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Stunning Women’s Cut & Sew Trends to Watch in 2023


Women’s cut and sew apparel will become even more popular in 2023 thanks to the growth of the athleisure culture. In addition, the female consumers are embracing a shift toward sustainable fabric bases, new details, and versatile colors, which help to build emotional connections and encourage longevity.

This article will offer an overview of the women’s cut and sew market, before exploring multiple cut and sew trends that will grab consumer attention this year. So read on for the trends that will keep your catalog at the forefront of this year’s fashion trends.

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Women’s cut and sew market overview
Cut and sew trends women will love in 2023
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Women’s cut and sew market overview

Marketing analysts estimate that the global custom apparel market will reach US$ 1.79 billion while growing at a 7.22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2027. They expect the market to expand at this rate due to the increasing number of people needing customized clothing. And the cut and sew segment reflects consumers’ desire for personalization, helping drive the industry growth.

Additional research suggests that the cut and sew segment will generate approximately US$ 7.55 billion by 2024. However, the women’s cut and sew market has been experiencing a decline recently alongside the infants’ and girls’ cut and sew market. Experts predict this industry will experience slow growth due to high levels of competition, low entry barriers, and a shift from locally-made clothes to imported wear. 

However, these updated trends are ready to work against expert predictions and get consumers demanding more cut and sewn apparel.

Cut and sew trends women will love in 2023

Formal jersey dresses

Dresses are coming in hot and ready to dominate this year’s autumn/winter runway and retail. Formal jersey dresses are an all-time favorite for all the right reasons: they are flattering, elegant, and lightweight.

Jerseys are super stretchy, and this makes them so comfortable. Interestingly, the dress exudes the aesthetics of a #AnyOccasionDress. Ladies can pull off a sophisticated look for formal and luxe occasions or a subtle style for more casual evenings.

The formal jersey dress can adopt a smart-casual effect through layering pieces. Interestingly, some variants can blend opaque elements with sheer aesthetics. Think pairing a semi-sheer rib under a plain construction fabric for a subtle and elegant contrast.

Half-zip tops

happy woman in a half-zip top

It’s sweater season! This piece is everything the modern woman demands in a winter essential. Half-zip-up tops combine practicality, comfort, and chic looks into one piece.

Half-zip tops often come in tunic designs, making it easy for ladies to rock them with leggings. For this cozy look, ladies can rock a light gray half-zip tunic with leggings in darker shades for a stylish and clean ensemble.

Women who want to feel girly and cute will love these half-zip sweaters. A chunky blush pink half-zip top is the perfect way to add a casual and cute twist to any lady’s wardrobe. Also, they can rock the piece with skinny black jeans to highlight the top’s aesthetics.

Some half-zip-up top variants offer form-fitting designs for women looking to show off their sexy body builds. Form-fitting half-zip-up tops can accentuate the feminine curve, making ladies feel sexy, even in casual wear. Additionally, consumers can rock this piece with dark blue skinny jeans for a sporty, attractive look. 

Smart crew

Woman in matching set of sweats

Jerseys are taking a sophisticated and elevated route, as comfy loungewear draws more attention with versatile pieces. This year’s autumn/winter season is updating casualwear pieces, making them smarter and fit for more formal ensembles. Smart crew also centers on versatility, making the trend valuable to cash-conscious consumers.

Smart crew is like a sweater but with a drawstring waist. Its aesthetics can match various styles across business casual and work leisure markets. Plus, ladies can also wear them as a dressier, everyday outfit. Smart crew tops feature voluminous sleeve silhouettes and drooped shoulders for an elegant effect.

Fleece gilets

Lady wearing a cream fleece gilet jacket

Gilets are notoriously tricky to pull off. Are they upgraded waistcoats? Or are they simple outerwear? New trends in 2023 are set to  demystify the gilet by enhancing them with a trans-seasonal appeal. Fleece gilets are comfort-led layering items that maximize appeal while providing stylish and functional features.

Consumers who want to be warm without bulky arms can opt for a sportier fleece gilet. Additionally, ladies can layer them over any of their favorite winter hoodies for a sports luxe charm. Finally, adding form-fitting leggings will keep the rest of the wearer’s silhouette streamlined.

While cardigans have enjoyed a much-needed resurgence, not all consumers want to hide their sleeves when rocking dresses. So how do consumers showcase their arms while keeping warm? A fleece gilet, of course. Ladies can layer this trendy piece over a flirty boho dress for added texture, and a charming 70s feel.

Fleece gilets are not 100% casual, which means consumers can wear them for dressier occasions, especially when paired with an eye-catching tailored winter coat. A slim-fit fleece gilet layered under this outerwear will provide extra winter protection without dropping its fashionable edge.

The fleece gilet can also nail the perfect casual weekend outfit combined with staple jeans. Consumers can swap their usual weekend jackets for more fashionable gilets and still beat the chill stylishly.  

Rugby tops

A group of female rugby players

Retro trends are experiencing a revival, and the rugby top is one of the many trends to return this season. This shirt makes a unique casual shirt due to its simple, stylish, preppy, and sporty appeal. Ladies will easily incorporate this versatile piece into their wardrobes this season.

