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Plus-size Women’s Clothing: 5 Fantastic Trends in 2022


In 2019, the global plus-size women’s clothing market was worth $178.5 billion—intending to hit about $190 billion in 2028.

It’s 2022, and the market hasn’t experienced any decline. Instead, it’s undergoing a geometric growth.

So, the goal of this article is to reveal the top five plus-size trends in the market. But before that, here are the key drivers and opportunities contributing to the market growth.

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What are the key factors driving the plus-size market?
Plus-size women’s clothing: 5 mind-blowing trends of 2022
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What are the key factors driving the plus-size market?

Plus-size woman in brown activewear

The plus-size market is experiencing steady growth in 2022—with casual wear taking the front seat. The above report showed that the plus-size market registered a CAGR of 4.3 percent from 2019 to 2026.

But what are the influences and opportunities driving it? Indeed, the growing population of overweight consumers is one of the key factors driving the market size.

Also, strong campaign messages and advertisements promoting body positivity and confidence are other contributing factors.

According to the same report, North America appears to be the most prominent region with the largest market share. It is closely followed by the European, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA markets.

Plus-size women’s clothing: 5 mind-blowing trends of 2022 

Workleisure trousers

Workleisure trousers have a relaxed silhouette that assures plus-size consumers of a smooth transition from office to casual outings. These trousers come in elastic-waist bands, drawstring waists, knits, billowing hems, etc. In short, they are secretly relaxed pants that allow consumers to enjoy comfortable moments.

Plus-size lady rocking gray workleisure pants

These workleisure pants feature soft fabric textures like cotton twill, linen, cotton satin, hemp, spandex, etc.

Cotton twill pants are ideal for consumers who want a versatile fabric with subtle diagonal lines and soft textures. Linen is another breathable, rustic, durable fabric for summer workleisure pants.

Plus-size woman wearing light brown palazzo pants

Cotton satin is perfect for consumers wanting luxurious and lightweight pants. Hemp is another summer-favorite fabric. These pants are super breathable and durable for casual styles. Another great option is cotton corduroy.

Ribbed-knit pants are variants of workleisure that favor consumers who love getting a snug feel while in them. Interestingly, plus-size consumers can go for workleisure trousers with straight-fitting silhouettes or wide-leg pants.

Thanks to the variety of warm colors available for the workleisure pants, plus-size women can rock them in different unique patterns to elaborate their sexiness. 

Consumers can pair the workleisure trousers with corporate shirts for a business-casual look. Alternatively, they can pair the pants with spandex tops for a more casual look.

Garden party dress

Most plus-size consumers love garden party dresses for their practicality, less constricting tailoring, and comfortable fit. Interestingly, garden party dresses are elegant for summer barbecues and other outdoor engagement parties.

Plus-size lady in red and black garden party dress

A-line dresses are perfect for consumers who want a formal look on a breezy evening. Shift dresses are perfect for plus-size females with a bell body shape. Open shoulders, strapless, and cut-outs are other functional garden party dresses perfect for plus-size females.

Lady in flora red garden party dress

One key reason why the garden party dress is currently trending is that it has many fabric types suitable for summer, making it a more comfortable option. 

But that’s not all. Consumers who love to draw the attention of others will appreciate the different stylish patterns and colors the garden party dresses offer.

Since the goal is to keep it comfy, consumers can stick to a short flowy dress

Volume blouse

A volume blouse features balloon sleeves with an oversized or slightly fitted feel. The blouse also has full or mid balloon sleeves with banded bottoms. Perfect for plus-size consumers, the volume blouse adds softness to the upper body and takes the attention away from the lower body.

Plus-size woman in a volume blouse and brown denim

Cotton voiles, chiffon, and silk are the most popular fabric options for volume blouses, which consumers love to rock in neutral and warm colors during the spring-summer.

Females who love to have a more accentuate look in the summer would enjoy wearing the regular stripes and check patterns.

For a looser fit, consumers can pair the blouse with boyfriend jeans. Alternatively, they can opt for a flowy skirt to balance the blouse.

Sporty sets

Plus-size woman in running shorts with a running top

Sporty activewear is a trendy set that appeals more to plus-size women with fitness goals. And fitness motivation is one of the key factors that drive the XL-size women to prioritize having this activewear in their closet. 

One remarkable feature of sporty activewear is its good moisture-wicking properties. The bottoms also feature thicker waistbands to boost firmness during workout sessions. In terms of comfortability and heat-absorption, spandex and polyester fabrics are the most popular.

Consumers who love to stand out in the gym during workouts or outdoors rock the tie & dye patterns the most. 

Stylish plus-size women look beyond a comfortable and breathable sporty activewear. Hence, they go for sporty sets that reveal their shape with bright colors to complement the look.

Plus-size consumers who want to hit the gym or go for a walk will love running tops. The zip-front jacket is another viable option for consumers with extra-large body fitting. They come in basic colors like green, red, blue, and black. 

Flowy tank tops are perfect lightweight options for consumers that engage in intense workout routines. As for bottoms, sellers can invest in activewear like joggers, tummy-control high-waisted leggings, yoga pants, and running shorts.

Plus-size lady in a light brown sporty 2-piece set

Consumers who prioritize full covering can pair the zip-front jacket with yoga pants for a complete look. Alternatively, they can pair running shorts with a long-sleeved turtleneck for a simple fit look.

Denim focus

Plus-size woman rocking blue denim and black top

Denim is a classic fabric that simplifies outfits, disrupts occasion, and focuses on personal preference. This iconic fabric has options for consumers of different sizes, from baggy, straight-leg, stone-washed, to dark wash.

When stocking up denim for plus-size women, sellers should consider the following features:

  • Stretch: it is the percentage of elastic in the denim, which determines comfortability. Most trendy denim sets come with extra stretch for plus-size women.
  • Cut style: most plus-size consumers prefer a well-fitting straight-leg to baggy jeans.
  • Size range: according to BR, plus-size women can only wear denim of sizes 14-26 (U.S. sizes). In other words, size is as important as the stretch or cut style.
  • Color: there are different color options like red, grey, blue, black, brown, etc. Sellers can go for different shades of blue or black and add a few flashy colors.

Some of the trendy denim styles are straight-leg jeans which are an excellent option for plus-size consumers. High-rise skinny jeans are ideal for petite, plus-size women. Plus-size consumers who are taller lean towards plain skinny jeans. The wide-leg jeans best suit consumers who want a stylish and flattering look.

Plus-size lady in a gray sports bra and wide-end denim

Plus-size consumers who want to unleash their youth can combine wide-leg jeans with a flared top for a modern look.

Closing thoughts

In closing, this post has shown five different women’s plus-size wear that sellers can exploit in 2022.

Amongst the five trends listed, the work leisure trousers in the casual wear category are the most popular. The garden party dress, sporty sets, denim focus, and volume blouse design styles are also trendy.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is to find out what trend consumers are rooting for—and capitalize on them.

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