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The Best Gymnastics Mats for Home Use

Large gray gymnastics mat set up in a home studio

Gymnastics takes a significant amount of time, skill, and patience to perfect, and many consumers nowadays begin to practice this intensive sport from the comfort of their own home. As such, the best gymnastics mats for home use allow users to safely practice their routines and exercises as they wish.

However, not all gymnastic mats are created equal. Some mats are designed for tumbling whereas others offer additional padding and protection for intricate routines. Read on to discover the variances and better understand which is best for you or your business.

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Global market value of gymnastics equipment
Best gymnastics mats for home use

Global market value of gymnastics equipment

Young girl performing routine on white gymnastics beam

The value of gymnastics equipment has grown significantly in recent years. The promotion of this equipment through online platforms, e-commerce websites, and broadcast sports competitions continues to help the sport attract young adherents, helping to increase the number of participants globally.

Three children smiling during an indoor gymnastics class

The global market value of gymnastics equipment has reached over USD 7 billion by the end of 2023. By the end of 2033, this number is projected to increase to at least USD 10.71 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2% until then.

Best gymnastics mats for home use

Red and black gymnastics mats slotted together

Gymnastics mats are becoming more popular for home use by athletes who want to train outside of their regular routine. Considerations such as the thickness of the mat, the material, firmness, and overall size are likely to all be taken into account by the consumer before they make a purchase.

Three young gymnasts kneeling on blue wedge mat

According to Google Ads, “gymnastics mats” has 49,500 average monthly searches, with the highest number of searches, 90,500, occurring in December, followed by 74,000 in January. Over the six-month period between August and January, searches increased by 33%

Google Ads also shows that “tumbling mats” are the most popular variety,  with 14,800 searches on average. They’re followed by “crash mats” with 12,100 searches, “folding mats” with 3,600 searches, and “gymnastics wedge mats” with 1,900 searches.

Below we’ll dive into why these are the best gymnastics mats for home use.

Tumbling mats

Pile of tumbling mats with velcro straps around them

Tumbling mats are an essential tool for practicing gymnastics at home and offer users a comfortable and safe place to hone their routines. They’re available in a variety of sizes but the most common are 4×8 feet, 4×10 feet, or 5×10 feet. Tumbling mats have a core made of polyethylene foam and are covered in durable vinyl, which combined make for optimum shock absorption and a smooth but hardy surface to perform on.

The thickness of these mats range from 1.5 inches to 4 inches, with thicker mats providing more cushioning for more advanced routines. It’s important that whichever tumbling mat you choose includes a non-slip bottom for enhanced safety.

Some tumbling mats also come with a foldable design and velcro strips that allow users to easily move and connect them to eachother. These mats are predominantly used for tumbling routines and floor exercises and shouldn’t be used for high-impact routines or for cushioning under balance beams, etc.

Exercises such as cartwheels and handsprings are most commonly performed on these mats, with acrobatics movements such as twists and flips also preferred. Depending on the size of the mat, they can be used by both single performers as well as larger groups.

Crash mats

Two men using crash may in a gymnastics gym

Crash mats are predominantly used for dismounts and aerial maneuvers, so they must be significantly thicker than tumbling mats. They’re made of a high-density foam core that effectively absorbs any impact, with a vinyl cover that makes them easy to clean.

These gymnastics tend to have a thickness that ranges anywhere between 4 and 12 inches. They’re available in different sizes, similar to tumbling mats, but they can also be customized depending on the purpose of use. For easy storage purposes, crash mats often come in a foldable design with handles.

It’s vital that crash mats are able to withstand repeated impact from landings, so the more durable the better. Since the maneuvers performed can cause injuries these mats will only be used by a single athlete at a time.

Folding mats

Row of gymnastics folding mats in different colors

Folding mats are a popular space-saving alternative to tumbling mats, coming in an accordion style for easy storage. They regularly come in 4×8 feet or 4×10 feet sizes with velcro strips on the outside for attachment purposes.

These mats are designed to be used for different routines such as cartwheels, rolls, handsprings, twists, and stretching exercises. They can also be used for vaulting training to reduce impact as well as for balance beam dismounts for beginners.

They aren’t thick enough to be used for high-impact routines, so consumers taking part in advanced dismounting or aerial maneuvers should look towards crash mats instead. Folding mats are also ideal for group practice sessions.

Like all gymnastics mats, folding mats have a vinyl cover that requires little maintenance. They also have a foam core that provides cushioning and shock absorption as well as protecting the mat’s shape through repeated use. They’re one of the best pieces of home gym equipment for gymnasts available.

Gymnastics wedge mats

Multi-colored gymnastics wedge mat with handles on side

Gymnastics wedge mats are a unique type of mat that feature an inclined surface. They can be used by all skill levels and are popular for improving techniques such as handstand control, helping with progression to advanced maneuvers, and for tumbling.

Their high-density foam core and vinyl cover create a comfortable and soft platform for users to land on. They often come in a foldable design or with a hinge to allow for easy storage or stacking. Wedge mats vary in size but the most popular measurements are 3×6 feet or 4×8 feet, and they can be customized as well.

More advanced versions of wedge mats feature markings or lines on the vinyl so that the gymnast can align their body correctly prior to maneuvers. They’re consider one of the best gymnastics mats for focusing on skill development.


Girl using a gymnastic mat to stretch in a gym

Many gymnasts now take extra time to develop their skills at home, and one of the best ways to do this is via at-home gymnastic mats.

The best gymnastics mats include tumbling mats, crash mats, folding mats, and wedge mats. Each of these options offers users something different and are suitable for different types of routine.

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