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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Choosing Amazing Cowboy Hats


Western fashion never seems to go out of style and continues to take over catwalks, with cowboy hats leading the charge. However, purchasing this stylish headwear requires some research due to multiple styles flooding the market.

Fortunately, this article explores three considerations for businesses diving into the cowboy hat market. It also highlights five trends businesses can invest in for high returns in 2023.

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Overview of the global western wear market
3 factors to consider before buying cowboy hats in 2023
5 trendy cowboy hat styles
Final words

Overview of the global western wear market

The global western wear market hit a total value of US $74.4 billion in 2020. However, experts predict the market will expand to US $136.8 billion by 2031. They also estimate it will expand at a speedy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.37% over the forecast period. 

In addition, the global western wear market owes its huge potential to the rising consumer disposable income, increasing fashion consciousness, and the growth of the e-retail industry. 

Although western wear started as a metropolitan trend, rapid globalization and increased brand awareness helped push the style across all regions. Interestingly, Asia-Pacific emerged as one of the fastest expanding markets in western wear.

3 factors to consider before buying cowboy hats in 2023

1. Consider the consumer’s face shape

Different face shapes and their names

Businesses must consider the face shape of their target consumers before stocking up on cowboy hats. Several face shapes define the cowboy hat market and each comes with distinctive features that match certain hat styles.

For starters, consumers with oval face shapes will enjoy rocking various crown and brim combinations. However, such wearers will look better with high crowns and medium brims.

In contrast, consumers with heart-shaped faces can rock cowboy hats with modest to medium brims. Since wearers with these face shapes typically have wide foreheads, such hat styles will help balance the look.

Cowboy hats with high crowns and sloping brims look breathtaking on consumers with round faces. On the other hand, wearers with thin and elongated faces will love hats with moderate crown height. Ideally, such face shapes will require styles that sit low on the brow.

Wearers with diamond-shaped faces often demand cowboy hats with moderate to wide brims. These styles help enhance their facial features and make them appear longer. Pear-shaped faces can also rock hats with wide brims and high crowns.

Square-faced shapes are great matches with rounded cowboy hats. In a nutshell, oval and round shapes are incredibly common, while diamond face builds are the rarest.

2. Determine the cowboy hat shape

Cowboy hats in different shapes and shades of brown

Businesses can find several cowboy hat shapes on the market, but one feature differentiating each style is the crown’s crease. For instance, cattleman variants feature a single crease through the middle of the crown, while pinch-front hats are similar to fedoras.

Some variants also have dents defining their shapes, while others are simply circular with creaseless, rounded crowns. Consumers often demand their preferred cowboy hat shape based on the crown’s height and brim’s degree of curve.

3. Explore the hat’s functionality

Cowboy hats have evolved over the years to perform various specific functions. Styles like the Gus hat had designs made for the dance floor. Interestingly, the hat’s form made tipping its brim to the ladies effortless. 

However, a cowboy hat’s shape greatly influences its function—whether it’s for dancing or riding. For example, variants with high crowns are amazing for winter because they trap hot air to keep the wearer warm.

Low crowns work better for summer as they don’t trap warm air and are more breathable. Cowboy hats with wide brims are the go-to for windy and rainy seasons.

Lastly, cowboy hats with larger crowns are perfect in extremely windy conditions. Wearers can easily pull the hat down to protect their faces and prevent it from blowing off.

5 trendy cowboy hat styles

1. Bowler western

Man rocking a black bowler western hat

Bowler western hats were popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Their unique rounded crowns and narrow brims make them ideal for horseback riding.

Interestingly, derby hats hail from the England culture and were widespread among wearers in Victorian times. However, its eye-catching shape hasn’t gone out of style as many consumers rock the cowboy hat as a western staple. 

2. Pinch-front crease

Man wearing a cowboy hat with a pinch-front crease

These cowboy hats are incredibly similar to cattleman crease variants. However, they have tear-drop-shaped crowns, making them unique.

In addition, pinch-front crease hats typically have larger brims, with some looking like traditional cowboy hats. Female consumers often prefer this style due to the crown’s shape and size.

Pinch-front crease hats are ideal for consumers who want their faces to appear thinner. Interestingly, the cowboy hat’s design will make the face look narrower and highlight a delicate jawline.

3. The cattleman crease

Man wearing a light cattleman crease hat

The cattleman crease holds the most history among all cowboy hats. These variants date back to when cattlemen demanded taller and narrower hats to help block harsh winds and heavy rain.

However, cattleman crease cowboy hats have evolved to become incredible fashion items with unisex appeal. Consumers often rock them to weddings and other parties.

But that’s not all. Manufacturers of these hats stick to the original procedures. But the Gus hat is a more modern variant with a pinch in front of the crown. 

4. Gambler crease

Man rocking a black cowboy hat

Gambler crease hats are shorter than other cowboy variants. However, their shape and design offer enough breathability to keep hot air away while protecting the wearer from the sun.

Although they look like creaseless cowboy hats, gambler cowboy hats feature something like a circular indent, making them look like a microscope.

What’s more? Gamble crease hats were widespread among the elites as luxury items. At that time, the hat style had more class than traditional variants.

5. Montana mix crease

Lady wearing a black Montana mix crease hat

Montana mix crease cowboy hats also have a rich history. Originating from Montana, this type looks similar to its cattleman crease cousin—but with some visible differences.

First off, Montana mix crease hats have slight indents on the sides of their crowns and at the back. Plus, the center indent leans more to the front while appearing high at the back.

Additionally, these cowboy hats were a fad during the 1920s and 1930s. But despite their vintage feel, consumers love their reach and grab features. Hence, allowing the Montana mix crease to remain trendy over the years.

Final words

Ever since the first design and shape, cowboy hats have become increasingly popular. For this reason, the cowboy hat market is a profitable venture as many innovative styles keep popping up.

However, businesses can follow this guide to avoid making the wrong investments and incurring losses. In addition to the three considerations, retailers must also leverage Bowler, pinch-front crease, cattleman crease, gambler crease, and Montana mix crease cowboy hat styles for greater sales in 2023. 

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