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Recent Trends in Sustainable Home and Garden Products 2023


In an era of rising environmental consciousness, sustainable living has become more than a passing trend. With multiple challenges like climate change, pollution, and resource depletion facing the world, more people are increasingly seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

However, 2023 marks an exciting period for sustainable home and garden products as innovation and awareness drive the market toward greener solutions. This article explores five of these eco-friendly trends that are shaping the way consumers live and interact with their spaces.

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A breakdown of the home and garden product market
Five product trends making waves in the home and garden industry
Leverage these trends

A breakdown of the home and garden product market

The home and garden product market has witnessed significant growth and transformation in recent years. With increasing consumer awareness of sustainability, environmental impact, and the desire for comfortable living spaces, the demand for innovative and eco-friendly products surged, pushing the industry towards a greener future.

While experts valued the global home and garden products market at US$ 333.7 billion in 2021, they expect it to reach US$ 514.9 billion by the end of 2028 at a 6.40% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Several factors driving the market include rising disposable incomes, urbanization, changing lifestyles, and growing emphasis on home improvement items.

However, the home and garden product market may face challenges like raw material price volatility, supply chain disruptions, and intense competition. Regardless, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation, product differentiation, and strategic partnerships. 

Five product trends making waves in the home and garden industry

Multifunctional food slice shredder and grater

Anonymous person using a food slice shredder

The multifunctional food slice shredder and grater is a handy home tool explicitly designed for shredding and processing various food items. It simplifies the preparation process by quickly and efficiently transforming whole foods into fine shreds or pulp, saving time and effort for individuals who enjoy cooking, baking, or making homemade products.

These fantastic tools have designs that can handle various items, including apples, pears, tomatoes, sausages, onions, meat, and pineapples. It doesn’t matter if it’s soft or hard food items. The slice shredder can handle them, allowing consumers to experiment with different recipes and create delectable dishes.

Instead of manually peeling, slicing, and shredding food items, consumers can automate the process with the slice shredder, making it a time-saving tool. Manufacturers also make the shredder highly efficient, ensuring consistent results every time. In addition, these devices come with different molds, allowing home chefs to cut or shred their preferred items in different sizes.

Multifunctional food slice shredders and graters come equipped with sharp blades or grating discs that quickly and uniformly shred fruits and vegetables. Another significant advantage of this fantastic home tool is its ability to preserve the food item’s nutritional value. 

By quickly shredding food consumers can minimize exposure to air and light, reducing the oxidation process leading to nutrient loss. As a result, the multifunctional food slice shredder and grater can help retain natural flavors, vitamins, and minerals.

Food containers

Different food containers on a white table

Food containers are an indispensable home product vital in storing and preserving food items. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit various needs and preferences. Food containers can provide durable and reliable food storage solutions from plastic to glass and stainless steel.

One of the primary purposes of food containers is to keep leftovers fresh and extend their shelf life. They create an airtight seal, helping to prevent air exposure and slow down spoilage. For this reason, consumers can store their favorite dishes, soups, fruits, and snacks in the refrigerator without worrying about them losing taste or texture.

Food containers are also great for organizing pantries or refrigerators. With different sizes and stackable options, they optimize storage space and help keep kitchens tidy. Whether consumers need to store dry ingredients (like flour/sugar) or refrigerate fruits and vegetables, food containers provide a neat and organized system for easy access and inventory management.

Portability is another advantage of food containers. Many containers have designs for on-the-go convenience, making them perfect for packing lunches, picnics, or snacks. They often come with leak-resistant or spill-proof lids, preventing mess while consumers carry them in their bags or backpacks.

Food containers are generally easy to clean, with many being dishwasher-safe. Some containers also have microwave-safe features, allowing consumers to heat or reheat food conveniently.

Plastic ice ball maker

Anonymous person using a plastic ice ball maker

Plastic ice ball makers are specialized home tools designed to create perfectly spherical ice balls for various purposes, including chilling beverages, visually appealing presentations, and enhancing the overall drinking experience.

They can produce round ice balls, usually with a diameter of around 2 to 2.5 inches (5 to 6.5 centimeters). The spherical form minimizes the surface area, melting slower than regular ice cubes. As a result, ice balls can chill drinks without diluting them as quickly, providing a longer-lasting cooling effect.

In addition, manufacturers often make ice ball makers from high-quality materials, like food-grade silicone or durable plastics. These materials are safe for contact with water and can withstand freezing without adding unwanted flavors or odors to the ice.

More importantly, these tools come with easy-to-use molds. They often consist of two or more halves that form a complete sphere. Also, users can quickly fill the molds with water, typically through a small opening or fill line. After filling, they can seal the molds and place them in a freeze, allowing the water to solidify into perfect ice spheres.

What’s more? Ice ball makers can freeze water rapidly, enabling users to create ice spheres quickly. However, the freezing time varies depending on the mold size and freezer temperature. But it typically ranges from 4 to 8 hours.

Digital food scale

Digital food scales showing food measurements

Digital food scales are home essentials. Consumers use them to measure the weight of food and ingredients accurately. They offer precise measurements in metric and imperial units, providing an efficient way to portion ingredients, follow recipes, and maintain a healthy diet.

In addition, these devices utilize advanced sensors and technologies to provide accurate weight measurements for food and ingredients. Typically, they measure weights ranging from a few grams to several kilograms, ensuring precise portioning and measurements for various culinary needs.

Moreover, these scales have clear, easy-to-read digital displays that show weight in grams, ounces, pounds, or other units of measurement. Interestingly, this digital display eliminates the need for manual reading or interpretation.

One key feature of digital food scales is the tare function. It allows consumers to reset the scale to zero after placing a container. By zeroing out the container’s weight, they can measure only the weight or the added ingredients, making it convenient for recipes requiring multiple ingredients or for measuring ingredients directly into a mixing bowl.

Additionally, many digital food scales offer conversion capabilities, allowing users to switch between different units of measurement effortlessly. It’s a helpful feature when following recipes that use different measurement systems.

Rotating food dispenser

Anonymous person using a rotating food dispenser

Convenience and practicality are the rotating food dispenser’s specialty. They have designs to store and dispense dry items like cereals, snacks, and pet food. These food dispensers feature rotating mechanisms, allowing easy access to stored food, ensuring freshness, portion control, and efficient storage.

Rotating food dispensers have multiple compartments or canisters to hold various dry items. However, the storage capacity may vary depending on the dispenser’s size and design, ranging from a few cups to several pounds of food.

The key feature of these tools is their rotating mechanisms. Manufacturers design the dispenser with compartments that rotate or rotate in combination, allowing users to access different food items easily. Usually, consumers can control the rotation with a simple mechanism, like a knob or lever.

Most rotating food dispensers are easy to refill. Additionally, many dispensers are dishwasher safe or feature detachable parts that consumers can easily clean after use, offering convenience and hygiene.

In addition to their functional benefits, a rotating food dispenser adds a touch of visual appeal to any kitchen or pantry. Their transparent or translucent compartments allow the user to see the stored items, making it easy to identify and choose what they want.

Leverage these trends

With sustainability pushing many consumers’ purchasing power, 2023 has brought home and garden products that fit the bill. From versatile food containers to eco-friendly plastic ice makers, businesses can leverage this growing trend for profit.

However, by focusing on energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and embracing materials, retailers will enjoy more sales and significantly impact the planet. 

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