Rugby tops often have shortened hemlines and neat-fitting silhouettes that showcase a smarter look. These seasonal variants stray away from traditional styles for bolder rugby stripes with added artsy intrigue. Decorative buttons or pique structures also combine to elevate this retro piece for modern styling.

Ladies can sport this versatile top with simple joggers, everyday jeans, midi/mini skirts, and even casual shorts. Rugby polos can also create styles perfect for dinner nights, particularly when wearers combine them with elegant skirts. Interestingly, the contrast between streetwear and luxe makes the outfit pop.


Woman at a park wearing a grey sweatshirt

Sweatshirts have been around for years, and their styles change according to the season. This year’s autumn/winter season emphasizes high funnel necklines and cinched ribbed hems for an elevated streetwear look. These refined details also provide extra protection during extreme weather conditions. 

More updates for this classic piece come in cropped details, half-zip openings, and adjustable drawstrings. Sweatshirts also adopt more feminine cuts to highlight a lady-like figure. It’s tough to beat oversized sweatshirts when it comes to casual styling. They exude a laid-back street style that’s incredibly trans-seasonal. 

Consumers can create an appealing streetwear look by rocking an oversized sweatshirt as a dress. However, the piece must be big and long enough to double as a dress. A more simple look would involve pairing a crew neck sweatshirt with denim. It’s the perfect outfit for a stroll around town or other casual activities.


Happy young woman in a hoodie

Hoodies don’t just keep consumers warm in cold weather. They also double as fashionable sportswear, loungewear, or streetwear. The styling options are limitless with these versatile pieces, and there’s at least one in every lady’s wardrobe.

Women can enhance the aesthetics of a basic black hoodie by marrying it with punk-inspired pieces. Consider tucking the classic item into a plaid skirt and adding a belt to cinch the waist. This style throws in a pop of punk for willing consumers.

Casual on top, run wild on the bottom—ladies can dress in neutral-colored hoodies with bold pants. Try pairing a simple gray hoodie with bright orange bottoms for an effortless contrast. While pairing hoodies with latex pants look cool, adding a tailored blazer will make it more sophisticated and edgy.


Female skater in yellow t-shirt

Basic t-shirts are simply timeless. Regardless of preference, these wardrobe staples are the most effortless way to rock a streetwear-inspired look. In addition, their simplicity helps consumers create endless trendy ensembles.

Although t-shirts don’t spell glam, ladies can spruce them up with a jacket or shirt. This effortlessly chic style can also transcend seasons and remain flattering. Consumers who love an edgy feel can opt for a bomber jacket and a classic tee combo. Alternatively, ladies who prefer a feminine style can choose a longline coat or blazer.

Pants are just one of the worthy matches for basic t-shirts. Shirts also present equal styling opportunities. Ladies can give their legs some breathing space while looking stylish. Think pairing a relaxed skirt and graphic tee for an all-day casual ensemble. Women may also layer a jacket over the look for a more on-fleek aesthetic.


woman sitting on a couch in joggers

Joggers are a must-have for consumers with a soft spot for casual clothing and all things non-complicated (but stylish). While bodycon pieces have benefits, not everyone is ready to squeeze into outfits for a sexy look, which is why many ladies end up compromising more than necessary for comfort.

The good news is that wearers can still look sexy in joggers. These versatile bottoms are the closest cousins to workout pants but look way more stylish. In truth, ladies can style them in so many ways without looking like a hippie.

For starters, women can match a pair of gray joggers with plain white or black tank tops. The entire outfit screams simple, subtle, and stylish. Of course, monochrome also looks fantastic with this combo, like try gray on gray. 

Camos are one of the most stylish prints ever to exist, and they look natural on joggers. All consumers need for this look is a plain t-shirt, tank, or racerback shirt to pair with a trendy set of camo joggers. Alternatively, layering the ensemble with a plaid shirt or denim jacket will give it more definition.


Woman sitting by a fountain wearing black leggings

Leggings are comfortable and versatile enough for consumers to rock on different occasions. They’ve been around for centuries and have evolved through various materials and adaptations. Despite the long journey, leggings are now classic wardrobe staples with a trans-seasonal appeal.

Consumers can rock leggings with long tunics for a laid-back but chic style. Alternatively, they can match a cardigan or a coat with this versatile piece for extra cold protection. Finally, ladies may style a long, button-down shirt with their favorite leggings for a cute, office-appropriate ensemble.

The perfect leggings outfit is only complete with a sweatshirt or hoodie. This natural pair offers a peak casual aesthetic that ladies can rock all day–without feeling uncomfortable.

Final words

A cozy and relaxed approach to one’s wardrobe is set to define this year’s autumn/winter season, while at the same time consumers demand pieces with better quality and versatility. 

Jersey dresses, half-zip tops, and t-shirts receive updates this season that transform their basic appearance into styles with chic and casual appeal. While fleece gilets, smart crews, and rugby tops stick to a sporty outlook, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, and leggings dive into the more comfortable aspect of women’s cut and sew styling.

Fashion retailers can leverage these trends to boost their sales and stay ahead of the essential autumn/winter styles for 2023.

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