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Women’s Fashion Spring/Summer: 5 Superb 80s Trends in 2023


Fashion trends from the 80s are revitalizing, and fanbases are leading the revival with references from pop culture moments. Maximalism is now a core style in contemporary fashion, and trends from the 80s naturally nod toward this theme.

References such as dopamine dressing, bold tailoring, and neon hues are part of 80s fashion, keeping these trends fresh and eye-catching. These trends utilize the success of Y2K themes to capture consumer interest.

Fashion retailers can explore five viral 80s trends to keep their catalogs updated for S/S 2023.

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Market size of the reinterpreted women’s 80s fashion trends
5 women’s 80s fashion trends that are making a huge comeback
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Market size of the reinterpreted women’s 80s fashion trends

“Big and bright” perfectly sums up the women’s 80s fashion market. Although interest levels in the 80s don’t match Y2K, recent changes have seen the decade dominate searches. Such changes result from the popular series “Stranger Things.”

The trend accelerator dives deep into 80s fashion and accounts for one of the largest opening weekends & viewership. This impressive audience plays an essential role in driving all things from 80s fashion. 

The decade also spreads its market presence into high summer assortments. Metallic swimwear collections are topping the sales charts, while barbie pink and neon green take solid spots as defining summer shades.

In addition, the 00s revival also provides many styles from the 80s, further driving the decade’s resurgence. Bottoms dominate the 80s-inspired silhouettes, while sweatshirts and graphic tees hold dominant market shares for tops. Overall, the women’s 80s fashion trend market shows potential worthy of investment.

5 women’s 80s fashion trends that are making a huge comeback

Bomber jackets

Woman sitting on a fence with a black bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are timeless outerwear providing comfort, warmth, and stylishness. But they weren’t always popular. In truth, this classic outerwear started as a military flight jacket used to keep pilots warm at high altitudes. Bomber jackets are now essential in women’s fashion with various styles and materials.

Laid-back vibes? Check! The bomber jacket is one ultimate casual piece that pairs well with classic relaxed staples. A maximalist brown suede bomber jacket will pair well with white crop tops and jeans.

Retro appeals surround the clean lines and textures of the bomber jacket. Vintage items come in warm, soft wool-blend, wool sherpa, or fleece collars and feature durable, weatherproof leather or nylon. Additionally, retro bomber jackets look excellent with knit sweaters or collared shirts married with dark denim.

Woman posing with a red and black bomber jacket

The letterman or varsity jackets are famous variations of bomber jackets. Usually, they feature insignias on their exterior, adding an extra layer of appeal. These variants exude mid-century academic or sportswear aesthetics. Consumers can layer the outerwear over a long-sleeve and joggers combo.

Bold tailoring

Woman wearing a pink tailored suit

Tailoring is essential to looking sophisticated and refined, but adding bold colors makes it more 80s-esque. This style is the art of adjusting clothes to showcase multiple styles and aesthetics. Maximalism is one 80s theme that looks great with tailoring.

Peak lapels and double-breasted suits get a lot of attention in this trend. But there are ways of adding tailoring to day-to-day wardrobe staples. While consumers can always rock a full suit and head to town, tailoring offers more styling opportunities. For example, bold dress trousers pair perfectly with v-neck sweaters.

Two women wearing a red and blue 80s suit

Consumers may also pair a blazer with jeans and a blouse. Such tailoring combos feel more versatile and can easily blend between work and everyday activities. Ladies can also opt for eye-catching patterns to throw some excitement into the tailoring mix.

High-leg swimwear

Dark-skinned woman posing with high-leg swimwear

High-leg swimwear is a daring yet fascinating trend popular among women. Regardless of height, confidence level, and curves, there’s a high-cut style for everyone. These items can elongate a lady’s legs by adding extra inches to the bottom area. In addition, polyester is one of the best materials for making high-leg swimwear.

Polyester can resist damage from chlorine and salt water and is also durable. Since it’s hydrophobic, polyester high-leg swimwear will absorb less water, making it light to wear and quick to dry. Additionally, the fabric has high fading resistance, so it’ll remain sharp and colorful regardless of usage time.

Most variants feature waistbands pulled up high, and some ladies consider this risky. But high-leg swimwear combined with mesh panels allows such women to rock the daring look without feeling exposed. These variants rest on the wearer’s midsection while giving the illusion of a high-cut style.

Woman showing off body in high-leg swimwear

Women looking for more control will love tie-side high-leg swimwear. These styles come with strings allowing ladies to configure the perfect fit and height. Interestingly, consumers can place them high above the hip area or go low for a traditional hipster vibe.

Neon sets

Two women rocking neon yellow and purple tops

Neon colors were a big hit in the 80s, but they look even better with modern styles and cuts. Consumers can’t wear neon colors without gearing up for some attention. It’s easy to spot bright shades of purple, green, yellow, pink, and blue. In addition, ladies can go for a bold and brilliant look with many neon hues or marry them with neutrals for subtle styles.

Ladies looking for a daring, electric style will love a head-to-toe neon look. A monochromatic look is perfect for summertime styles or blacklight concerts. A neon yellow tube top and skirt are a great pair to rock for a confident aesthetic.

Female consumers may also take a bold, colorful path by selecting neon jeans or leggings. Aqua, green, or pink items will provide stylish and casual looks, especially when paired with solid or neon tops, like T-shirts, crop tanks, or long-sleeved shirts. Outfits like this are ideal for shopping or dinner nights.

Woman wearing a neon pink maxi dress

Women can accomplish a flattering evening look with a neon dress in traditional shapes. They’d look great for a date night or cocktail party. In addition, women may opt for neon mini or maxi skirts as another stylish evening option.

Graphic tees

Woman sitting on couch with a black graphic tee

Graphic tees may feel limited in style, but the truth is these essential wardrobe items can look fantastic with modern twists. These short-sleeve shirts feature prominent design elements with cotton as the popular fabric. Graphic T-shirts were favorites of bands and brands, but now they carry an 80s aesthetic, allowing women to dive into vintage vibes.

These tops can be sleeveless, cropped, or oversized. Although graphic tees are not formal-appropriate, wearers can elevate their casual feel by pairing them with blazers and jeans. Graphic tees and denim is another safe way to rock these bold items. Skinny jeans with a denim jacket will give a rock ‘n’ roll feel.

Woman displaying a black graphic tee

Join the bandwagon

Bold colors and striking silhouettes will dominate the S/S 23 80s checklist. After the success of dopamine themes, females now have a greater appetite for more colorful options. The neon sets trend will show more potential this summer, with pink, orange, and green heading the charge.

Riding on both the 80s and 00s revival, graphic tees have a solid place in contemporary fashion, especially variants with positive statements. High-leg swimwear dips into power dressing for beach and pool lovers.

Bomber jackets show an incredible trans-seasonal appeal, while bold tailoring nods toward versatility and stylishness. Fashion retailers must leverage these trends for a sales boost when S/S 23 sales kick-off.

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