumers can use them for multiple hairstyles like loose messy buns, half-ups, and elegant updos.

Also, customers frequently use these to secure their hair in place during heat styling or washing to achieve a more precise and uniform look without risking damage to the hair.

Five hair claw clips to leverage in 2023

Butterfly claw clip

Woman in a black top with butterfly hair clip

As the name implies, these claw clips are shaped like a butterfly. The prongs are molded to resemble butterfly wings attached to a hinge that snaps the clip shut when holding the hair in place.

Consumers use them in styling medium to long hair, and they are common choices for proms, weddings, and other events that require a glamorous and elegant hairstyle. Interestingly they add a touch of femininity to a look.

Mermaid claw clip

Mermaid claw clips are ocean themed and often have whimsical designs featuring sea creatures. They have large, multiple prongs and come in different colors and materials, such as plastic or metal.

Customers can add a touch of fantasy and eye-catching decoration to their hairdo by using these hair clips. They are a popular choice for music festivals and beach hangouts.

Snap claw clip

Different hair clips on a mesh fabric

Snap claw clips are good choices for everyday wear or when consumers need a quick and easy way to put their hair up in place for an extended period. In addition, they are handy during haircuts as they are perfect for any hair length.

The clip is shaped out of a single metal piece with two interlocking claws that uses a simple snapping mechanism to bind the hair. Shoppers can use them to hold bangs in place or tidy stray hairs into a sleek state. 

Minimalist claw clip

Hand clipping a woman's hair with a minimalist hair clip

“Less is more” is the mantra for minimalist claw clips. These hair accessories are simple and understated, with a single prong or claw to grip and secure small hair sections. They are usually thin, like bobby pins, with a geometric or plain design in front.

Customers who do not want their hair clips to show can use these delicate clips for styling simple hairdos. They also give a dainty look to the hairstyle.

Comb claw clip

Woman wearing a white floral comb claw clip

The comb claw clip is a type of hair accessory that combines the look of a comb and clip into one beautiful design. This hair clip does not actually “clip” the hair, but consumers can use it to create sleek hairstyles that eventually make it seem like a clip.

These clips come in different colors, sizes, and materials, such as plastic, metal, or fabric, while some have jewel embellishments. Consumers can use them in styling medium and long hair, from simple hairdos to more intricate designs. These hair clips can take a style from plain and simple to sophisticated and romantic.

Final thoughts

Though hair claw clips are cool and stylish accessories in demand, businesses need to keep up with the latest fashion trends and offer good customer service to their buyers for steady sales.

No matter what consumers prefer, there is sure to be a hair claw clip that meets their individual needs. To take a step further, brands can sell custom hair claw clips to their clients, boosting sales and expanding the market.

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