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Preppy Fashion for Children: Best Trends in 2022


Preppy looks are the latest craze among millennials who flaunt them on social media platforms like TikTok. This includes colorful pieces with hints of retro and academia-inspired styles for a smart look

Browse the article to learn about the current styles that Gen Z is obsessed with in order to broaden your audience.

Table of Contents
Overview of children’s fashion market
Best preppy looks for children
Trends in footwear and accessories for children
Style up this season

Overview of children’s fashion market

Girl wearing a blue uniform sitting on a stone

Children look forward to the in-person learning experience and dressing up for the occasion after a long period of disrupted schooling. The global children’s apparel market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% to US $329 million by 2028, from US $272 million in 2022. 

Demand for branded clothing, customization, affordable garments, and increased online shopping are some factors driving growth. Other factors include growing brand awareness among parents and children and the increasing influence of mass media. Instagram and TikTok have the most significant impact on sales, with several trends arising from these platforms. Children post pictures or videos of their back-to-school outfits, increasing demand significantly.

Best preppy looks for children

Children’s knitted vest

Two girls wearing a blue and black vest

Trends on social media indicate that there is a resurgence of knitted vests among kids and teenagers. They are trendy on Instagram and TikTok, where children are seen wearing bright vests. Back-to-school vests in bright colors with contrasting ribs are excellent choices this season. These items are ideal for making the transition from summer to winter. 

Sweater vests are expected to increase in popularity in 2022, thanks to major fashion brands such as Gucci and Prada featuring these items in their latest collections. Knitted vests are available in various styles, such as petite and oversized silhouettes, exotic prints, and low and high necklines. 

Vests today are much more fashionable, chic, and stylish compared to their predecessors. They are appropriate for wearing over a school uniform, a plain t-shirt, and pair well with jeans or skirts. They also provide warmth and comfort, which is great for colder days.

Children’s stripes and tipping clothing

Blue dress with white stripes

Keeping with the preppy look trend, clothing with stripes and tipping in bright colors is popular. The exaggerated ribs add drama and can make a statement on social media. Stripes have always been popular, especially in children’s clothing, but they are making a comeback this season. Striped dresses and vests create a warm and elegant look for your children. 

Most brands offer stripes in vertical, horizontal, or a combination of the two on various types of fabrics. Take, for example, Chanel’s collection of dresses with marine stripes. Navy blue and white or monochromatic colors are some of the most popular color combinations for striped clothing. This style comes in several fabrics, including lightweight cotton, jersey, polyester, and wool. 

Layered versions are also available and very trendy. Aside from the classics, clothing with embellishments such as large gold buttons can help the collection to stand out. Make sure that the pieces are stylish, comfortable, and come in vibrant colors.

Children’s nostalgic outfits

Two girls wearing pink polo shirts

Polos and cardigans in subtle shades are a style that defines children’s knits. These layering pieces can turn an ordinary outfit into an elegant and stylish ensemble. Knitted polos have been popular since the 1990s and have recently dominated the kid’s fashion market. 

These chic pieces are light and not chunky, providing warmth on colder days. They are available in many fabrics, including wool, polyester, and jockey.

Although traditional polo knits were available in neutral colors such as brown and white, there is a trend toward pastels and bright colors such as red and yellow. It’s a good idea to look for clothing in eye-catching colors with exotic prints and patterns, and children prefer garments with various color combinations. 

These items are neither too loose nor too tight, extend above the waist, and some have long sleeves, while others are sleeveless. Polo knits are the ideal layering pieces for any outfit and complement dresses, shirts, and pants.

Children’s removable collars/reversible knits

Image of a reversible jacket

Many customers prefer garments with multiple styling options. This includes reversible knits, interchangeable collars, and button-off sections, allowing these items to be worn throughout the year. Parents love this idea because their children can reuse these pieces, helping them save money. 

Some popular reversible knits have different colors and patterns on each side, making them appear to be completely different items. Some even have detachable trims and elasticated puffs to break up the monotony. 

Look for items made of lightweight fabrics that are stretchy and comfortable without sacrificing style. Pockets are essential, and they should be present on both sides. Some of the most popular reversible items feature contrasting colors on each side. Because many children enjoy color, it is best to look for bright, vibrant colors with unique prints. 

Furthermore, the removable collars should include various styling options to allow users to switch up their look now and then. The styling possibilities are endless, from lace collars to faux fur and fabrics with stone embellishments. Ultimately, it should be a mix of functionality and fun.

Children’s retro clothing 

Girl wearing a blue velvet skirt

No trend would be complete without a contemporary spin on retro-inspired fashion. In casualwear, this includes velvets, pleating, and color-blocking styles. Velvet jackets exude luxury and elegance while also being exceptionally comfortable for children. Such items benefit from embellished designs and soothing colors like pink and red. 

Furthermore, pleated skirts with an elastic waistband that reaches the knee are also popular in the retro style. Pleats add flair and drama to clothing and are best suited for children. Ensure the garments are light, airy, soft, and comfortable.

Pay attention to details like lace trims, sequin-embellished belts, stripes, stones, and colors that will add a pop of color to children’s wardrobes. Embroidered patches, oversized bows, and double-shaded fabrics add color and drama to the existing theme. The collection should be fun and flirty with retro elements in streetwear. 

Trends in footwear and accessories for children

pair of glasses placed on a pink sheet

Glasses: Outfits are almost incomplete without accessories that complement the look. One of the most popular accessories for kids in 2022 is clear-lens faux glasses with a geeky style. Glasses with plain frames are also popular among children, and other styles include stone detailing and removable chains that give retro vibes. 

Girl climbing stairs wearing a backpack

Bags: Bags are a must-have accessory for any outfit, and they are ideal for school and other weekend activities where children can keep valuables safe. Rucksack bags are the most popular among children, followed by handheld bags. Pay attention to the details, such as bold colors, exotic patterns, and eye-catching designs.

A mix of different badges

Badges: Badges add a splash of color and a playful touch to any item. They are fun and allow children to personalize a bag or outfit based on their style preferences. Explore badges with school themes and make sure they are visually appealing and available in many different colors. 

Pair of unisex sneakers for children

Innovative footwear: Focus on gender-neutral footwear such as suede loafers and bright-colored sneakers. There is a trend toward gender-inclusive fashion in 2022, which means having traditionally feminine symbols and motifs on unisex footwear. These shoes can be styled with tights or long-patterned socks for a trendy and edgy look.

Style up this season

Inject bold and joyful colors into school-inspired outfits for a fun and preppy look. Social media trends indicate demand for geeky looks, so look for such items with a touch of color for a modern twist. Color-blocking patterns are popular, as are stripes and tipping for an edgy look. 
Provide modular designs with removable features so that a single item can be styled in various ways. Removable collars and reversible knits allow users to customize their outfits according to their tastes. Furthermore, garments with retro elements such as pleated skirts and velvets are popular among Gen Z.

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