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5 Superb Men’s Tailoring Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


Tailoring trends are here again with fresh updates. S/S 23 tailoring apparel takes casual looks for a formal spin. These trends also receive fabric upgrades from wool to bast, all focusing on giving men eye-catching, stylish looks.

Comfort is also a key factor driving these updated looks as men return to work life and occasions. Dive into these trends that blur the lines between casual and formal in S/S 2023.

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Overview of the men’s tailoring market
5 jaw-dropping men’s tailoring trends for 2023
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Overview of the men’s tailoring market

The global men’s apparel market continues to show potential as the industry is valued at US $499.80 billion in 2022. Experts expect the industry to continue its expansion at a compound annual growth (CAGR) rate of 5.6% from 2022 to 2026. The U.S. currently holds the highest market revenue, generating over US $100 billion in 2022.

Since the tailoring segment is part of this market, it shares its tremendous potential. Experts valued the market at US $15.31 billion in 2022, with China having the largest share. The region generated over US $2.5 million in 2022. Experts also predict the tailoring segment will grow at a 4.4% CAGR over the forecast period. 

The resurgence of the work lifestyle and more outdoor appearances are dominant factors that are driving the men’s tailoring market. The push for comfort and the release of fresh updates are other factors that keep the industry moving.

5 jaw-dropping men’s tailoring trends for 2023

Nehru-collar jacket 

Man posing in a blue Nehru-collar jacket

Luxury items used to be complicated with tighter fits. But this fresh comfort-driven update redefines luxury and ushers in an era of comfortable aesthetics. Say hello to the Nehru-collar jacket.

Consumers can enjoy more simple, soft, and less structured lines that make the Nehru-collar jacket less bulky. The piece also takes a pared-back approach with its fabric and extra details. Nehru-collar jackets feature more sustainable materials and dyes, contributing to their earthy aesthetics and business-like silhouette. 

Man standing in a red patterned Nehru-collar jacket

Men can take a more formal approach with variants featuring jet and flap pockets. Or, they can opt for topstitch and patched pockets that lean towards workwear styling.

Nehru-collar jackets look fantastic as a two-piece set. Men can rock them in white for an enhanced formal look or go for black for more subtle looks. Consumers can also dress this piece as an outer layer. They can consider pairing the item in a pin-striped dress shirt and pants combo for a fashionable take on formality.

Safari jacket

Man wearing a blue safari jacket

Blazers are classics that have a place in almost all men’s wardrobes. But with more modern soft separate trends available, men enjoy various shapes with their jackets. And the safari jacket brings this offer to them.

Safari jackets are also influenced by retro resort trends, offering a fresh perspective on business wear. The traditional variants featured a high break, neat, and pronounced collar. Consumers could also belt them to create a more streamlined silhouette.

Man looking sleek in a brown safari jacket

Updated safari jackets keep any closure hidden to exude a contemporary look. Men can relish multiple styles, including bold colors, indigo looks, and stripes. These pieces also feature natural base fabrics that make the safari jacket even more sustainable. Men can relish multiple bast fiber options, like linen.

Consumers can rock a safari jacket as a two-piece or three-piece set. Some of the best colors men can wear include navy blue and dull yellow. They can also opt for pin-striped variants for an enhanced formal look.

DB jacket and bootcut trouser suit

Man smiling in a DB jacket

Oversized is not the only way to feel comfortable. The DB jacket and bootcut trouser suit are examples of tight but comfy. This combo manifests an upbeat and hedonistic theme with figure-hugging and sexy tailoring.

The get-up provides wide-lapelled and sharp-shouldered jackets paired with leanly cut and high-waisted pants. An added flared fit or bootcut at the hem helps to complete the look. Consumers can indulge in incredible sartorial and gentle retro details in the form of frogmouth pockets and side adjusters.

This item allows consumers to embrace plain and bold colors for any event. Alternatively, they can opt for eye-catching patterns and prints. Men can rock a plain-colored DB jacket and bootcut trouser suit as workwear or for other formal events. They can also have fun pairing colors and patterns for more semi-formal occasions.

Man sitting on a chair in black pinstriped tailoring

One way to take this style to a different level is going shirtless with this piece. The outfit nods towards more informal outings and can effortlessly draw attention when paired with bold patterns or prints.

Tech jacket

Man wearing a gray-colored tech jacket

Techwear blends function and form into one piece and the tech jacket sticks to that idea. Tech jackets provide incredible technical details mixed with performance features. Interestingly, they are emerging as key items for striking a work-life balance.

Tech jackets utilize SB styling, but take a more modernist approach by pairing concealing and back details. These usually include topstitching and seams. Performance and active outerwear also inspire this piece as they bring trims, panel shapes, and pockets to the tech jacket.

Man wearing a tech jacket while using a laptop

However, fabrics used for techwear are lighter and more subtle than performance fabrics. Muted colors help enhance the beauty of the tech jacket. Men can consider rocking colors like navy blue, classic black, and brown to look top of their game.

Consumers can enjoy figure-hugging aesthetics by using a belt. Some tech jackets make provisions for belts or other fashionable fasteners, allowing the tech jacket to hug the wearer’s waist.

Shorts suit

Man walking in a shorts suit

Shorts were largely considered informal wear. But S/S 23 trends blur the lines between formal and casual wear, allowing for more innovations like the shorts suit. This unlikely combo is the peak of comfortable workwear as climates change–and more consumers look towards global travel.

Shorts suits make simple statements and take a casual tailoring approach without sacrificing elegance. Classic 2SB styles revolve around this ensemble, but more trend-driven DB options exist.

Man leaning on a wall in a light blue shorts suit

The item features looser shapes that accentuate the shorts. Shorts in this ensemble are usually baggy and cut generously. Colors are another critical aspect of this ensemble. The shorts suit takes a more directional approach with plain colors or textured plains like seersucker.

A shorts suit allows more freedom and can pair well with many wardrobe staples. Consumers can rock them as two- or three-piece sets or take a more contemporary approach. They can add a turtleneck with the ensemble or opt for a hoodie as a base layer. Shorts suits are great choices for various formal & informal events and they also double down as comfortable workwear for business travel.

In conclusion 

The fashion landscape is changing as more consumers want to dress up, feel attractive, and be hedonistic in S/S 23. Comfort also plays a major role in altering tailoring to meet consumer demands.

These trends offer modernist and futuristic styling and materials that make suiting and formal products as comfortable as gym wear. They also pack high functionality and performance with enhanced trims and details.

Businesses should consider updating their tailoring catalogs with Nehru collar jackets, safari jackets, DB jackets and bootcut trouser suits, tech jackets, and shorts suits trends in S/S 23.

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