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Profitable Men’s Activewear Trends To Glean in Autumn/Winter 2023/24


Autumn/winter is here again, and consumers are searching for the perfect outfits to add warmth to their wardrobes. No doubt, winter requires heat-retaining ensembles and men’s activewear has a lot to offer.

This article will highlight ten men’s activewear trends fashionable and profitable enough to dominate the 2023 catwalk. But first, keep reading to discover the market size and potential of men’s activewear.

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A summary of the men’s activewear market
Activewear trends men will love in 23/24
Rounding up

A summary of the men’s activewear market 

The global activewear market size reached US$ 303.44 billion in 2021. Interestingly, experts predict the industry will appreciate at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 5.8% over the forecast period.

The increase in demand for stylish active outfits in the gym and daily activities is the primary driving force for this market’s growth. Consumers are rapidly adopting sports and other activities into their daily routines due to the growing health awareness and desire to improve physical fitness. 

While this shift changes the market’s dynamics, experts anticipate it to push demand for activewear over the forecast period.

An estimated 40% of all sportswear, with functional fabrics, sales worldwide are made in North America, followed by Europe (30%) and APAC (26%). Experts predict the men’s segment will expand from US$ 342.9 billion to US$ 455.4 billion from 2020 to 2027. In other words, the activewear trend forecast for the future is positive.

Activewear trends men will love in 23/24

Textured gilet 

Smiling men wearing textured gilets

This adaptable mid-layer can provide additional insulation underneath a shell or over a hoodie. Consumers can use the textured gilet to explore the outdoors or for skiing. The item’s cozy texture offers a therapeutic effect that keeps consumers calm and warm.

The textured gilet is incredibly soft and versatile. Its funnel neck design provides a comfortable get-up—especially when consumers zip them up. In addition, this layering garment comes with patch pockets to help keep the wearer’s fingers warm. 

But that’s not all. Other features the textured gilet brings to the table are 3D surfaces and hybrid quilts. Businesses can also stock them up in various hues.

Stormproof coat 

Snow glider wearing a stormproof coat

Stormproof coats are incredibly durable, as manufacturers often make them from resilient fabrics, like bio-based Dyneema yarn. Interestingly, the items contain DWR components for wind and waterproofing. 

Plus, stormproof coats often come with online adjusters, bonded seams, waterproof zips, and extra-grip zip-pulls. These features combine to protect the wearer from extremely cold and wet conditions.

Stormproof coats are essential for mountain travel due to their ability to protect the wearer from the worst weather. Consumers can pair them with fleece mid-layers or sheep jackets. Throw in some jeans or wooly pants to complete the winter-ready ensemble.

Male photographer in the snow wearing a stormproof coat

Winter tight 

Man jogging in black tights

Winter tights provide excellent support and weather protection during the colder months. The stretchy fabric used to make these items can retain body heat, keeping wearers warm during physical activities. 

Man in black tights working out

Winter tights include compressive zones built designed to isolate muscle groups and offer enhanced comfort. In addition, winter tights are also flexible and have high recovery speeds, which helps to provide incredible durability. 

Packable poncho

Man on a lonely road rocking a packable poncho

With weather conditions becoming more unpredictable, consumers are searching for items that offer portability and protection. Thankfully, the packable poncho is here to satisfy those demands. 

These lightweight essentials are easy to fold and store on a bag and wear when the weather starts acting up. They can also protect the wearer when running or cycling.

Packable ponchos can keep consumers dry from head to mid-thigh, making them one of the top picks for inclement weather. These items are also convenient and won’t disturb men on the move. 

Most packable ponchos come with reinforced seams and waterproof zips for added weather protection. These items are more functional than stylish, but consumers can still rock ponchos with classic winter combos.

The reversible shacket 

Man in a beanie rocking a reversible shacket

Consumers hunger for practical clothing that they can wear for various occasions. Surprisingly, simplicity and a desire for minimized purchases are also driving consumer demand, hence the revival of the reversible trend. 

Reversible shackets embody the ideals of the trend, allowing wearers to style them both ways. Consumers could switch from checkered designs to plain in seconds.

Man in the woods wearing a reversible shacket

Amazingly, the reversible shacket shows high adaptability and consumers can wear them under unpredictable weather conditions. One side of this eye-catching piece features water-repellent properties, while the other offers incredible heat retention. 

In addition, some variants come with a huge patch and internal slip pockets to allow consumers to carry values conveniently. 

The short

Man rocking a t-shirt and shorts combo

Shorts are menswear staples that work in almost all scenarios. However, 2023 comes with a refreshing update for these versatile pieces, adding extra breathability, storage, visibility, inners & under-shorts, and eye-catching contrasts. Outer shorts provide light and breathable materials, while inner variants achieve stability through support materials.

Shorts are the go-to for relaxed casual looks. Men can match them with simple t-shirts or a linen/chambray button-down top. Smart-casual shorts also make a scene, as men can team chino-esque shorts with basic dress shirts and throw on a blazer or a lightweight sweater.

Comfortable shorts are key to perfecting a sports luxe attire. Consumers can opt for variants in basic colors for maximum versatility. Shorts will effortlessly match other staples, like enriching bomber jackets or bold tank tops.

