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Outstanding Women’s Jackets and Outerwear for Autumn/Winter 2023


Autumn and winter come with the opportunity to style many jackets and outerwear that would otherwise seem ridiculous in summer. Most trends this year center on layering to provide consumers with the coziness and warmth they need to pull through unbearable temperatures.

This article will highlight the market value of women’s jackets and outerwear, before offering a rundown of this season’s essential staples. So read on for the gorgeous trends that will garner more sales this season.

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The market for women’s jacket and outerwear
Jackets and outerwear trends women will love in 2023
The bottom line

The market for women’s jacket and outerwear

Woman on glasses wearing a printed winter jacket

When the cold hits, many consumers turn to their favorite jackets and outerwear to keep them warm. In 2022, the global women’s jacket and outerwear industry generated US$ 77.43 billion. However, this industry is predicted to expand to US$ 102.26 billion at a 4.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2028. The rising number of working women, increasing per capita income, and growing purchasing power are positive contributors fuelling this market’s growth.

The offline distribution channel was the top contributing segment in 2022, accounting for more than 75% of the global market share. On the other hand, research suggests that the online segment will register an impressive 5.8% CAGR over the forecast period.

Regionally, Europe held a dominant position by generating over 30% of the 2022 revenue. Well-developed economies such as Germany, France, and the U.K. are the top contributors helping the region to maintain its dominance.

Asia Pacific will also register the fastest CAGR (5.5%) over the forecast period, with China and India fuelling the growth. Other contributors include the expanding population and rising disposable income in the region.

Jackets and outerwear trends women will love in 2023

Classic tailored coats

Woman posing with a striped classic tailored coat

Tailored coats add instant sartorial elegance to any outfit ladies throw at them. They’re so impressive that it’s easy for consumers to rock them as a go-to jacket for chilly months. Initially, the classic tailored coat was a piece for corporate women. Now, this structured jacket is essential for many fashionable women.

When it comes to which tailored coats to invest in, neutral hues will always remain profitable ventures. A navy or black coat can see women through almost any occasion. However, directional variants with funky prints or pastel shades can quickly imbue a plain outfit with a touch of color.

Trendy midi dresses are versatile and take women from business hours to evening outings. But pairing the piece with a tailored coat will send the midi dress to the top of the fashion chain. In addition, consumers may layer an oversized blazer over a slip-dress for a chic spin.

Ladies spending more time at the office can add a blazer to tailored trousers. The outfit looks smart and stylish and offers some warmth when it gets chilly outside. Although the idea of a suit feels old-fashioned, pairing a tailored coat with dress pants provides a modern appeal.

Consumers can also make such ensembles more contemporary by swapping dull neutral colors for bright pastels or zingy sherbets. Or, they can mix and match neutral-colored pants with a bright-colored or patterned tailored coat.

Waterproof outer layers

Woman holding her waist while wearing a black waterproof coat

Winter’s notorious unpredictability can push consumers through four seasons in one day. But one part of the chilly season that catches most off guard is the heavy rains. Luckily ladies can feel better prepared with waterproof outer layers.

Although raincoats have a bad reputation for being unstylish, modern iterations have released more fashionable styles, allowing women to look good while staying dry. Also, waterproof jackets can last for a while, especially when ladies get one versatile enough for repeated wearing.

One variant ladies can pack for rainy days is the pattern raincoat. This variant offers an edgy appeal that’s more relaxed and perfect for Sunday ensembles. This waterproof outer layer doesn’t provide much warmth, making it ideal for weather that brings the rain without the cold. Ladies can wear this outerwear over a classic tee and jean combo and still look effortlessly fabulous.

Transparent waterproof coats are also fantastic, and they make bold statements. All ladies need to rock this piece is a simple outfit, like a black top paired with denim pants. In addition, consumers can hit the streets in style by wearing a sexy outfit under a clear rain jacket. They can consider matching a black lace top and a colorful printed skirt under this fine statement piece.

Foundation trench coats

Woman in a gray trench coat resting on a car

Although trench coats started as a menswear fad, they’ve proven to be just as stylish in the womenswear category. This timeless raincoat can add an air of class and elegance to any outfit and provides a trans-seasonal appeal. In addition, foundation trench coats are the perfect blend of practical and stylish.

Consumers can start their trench-coat-styling journey with a short variant. These designs can range anywhere from slightly below the hip to mid-thigh length. Short foundation trench coats are ideal for petite women, especially when styled with skinny bottoms. In addition, the combination won’t feel bulky or make the legs look short.

Medium trench coats are more widespread for female consumers and rest around knee length. More importantly, these staples look flattering on most body builds, allowing even petite and curvy girls to rock them stylishly. For this look, ladies can pair an orange foundation medium trench coat with a black-on-black ensemble (especially a shirt and jean combo).

In addition, Women may also opt for full-length variants that drop up to ankle length. Foundation long trench coats are more dramatic and require some confidence to pull off. They’re ideal for tall women, but petite women may style them since longer coats can make the wearer’s legs look longer.

Consumers should wear high-waist trousers to achieve the leg-lengthening effect with this piece. They may also rock the full-length trench coat with a dress or mini skirt. In addition, ladies can add a crop top or a regular tee to complete the elegant look.

Padded outerwear

Woman rocking a black padded jacket

Padded outerwear is not the most fashion-forward apparel, but this season keeps it on-trend. These jackets are more functional than stylish, but they can still add the finishing touches to any outfit.

This utilitarian-focused jacket dominates outfits for hiking and other outdoor activities. They’re lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and extra insulating, making padded outerwear a go-to for such occasions. 

Retailers can offer multiple variants, allowing consumers to create trendy outfits. Most padded outerwear have turtlenecks, hoods, slit pockets, and many more functional features. One stylish way to rock this winter jacket is with faux leather. Women can consider pairing padded outerwear with faux-leather pants for the ultimate fabulous girl ensemble.

