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Outstanding Men’s Shorts & Trousers Styles for Spring/Summer 2023


2020 ushered in an era of comfort-driven fashion, and the men’s shorts and trousers market has been keeping up with the trend. With more laid-back styles taking the market by storm, men can enjoy an exciting catalog of comfy but stylish shorts and trousers.

Check out five outstanding men’s shorts and trousers trends with a transitional appeal from the catwalk to streetwear for S/S 2023.

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Overview of the men’s shorts and trousers market
5 eye-catching men’s shorts and trousers for 2023
Invest in these top trends

Overview of the men’s shorts and trousers market

Men’s trousers and shorts continue to experience new updates that match consumer demands. In 2020, the global men’s trousers market was valued at US $128.7 billion, and experts predict it will grow by 5.0% from 2021 to 2028.

The shorts segment is included in the global trousers market. Although it had the lowest revenue data in 2022, the above report shows that the shorts segment will exhibit the second-highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% over the forecast period. 

The Asia-Pacific appears to be the most promising in the market. Data suggests the region will display a 5.9% CAGR over the forecast period. India and China are also positive contributors to the global market’s growth. Europe also contributed over 25% market share in 2020 and won’t slow down over the coming years. 

5 eye-catching men’s shorts and trousers for 2023

Wide-leg trousers 

Man wearing a black pair of wide-leg trousers

Wide-leg trousers keep gaining momentum and have become incredibly relevant in men’s fashion. Comfort is a dominant factor that is driving this item into the men’s wardrobes.

This piece is the ultimate representation of the laid-back lifestyle and can make any outfit look effortlessly casual. Male consumers who prioritize comfort would love wide-leg trousers.

Muted colors work best with wide-leg trousers, as they enhance the relaxed aesthetic. These items also have high-waist features and reverse pleats that highlight the oversized silhouette. An artisanal braid belt adds some personalization to the ensemble.

One terrific way men can rock this item is with an equally oversized jacket. The jacket can match the color of the pants for an enhanced aesthetic. Male consumers can also mix in a colorful shirt to offset the muted colors of the jacket and pants combo.

Man wearing red wide-leg trousers

Streetwear is another specialty of the wide-leg trouser. Men can step out, donning a white vest with some relaxed red wide-leg trousers. They can swap the tank top for a short-sleeved tee.

Two oversized pieces will always remain a classic. Consumers can follow this trend by matching the wide-leg trousers with an oversized long-sleeve tee—offering style and comfort in one bundle.

Patchwork shorts

Shirtless man relaxing in patchwork shorts

Shorts are getting shorter, and this development seems to gain traction in men’s fashion. Patchwork shorts creep up the thigh while offering a crafty appeal. The piece gains inspiration from summer swim styles.

Patchwork shorts evolved from the S/S 22 catwalks to more casual and sartorial styles in S/S 2023. Despite their shortness, these items prioritize a wide and relaxed silhouette. Patchwork shorts offer elastic waistbands and drawstrings, enhancing wearer comfort and convenience

Man in orange shorts with white wave patterns

The unique design of the item allows for more creativity. Patchwork shorts combine patches and pieces of materials to develop a one-off appeal. This unique aesthetic is also achievable with overprint.

Matching sets look great with patchwork shorts. Wearers can combine them with matching resort shirts for a complete look. 

Consumers can also rock a tech look by mixing a dress shirt with an inner tee and patchwork shorts. They should leave the shirt button open to complete the look.

Sartorial flare

Man facing stairs in denim flared trousers

The sartorial flare is another comfort-driven item like wide-leg trousers. The piece exudes a gentle retro mood, helping it sweep its way into various summer wardrobes.

Interestingly, this piece hails from the 70s and comes complete in soft, sartorial checks. Men can enjoy a fashion twist by opting for sartorial flares with summer stripes.

This item also has a slight crop that allows it to rest above the ankle, making it an effortless hi-lo design. Consumers can also use a printed tee or polo to complete the look. A tucked-in dress shirt also works wonders with the sartorial flare.

Man posing in black flared trousers

Modular cargo trousers

Man posing in modern cargo pants

Cargo pants are staples that transcend time. Coming from the 90s, this piece is a must-have for S/S 2023. These pants embody city explorer vibes and are incredibly practical. Businesses can leverage this by offering the items with modular features.

Modular cargo pants offer high personalization allowing consumers to wear them in many ways. 

The newly-improved cargo pant provides wider legs for more comfortable wearing. The item also features exciting hardware details and adjustable claps and snaps, allowing consumers to attach or remove pockets.

Man posing in gray cargo pants

Modular cargo pants offer detachable knee seams. Hence, consumers can smoothly transfer their apparel into shorts, allowing them to effortlessly switch from city to countryside styles.

Knitted long-sleeves are another perfect match for this piece. Consumers can rock the modular cargo pants with any colored knitted tee they prefer. And for hot summer afternoons, they can quickly rock the transformed cargo shorts.

Paper bag shorts

Man by the water in light brown shorts

Wider cuts are also gaining traction in the shorts category. This trend offers consumers wide silhouettes and the comfort of shorts.

Paper bag shorts take a minimalistic approach and provide an everyday aesthetic for active consumers. The item is also driving towards a more directional feel with a paper-bag waistline.

Men can also indulge in the paper bag shorts’ carrot-style tapered silhouette for an effortless look. The piece also comes in simple cotton, giving it a polished feel. Alternatively, consumers can opt for linen paper bag shorts to exude summer vibes.

Consumers can pull off many looks with paper bag shorts. Like regular shorts, they pair well with several wardrobe staples and look great in matching sets. Some can feature extra details like side drawstrings or lengthy belts flowing down the front.

Man posing in gray shorts

A classic casual look is possible with paper bag shorts. The style requires a standard tee matched with gray paper bag shorts. The tees could be graphic, striped, or patterned to complete the look.

Young consumers can also combine the shorts with vests. Similar to the tee, they can rock various styles that suit their taste without feeling awkward. Paper bag shorts pair well with striped, plain, or printed vests or tank tops.

Invest in these top trends

Men’s fashion is receiving an abundance of styles ranging from wider to shorter and flared. These innovations come bearing comfort and style to men used to the laid-back lifestyle.

Paper bag shorts are oversized and trendy pieces that feel like regular shorts, but offer more comfort and styles. Wide-leg trousers and sartorial flare provide comfort-driven pieces for various occasions including formal and casual.

Patchwork shorts and modular cargo trousers take a more crafty direction by offering more personalization to fit various tastes. These are the top trends businesses should invest in for S/S 2023.

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