Consumers who love retro vibes and shorter proportions can’t go wrong with cropped shorts. These pieces look flattering on slimmer to medium body builds and can make fantastic outfits for casual days and nights. Men can team these short shorts with t-shirts, jackets, and tank tops.

Although shorts are not the easiest styles to pull off, male consumers can experiment with various versatile tones. Sometimes, prints and patterns can enhance a shorts’ overall aesthetics, while some color blocking will add extra interest to the staple piece.

The t-shirt

Man jogging in a green t-shirt with black shorts

Whether it’s an up-styled or down-styled, crew-neck or v-neck, the classic t-shirt is the most versatile piece that suits every occasion. In truth, every wardrobe hosts at least one design for casual dressing. This core activewear is shifting toward minimalist and sophisticated styles to reflect consumer desire for longevity and multi-functionality.

The iconic white t-shirt and blue jeans combo is one of the many ways to rock this classic piece. The ensemble exudes a cool aesthetic suitable for afternoon activities, dates, and even less-restrictive business meetings. The style is minimalist and timeless enough to make anyone look good.

Men may also rock t-shirts under a buttoned shirt for a relaxed look. Pulling off this outfit requires layering a well-fitting tee under an open-worn shirt and completing the style with a pair of chinos or jeans. Consumers can rock the ensemble in monochrome or experiment with multiple colors.

Although t-shirts are now acceptable for various styles, their original designs worked best as “undershirts.” Men can still go back to their roots by styling their comfy tees as an everyday base layer. For an iconic look, pair the t-shirt with a sweatshirt, allowing the tee to stick out slightly below the top layer.

Performance polo

Man posing in a red polo shirt

Need more comfort? Turn to performance polos. These classier alternatives to traditional t-shirts come with smart details that enhance comfort, versatility, and thermoregulation. With minimalist aesthetics gaining prominence, most designs swap buttons for zip closures or band collars.

Polo shirts are timeless and simple pieces that consumers can effortlessly dress up or down. Classic cotton polo shirts offer a traditional appeal that men can dress up for smart and casual activities. Alternatively, customers may style long sleeve polo shirts for timeless and stylish aesthetics.

Long-sleeved polo shirts make breath-taking combinations with leather jackets and chinos pants. They’re excellent for consumers who want the comfort and style of polos in colder months.

Some men want to show off their muscles, and what better way to do that than with short-sleeve polo shirts? This classic design makes a heavenly match with chinos, jeans, and even suit pants. Men can team it up with blazers or keep it relaxed with winter jackets. 

Knitted polo shirts have an incredible trans-seasonal appeal, making them adaptable for cooler and warmer months. They often have soft and cushy textures that look flattering with suede jackets and slim tapered trousers. Polo shirts can also match the relaxed and cool vibes of sweatpants. Keeping the outfit fitted and clean will help consumers avoid looking sloppy.


Man rocking green joggers and long sleeve shirt

Joggers are getting three directional updates this A/W 23/24. First, these staple bottoms will shift toward smart fits and minimal details, making them multifunctional for the gym, work, and other activities. Second, joggers will embrace wellness, comfort, tactility, and soulful features. Third, they will adopt practical and functional designs, with extra pockets and durable, waterproof materials heading the charge.

Jeans are amazing, but sometimes, consumers want to dress comfortably without abandoning style—turning their focus toward joggers. Teaming a pair of joggers with polyester shell bomber jackets is a technical way to maintain a sporty look, but with a refined twist. When the weather gets extreme, men can enjoy extra cold protection by popping a hoodie under the bomber.

Although t-shirts feel obvious, consumers can match joggers with henley shirts for some added variety. Pushing the sleeves up to the forearms will retain the ensemble’s laid-back vibe. Alternatively, men can rock this style with long-sleeve tops.

Denim jackets are super compatible with joggers. Although they’re not the best for working out, men can rock them for afternoon and evening hangouts or other occasions. Consumers can use oversized and fairly fitted jackets to replicate this style’s aesthetics.


Man with glasses rocking a yellow hoodie

Hoodies may not be the most fashion-forward wardrobe item, but the shift toward well-being will see the item evolve into a protective and cozy staple. Opting for compact, plush, or micro-fleece can add more visual interest to this core piece.

Take a contemporary urban route by matching hoodies with bomber jackets. Nailing this look requires choosing a zip-up hoodie in classic colors, like gray, black, or navy, and layering it under a leather-sleeved, nylon, or wool bomber jacket. Men can complete this casual urban look by throwing in some dark blue or black jeans.

Coats are the go-to for consumers looking to stay warm while looking stylish, and men can wear them with hoodies. Although coats are widespread for formal occasions and functions, hoodies can help loosen them up for more casual ensembles.

Male consumers can protect themselves from rain, wind, and cold in style by marrying a hoodie with a parka jacket. This warm and practical outfit offers the crux of modern aesthetics. Also, it’s easy to nail the look, but men must always keep things clean and contemporary.

Rounding up 

Activewear is always in demand. More men are shifting towards active lifestyles, giving this market a chance to grow and generate revenue. Retailers can leverage this potential by focusing on the top activewear trends currently running the catwalk. 

Textured gilets, stormproof coats, winter tights, packable ponchos, reversible shackets, shorts, t-shirts, performance polos, joggers, and hoodies are the top activewear trends to watch out for in A/W 2023/24.

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