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Smart Furniture: How Technology Is Redefining Interior Décor


Customers want to make the most of their available space without sacrificing comfort, convenience, or style. Through its multifunctional design and stunning aesthetics, smart furniture delivers precisely that. It is functional, compact, and offers a host of services with a push of a button. Read on to learn more about the smart furniture market and what customers want.

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The flourishing smart-furniture market
What you should know about smart furniture
It is all about maximizing comfort

The flourishing smart-furniture market

Simple wooden bedframe in a minimalist bedroom

The global smart furniture market was valued at USD 143.6 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% between 2021 and 2028. The rapid adoption of tech-enabled workspace and an increase in demand for functional and optimal furniture for individuals working from home are significant factors fueling growth.

In 2020, smart desks accounted for a revenue share of 34.8%  in the smart furniture market. The rapid expansion of office buildings and the rising popularity of smart workspace designs is propelling growth. Additionally, the smart table segment is expected to have the fastest growth rate, 13.6%, during the forecast period.

In conjunction with the work-from-home culture, companies are investing in the latest technology to bring innovative solutions to customers. Continue reading to explore the hottest trends of the season.

What you should know about smart furniture

What is smart furniture?

Smart furniture is equipped with technological functionalities that offer a host of services. For instance, a smart side table may come with an inbuilt speaker or a lamp that can be adjusted via a smartphone. Thus, smart furniture can be controlled through smart devices like phones or voice commands.

Smart furniture, like any other technology, was created to help users unwind and have a hassle-free experience. These products are ideal for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, as the multifunctional nature of the smart furniture allows them to avoid the inconvenience of charging cables and clutter.

Check out the latest trends in smart furniture and offer the most suitable options to your customers.

Smart bed

A bed frame with cushioned headboard

Unlike regular beds, smart beds are outfitted with sensors and other technologies that gather information about a user’s sleeping patterns to offer self-adjustments and thus enhance sleep quality. 

Other beds are designed to provide a variety of entertainment services. For instance, they may come with in-built television, alarm, and speakers. At the same time, some may have in-built thermostats that adjust to temperature changes at night.

One of the coolest features of smart beds is that they can be integrated with IoT to control other household items, such as lights, TVs, and thermostats, without the users ever having to get out of bed. Additionally, many smart beds have a position control feature, which means the user can adjust the leg or head area with a remote or an app instead of physically moving the mattress.

A self-making bed, though less common, is the most recent innovation in the smart furniture space. This item can make the bed by itself using metal rails attached to the sheets.

A multipurpose sofa bed is a good option for buyers with limited space. A queen-sized bed can be hidden away in a lovely three-piece sofa set that blends in with the décor. Aside from the aesthetics, it can be converted into a bed in seconds. It is also functional; many come with ample storage space and other cool smart features.

Smart chair

Man sitting on a black padded chair while using a laptop

People who work from home spend a lot of time sitting down, leading to leg pain and backaches due to poor chair flexibility. Fortunately, smart chairs are designed to accommodate individual preferences for maximum comfort and relaxation. These chairs have sensors communicating with an app and recording adjustment settings to make recommendations based on data and individual profiles.

Smart chairs are designed to be customizable based on height, weight, and body type. Users can customize the tilt and angles of the headrest to find the most comfortable position. This means that whether people are sitting upright or leaning back in their chairs, the headrest will nicely cradle their heads and necks.

Some high-tech smart chairs send alerts to users periodically, like a sedentariness warning, to encourage them to get up and stretch. These chairs monitor how a person sits using their sensors and send a notification via an app to correct the sitting posture.

Smart desk

Laptop on wooden desk

Individuals who work in an office are likely to spend long periods sitting at a desk, often in an uncomfortable position. Fortunately, a smart desk can help alleviate this issue as users can adjust the height as per their comfort. Unlike a regular desk, a smart desk comes with a wide variety of features, such as height-adjustment settings, built-in monitors, and wireless charging pads.

This type of desk can be adjusted to a standing height, allowing people to work while standing. Aside from the physical advantages, they are also an excellent choice for aesthetic reasons. They have multiple USB ports and a wireless charging pad, so no cables are trailing on the floor. Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for small spaces because many of them can be folded against the wall and easily stored when not in use.

Side table

White table lamp on top of nightstand

Smart tables, like other devices, include features such as wireless charging stations, which allow users to simply place their phones on top of the drawer for instant charging. Many smart tables include built-in speakers that can play music anytime via Bluetooth or a USB cable connection.

Additionally, these tables are designed to blend well into the bedrooms and come in aesthetically pleasing designs. Aside from the edgy designs, these items are functional, especially for small spaces, as they are designed to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Smart table lamp

A white desk lamp placed on a table

Smart lamps have several features, including voice commands, and allow users to control and customize the lighting to suit their mood. Individuals can select multiple colors and themes and set schedules using a remote or an app. They have different brightness levels and are compatible with other smart devices, such as the Amazon Echo Dot, giving users hands-free access to the lamp.

Smart lamps are fantastic products, particularly for those who enjoy reading by the bed, because they have a night mode for reading in low light. Most models are flexible and can be bent quite a bit. Furthermore, users do not need to worry about changing the bulbs because most are designed to last 30,000 hours or more.

Smart mirror

A smart LED circular mirror

Smart mirrors go beyond their original purpose. Many include radios, speakers that can be synced to music, and waterproof lights that can be dimmed to suit the user’s mood. Some models may have a backlit feature that gives them an edgy yet chic appearance. All of these features can be controlled with a touch of a button. 

One of the best features to look for in smart mirrors is the demister pad, which maintains a steam-free image after a long shower—a feature that can come in handy in shared households with long bathroom lines. 

It is all about maximizing comfort

Smart furniture, as previously stated, is functional, stylish, and integrated with technology to maximize comfort and eliminate the need for multiple items. This article covered some of the hottest trends in this space, from smart mirrors to lamps and tables. Visit Alibaba.com to check out the latest smart collections. 

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