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Phone Bags: The Latest Fashion Trends To Check Out


If you own a laptop, chances are you also have a laptop bag or a laptop backpack for it, especially now that the sales for laptops have improved significantly over the past few years in line with the WFH (work from home) trend that has gradually become part of the norm to many. However, not many people may own or have even heard of a phone bag, which functions exactly like a laptop bag for mobile phones but only in a more trendy, personal, and fashion-statement way. Read on to discover how a mobile phone bag can be both a practical protective outer cover and an eye-catching fashionable item now as well as the underlying business opportunities.

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Why phone bags?
What to look for when sourcing a phone bag
Trendy phone bags
Keep it up!

Why phone bags? 

While the majority of us use phone cases to protect our beloved smartphones, many mobile phone users may not be aware that there are phone bags specifically made for smartphones. Sometimes also referred to as smartphone bags, crossbody phone cases, phone slings, or phone purses, various designs of phone bags have in fact subtly made their presence known in the fashion world in recent years.

In 2022 however, the popularity of phone bags has definitely reached a new height. From an established French women’s magazine to a U.S. fashion magazine with more than a century of publication history and a UK magazine with a focus on celebrity news, as well as the lifestyle section under Yahoo, a variety of recommendations on phone bags had appeared in publications since January 2022. 

And all of these media listed not only famous designer phone bags but also some celeb-favorite designs, thereby demonstrating the perfect recipe for trendsetting and hence helping to further strengthen the popular status of phone bags in the carried accessories industry this year.

What to look for when sourcing a phone bag

The beautiful part about sourcing an accessory such as a phone bag is that not only can one assess it from the lens of fashion but also from a practical perspective. This provides two key areas for evaluation. 

To begin with, compatibility is one of the most important things to consider and it is highly related to the target market. For example, in terms of sizes, the phone bags should be able to fit with the majority of popular phones or any targeted phone models or types. Compatibility in relation to the target audience, such as whether to aim at a gender-inclusive or gender-specific market is another aspect to ponder upon.  

And of course, after determining the target market and target audience, it is time to check out the phone bags from a functional stance including their usability and durability. Ultimately, from a design standpoint, compact and lightweight styles are usually most favorable for small accessories such as phone bags. It is also important to take note that since the main function of a fashion accessory is to provide secondary enhancement to complement the entire outfit, the selected phone bags should ideally be versatile enough to easily match with clothing or other fashion items to help further accentuate the wearer’s individuality and uniqueness.

Trendy phone bags


A slim minimalist style phone bag

Minimalism is everywhere, from packaging to furniture and cosmetic products, and many consumers nowadays adore and inspire to be minimalists for various feel-good reasons. In fact, such a trend has become more prominent in the fashion world since around the third quarter of 2021 and has since extended its wings to include phone bags around the same time in 2022.

As usual, celebrities who are often generous in sharing their personal testimonials are the ones who lead the trend. They carry different stylish phone bags with minimalist elements, hence directly or unwittingly helping to demonstrate and endorse the concept. 

While simplicity is the hallmark of minimalism, it does not have to be boring. For example, one can go for many different types of minimalist designs such as a minimalist crossbody mini phone bag or a much bigger simple-looking iPhone crossbody wallet, or a gender-specific, slim minimalist phone bag for men. Alternatively, a sporty unisex phone bag with a minimalism emphasis can be another consideration for those who would like to target a wider market.


A waterproof phone bag makes underwater photoshoot easier

The first water-resistant mobile phone Samsung released was back in more than 6 years ago, and then an iPhone model followed suit around 6 months later in the same year. Nevertheless, no matter which mobile phone model we are owning now, it is worth noting that none of these mobile phones is truly waterproof, although most are at least water-assistant up to the present moment. This is proven according to the IP code (ingress protection) standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which aims to serve as a standardized guideline on the level of protection the mechanical casings and electrical enclosures offer against dust and water, primarily. 

And that is precisely why a phone bag made of a waterproof material such as a nylon oxford phone bag can be a great option for consumers who would like to get full waterproof protection for their beloved cell phones. The same goes for waterproof phone bags made of oxford or canvas material, which can not only shield the phones from rain but also windy or sunny weather. 

On the other hand, leather material is generally recognized as fully waterproof if the wax is applied or sprayed. For this reason, a PU leather crossbody mobile phone shoulder bag can serve the same purpose aptly, or better yet, a leather crossbody phone bag with a touchscreen window can provide both water protection and easy access to the phone.


Multi-functional phone bags, meanwhile, are at the other end of the spectrum of minimalism. They are designed to do more than only safeguard phones; they fully magnify their other potential functions. After all, a smartphone-sized bag can also serve as a good carrier for tiny essentials. For this reason, the design for such multi-functional phone bags tends to be multi-pocketed. Some examples include this phone bag combined with a utility strap or a phone bag with three roomy compartments on top of a transparent window, similar to the one featured in the picture below. 

A multi-pocketed mobile phone bag

A phone bag with many pockets tends to be slightly bulkier since it normally comes with a transparent window for easy touchscreen access. However, there are also some multi-compartment phone bags that double as standard wallets, and they are designed without touchscreen functions but focus more on storage purposes.

Keep it up! 

Similar to other fashion trends, the goal should be to seize the moment and embrace the trend to its maximum potential while it is still hot. Even better, based on its practicality and fashionableness, combined with the growing reliance people have on mobile phones, there is a good probability that the phone bag will stay on and develop into a widely utilized accessory. So for anyone who likes to explore a phone case business or any other mobile phone-related businesses, minimalist, multi-functional, and waterproof phone bags are certainly worth exploring. For more sourcing suggestions and business idea inspirations, check out various sections under Alibaba Reads to plan your business ahead!

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