Another way to rock this trendy outerwear is with an athleisure set. While wearing a sweatshirt and joggers combo is already chic, donning a padded jacket over it takes it to the next level. It’s a look with enough style to transition women from yoga sessions to afternoon hangouts.


Woman holding a cup while wearing a red gilet

Gilets are lifesavers for consumers who can’t wear a lightweight jacket but don’t want a hot and bulky coat. This sartorial outerwear is essential to keep wearers warm in all weather conditions. Not to mention, gilets are fabulous and easy to add to or remove from any outfit.

For a casual style, ladies can pair a fur-trimmed hooded gilet with a sweatshirt. Not only will this outfit keep them warm, but it will also add an air of luxury to otherwise simple ensembles. In addition, women can add sweatpants to the ensemble or opt for classic jeans to make the outfit pop.

A gilet’s design makes consumers feel cozy with less bulk on their arms, and a sportier puffer gilet checks this box. Ladies can layer them over their favorite winter hoodies for a sports-luxe spin. Adding skin-tight leggings to the ensemble will help keep a streamlined silhouette.

Casual occasions are not the only opportunities for styling gilets. These sartorial jackets also exuded a business appeal, especially when matched with a tailored winter coat. Ladies may layer a slim fit, quilted gilet under a camel coat for a more functional approach. Alternatively, they can throw a puffer variant over a lightweight trench coat for the same effect.

Quilted blanket coats

Woman rocking a brown quilted coat

Winter presents many opportunities for consumers to get crafty with their jackets and outerwear. They can hide under puffer jackets, enjoy a minimalist classic wool coat, or embrace an unconventional direction with a quilted blanket coat. This grandma-inspired piece will add a dash of impeccable vigor to any wintertime outfit.

For a cozy feel, ladies can marry a knee-length quilted coat with some indulgent neutral-shaded bottoms. In addition, women can craft an ensemble that will transition them from autumn to winter by pairing an embroidered baby tee with classic jeans.

The combo offers a universal appeal that pairs well with any length of quilted blanket coat. Consumers willing to style a head-to-toe quilted ensemble can do so with fully-suited outfits. These sets comprise quilted blanket coats and matching pants, which exude a uniform aesthetic.

Robe coats

Standing lady wearing a neutral-colored robe coat

Robe coats imbue outerwear with the coziness of everyday stay-at-home wardrobe-essentials. This outerwear keeps wearers warm and serves as a fashion statement, making the timeless piece the go-to for feeling elegant and feminine during chilly seasons.

Female consumers can style a blush pink robe coat with a gray ribbed loose-fitting sweater and white denim jeans. Overall, the outfit is an effortless blend of chic and comfortable.

For a dressier look, ladies can pair a robe coat with overall gray tones to exude a comfy-cozy vibe. They may also tie the outerwear around their waist, highlighting eye-catching body curves.

Value bombers

Lady posing in a blue bomber jacket

Bomber jackets haven’t always been the iconic wardrobe pieces they are today. Interestingly, they started as specific military outerwear, but their comfort, warmth, and style pushed them into pop culture and multiple fashion scenes.

It’s tough to surpass the bomber jacket when it comes to casual vibes. A minimalist suede variant can pair fantastically with casual jeans. In addition, ladies can add a hoodie underneath to warm the outfit.

Retailers may also offer a retro appeal with vintage bomber jackets. Usually, these types have soft wool-blend, sherpa, or fleece collars and impressive water-resistant features. Consumers can style this piece with a knit sweater or a collared shirt. Corduroy or dark denim pants will complete this outfit’s retro aesthetics.

Varsity and letterman jackets are gorgeous variations of the classic bomber. Consumers with a thing for academic or mid-century looks won’t hesitate to rock them, and they can be paired with joggers for a contemporary fitness style. 

Refined motorcycle jackets

Woman in a trendy motorcycle jacket sitting on a bike

Motorcycle jackets are wardrobe staples for lovers of edgy aesthetics. Ladies can wear this versatile piece in many ways, allowing them to dive into casual and chic styling. 

Rocking biker jackets during autumn, particularly with denim, is always a good idea. However, consumers up for a preppy twist can pair this leather outerwear with plaid shorts, tights, and a sweater. 

For a chic feminine ensemble, ladies can pair a motorcycle jacket with a midi skirt. The outfit creates the perfect blend of edgy and chic styling.

Consumers who don’t fancy looking feminine can tap into the masculine side of motorcycle jackets. They can rock the biker jacket with skinny black jeans and a basic white tee for edgy aesthetics. It’s the perfect way to showcase an off-duty model look.

Blazer coat hybrids

Woman rocking a cream long tailored coat

Blazer coat hybrids offer a gender-neutral alternative to office-ready ensembles. The outerwear trend centers on modularity, inclusivity, and functionality, allowing retailers to embrace easy-to-wear silhouettes and access a broader customer base. 

One of this functional piece’s most fantastic styling tricks is throwing in a combo of everyday jeans and tees. Although it seems basic, the blazer coat hybrid will add some interest to an otherwise simple look.

Ladies can also dress in the blazer coat hybrid for transitional weather. In addition, they can style it with shorts, allowing the outerwear to double as a lightweight jacket. 

The bottom line

This year’s cooler season demands an investment in versatile outerwear designs that flex across casual, leisure and back-to-work lifestyles. The season also prioritizes novel approaches that offer metaverse-inspired hues and larger-than-life volumes. 

From motorcycle jackets to blazers, the focus is also on gender-neutral pieces, allowing retailers to engage with a more diverse demographic.

Retailers can invest in offering these women’s jackets and outerwear trends for a more attractive autumn/winter 2023/24 catalog.

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