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5 Finest Motorcycle Clothing Trends Riders Love


Every year at least 5,000 motorcycle accidents occur, leaving the riders severely injured or dead. Hence, motorcyclists are now embracing the idea of protection on the road by using the right motorcycle clothing and gear to protect themselves.

This article unveils five crucial motorcycle wears that can protect or limit riders from sustaining injuries during accidents.

But before moving on, here’s information every seller in the industry needs to see.

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How huge is the motorcycle clothing industry?
Five fabulous motorcycle trends in 2022
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How huge is the motorcycle clothing industry?

The motorcycle clothing market globally was valued at $12.5 billion in 2020, and it may hit $17 billion in 2025. The market is currently experiencing sporadic growth as more riders feel the need to protect themselves from fatal accidents.

North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific are the three key regions with the largest consumers. Conversely, South & Central America, the Middle East, and Africa have the least consumers in the market. As it stands, Asia-Pacific has the largest slice of the cake, with a CAGR of 6.9 percent.

So, businesses can take advantage of this big move in the market and jump on the five different trend designs of the market—listed in this post.

Five fabulous motorcycle trends in 2022

Rider pants

Man wearing rider pants sitting on a motorcycle

Rider pants are a must-have for professional riders who value protection. These pants feature armor at the knees for cushioning. Some variants have foam padding at the hip area to enhance protection in a small crash. 

Most rider pants have increased grip in the seating area to avoid back or forward slides during rides. The rain and thermal liners on these pants ensure bikers can ride comfortably in any weather. 

Racing pants are the perfect option for riders with an aggressive seating style. These leather pants have high abrasion resistance that can endure high-speed slide. In addition, racing pants ensure that consumers’ legs remain comfortable even with the aggressive seating style, thanks to the pre-curved stitching. 

Touring pants are ideal for consumers who want pants they can wear all year round. The pants offer protection at the hips and knees. Also, they feature abrasion-resistant textile

Consumers who love denim tend to go for motorcycle jeans. These bottoms have exotic fibers like Kevlar that boost their abrasive resistance. Also, they feature pockets where users can insert knee protectors.

Man rocking tough denim pants riding in the woods

Consumers can pair the tough denim rider pants with a motorcycle jacket for overall flexibility and protection. Also, aggressive riders can pair leather rider pants with a leather jacket to offer maximum protection in the knees, chest, butt, and hips. 

Motorcycle jackets

Man posing while wearing a leather jacket on a motorcycle

Motorcycle jackets are apparel that appeals to even non-riders that are all about street fashion. The rugged outer material is one of the stand-out features of this jacket. The material is usually textile, combination, or leather. And the outer material houses the abrasion, weather, and wind resistance. In addition, some textile jackets consist of breathable polyurethane that increases comfort by allowing water vapor to leave the interior. 

The jackets also have ventilation options like textile mesh or perforation with solid zip-out liners. Rugged closures and fasteners also highlight this piece as they secure the jacket. These jackets come with internal and external pockets where riders can store essentials. Additionally, they feature impact protectors at the back, elbows, and shoulders to reduce injury severity. 

The black jackets are quite popular and fashionable. But other bright colors like neon offer enhanced visibility to other drivers in fog or low light. Motorcycle jackets have storm flaps internally or externally that prevent cold air from blowing through the main zipper. The soft collar is another feature that boosts the rider’s comfort. The collar usually fits closely to avoid interference with the helmet.

Young man wearing a tobacco denim sitting on a bike

Non-riders can pair the motorcycle jacket with denim or leather pants. Professional riders can combine the motorcycle jacket with touring or denim rider pants.

Motorcycle suits

Man in yellow motorcycle suit posing with an orange bike

The motorcycle suit is ideal for consumers who want complete body protection without using the regular jacket and pants. Motorcycle suits come in one or two-piece versions, and they offer better ventilation and protection when compared to jackets and pants. They also have a great material selection for a better fit.

The one-piece is a full bodysuit, while the two-piece sets come in pairs that consumers can attach to the waist to look like a one-piece suit. One-piece sets require hanging the upper part of the suit behind. But if consumers are not comfortable with that, they can buy two-piece sets that detach from the suit when having lunch or taking a potty break.

Man in red motorcycle suit posing on an ATV

Leather motorcycle suits are perfect for the tracks, but they can be a bit uncomfortable when riders wear them for long periods. In contrast, textile motorcycle suits are the perfect go-to for riders not riding on the tracks. Also, textile motorcycle suits are easy to use, comfortable, and convenient.

Armored long sleeve shirts

Man on a bike with an armored long sleeve shirt

Armored long-sleeved shirts offer a more convenient option for protection if riders don’t feel comfortable in only motorcycle jackets. While it sacrifices some protective features, armored long-sleeved shirts are lighter and feature integrated protective lining in their chassis. Interestingly, consumers can get abrasion resistance with this protective lining.

These shirts also feature armor pockets that allow riders to add optional armor pads for extra protection. Most of these shirts come in cotton fabric, which is lighter and more convenient than the materials of jackets. Flannel and denim are other common materials for armored motorcycle shirts.

Man posing with yellow checkered protective motorcycle shirt

Since armored long-sleeved shirts are like light motorcycle jackets, riders can wear them over their street shirts and rider pants. 

But they’re not suitable for riding long distances at high speeds. These armored shirts are popular with street riders, cruisers, and commuters. Thus, getting this jacket means maintaining moderate speeds.

Sellers should avoid investing in long-sleeved armored shirts with isolated protective lining parts on the shoulders or elbows. Some manufacturers use this as a cost-saving tactic in low to mid-end armored shirts. And it won’t do anything to protect riders from abrasive damage. 

High-quality armored shirts feature knit protective lining to prevent bursting when exposed to abrasion. Consumers can pair these shirts with denim or motorcycle pants.

Biker sitting on a motorcycle while rocking an armored shirt

Body armor

Biker in black body armor standing beside red motorcycle

Body armor offers riders more protection when combined with their jackets, overshirts, or bodysuits. Most motorcycle jackets and overshirts feature padding and impact resistance at the elbows, shoulders, chest, back, and waist. On the other hand, body armor features an armored vest that adds even more protection and an airbag system.

Man in body armor posing with sportbike

Body armor also absorbs the energy from crash impacts that would otherwise cause severe damage to riders.

Fitting body armor minimizes movement and provides more comfort for riders. On the other hand, loose body armor might shift during a crash and expose riders to danger, causing high levels of damage. 

Man on bike wearing a body armor and back shirt

If the body armor has extra pockets, consumers can upgrade their protection by including additional armor. One great place to add armor is the back protector. 

The back protector that comes with a jacket is a floppy foam. Therefore, adding an extra layer of armor independent of the jacket would significantly upgrade the piece. Consumers can pair these with leather pants.

In summary

The need for safety will always be a constant driver and influence for both old and new motorcycle riders to get the ideal motorcycle clothing. 

Hence, a business buyer can’t go wrong choosing either one or all of the motorcycle gear listed here. Why? Because there will always be demand for these wears. Therefore, it’s up to a business buyer to capitalize on this growth to make a profit and boost sales.

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