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Everything Sellers Must Consider When Selecting Eyelash Curlers in 2024

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Eyelashes may be a tiny part of the body, but ladies continuously worry about their appearance. False lashes and eyelash extensions are big markets because of this trait. Most consumers are also willing to spend on products promising fuller-looking lashes.

However, using eyelash extensions and falsies requires commitment. If consumers are not ready to make that effort, then eyelash curlers will be the perfect go-to.

Are you interested in selling this amazing product? Find out what to consider when choosing them in 2024.

Table of Contents
Why are eyelash curlers trending?
Overview of the global eyelash curler market
What to factor in when stocking up on eyelash curlers
Other things to note before buying eyelash curlers
Final words

Why are eyelash curlers trending?

Person holding an eyelash curler on a pink background

Some consumers don’t like the idea of lash extensions and falsies. They prefer flaunting their natural lashes and will do what they can to keep them looking amazing. While many products promise full lashes, none is as effective as the trusty eyelash curler.

These hand-operated tools are the easiest way for women to curl their lashes and create eye-catching lifts (especially when consumers enhance the look with mascara). While it looks like something from the medieval age, eyelash curlers offer a major payoff as long as ladies use them correctly.

In addition, eyelash curlers can easily fit into any daily beauty routine. They’re not just something to reserve for special events or glam looks. Lifting the lashes with this beauty tool only takes a few minutes, creating the illusion of longer lashes and helping the user look more awake and expressive.

Overview of the global eyelash curler market

In 2021, the global eyelash curler market had a US $1.27 billion market value. However, experts predict the market will reach US $1.66 billion by 2030, growing at a 2.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The market’s growth drivers include rising consciousness about skincare and personal grooming and increasing consumer desirability to look perfect.

The increasing number of social gatherings is another factor experts predict will boost market growth. Additionally, heated eyelash curlers dominated the type segment, accounting for the highest revenue share in 2021.

North America dominated the regional market in 2021, and experts predict it will continue leading the global eyelash curler market. Europe followed closely behind, with an impressive revenue share in 2021.

What to factor in when stocking up on eyelash curlers

1. Consider the consumer’s eye shape

Woman using eyelash curlers on her lashes

Many manufacturers may claim their eyelash curlers cater to all eye shapes, but that’s not always the case. Consumers may have certain eye shapes that need special curlers. Keep in mind that each curler comes with a slightly different shape, meaning what works for one person may not work for another.

But what happens when consumers use the wrong shape? It may pinch the ends of their eyelids (which hurts like hell!) or fail to curl all their lashes. To ensure consumers don’t waste money on the wrong tool and leave angry reviews (or worse, requests for returns), it’s best to stock up on models with curvatures that align with the target’s eye shape.

Eye shapeDescriptionIdeal curvatureBenefit
AlmondOval-shaped with evenly spaced irises and slightly pointed ends.A slight to moderate curve (20–25 mm radius)Lifts and defines lashes without over-curling, achieving a natural, wide-eyed look.
RoundLarge irises with a full eyelid that creates a circular appearance.A wide and open curve (30–35 mm radius)Lifts and elongates lashes to open up the eyes and balance the roundness.
HoodedDeep crease folds over the eyelid, partially obscuring the lashes.A short and angled curve (15–20 mm radius)Reaches close to the lash line and gently lifts without crimping against the hooded lid.
MonolidLittle to no visible crease, with lashes growing directly from the eyelid.A straight to minimal curve (35–40 mm radius)Provides subtle lift and definition without creating an unnatural curl against the flat lid.
Deep-setEyes are recessed into the socket with prominent brow bones.A deep and dramatic curve (25–30 mm radius)Lifting lashes significantly to bring them forward and out of the shadow of the brow bone.

2. The consumer’s lash length matters

Woman closing her eyes using eyelash curlers

Long lashes are incredibly easy to curl, but what about those without the same luck? Shorter lashes are notoriously difficult to curl, but such consumers shouldn’t lose hope! Businesses can target such women with mini eyelash curlers.

Mini eyelash curlers are the go-to for short and straight lashes. They can easily reach the smallest and most challenging lashes, helping to curl any tough, stubborn outer and inner lashes delicately. But if targets have regular or long lashes, businesses can stock up on standard-sized eyelash curlers.

3. Heated vs. regular eyelash curlers

An eyelash curler next to a mascara brush

Regular eyelash curlers have been a staple in women’s makeup kits since 1931, showing how effective they’ve been at creating those sultry, curly, and luscious lashes. However, with technologies advancing rapidly, the new kid on the block has entered the market to make curling lashes even better: the heated eyelash curler.

Although both products do the same thing, they feel like entirely different tools. For starters, regular eyelash curlers require mechanical force to achieve curly effects, while heated variants use heat.

Design-wise, both products take different paths. Traditional eyelash curlers haven’t changed much since the 1930s. They still have their signature curved clamp designs that hold the lashes and curl them upward.

In contrast, heated eyelash curlers resemble mascara wands. Instead of clamping the lashes, heated curlers require ladies to use them like they’re applying a product and let the heat do the curling.

Some consumers may be terrified at the idea of using an electric tool close to their eyes, but heated variants are incredibly effective at holding curls compared to regular curlers. Nevertheless, the best choice depends on the target consumer’s preferences.

Ladies prioritizing convenience and effectiveness will most likely prefer heated eyelash curlers, while those who love the old-school way of curling lashes would rather stick to regular variants.

4. Metal or plastic lash curlers

A metal eyelash curler on a colored background

Now, if target consumers want the trusty mechanical lash curler, businesses must choose between metal and plastic builds. Plastic curlers may be more affordable than their metal cousins, but they are more fragile.

Unfortunately, getting the perfect curl with plastic variants takes longer and is more tricky to pull off. If target consumers have the budget, they will stick with metal curlers as they can get more out of them. Plus, they can apply more force for a maximum curling effect without damaging their curler.

However, plastic lash curlers are the go-to for consumers with sensitive skin. Plastic variants are also the best choice for women who dislike metal.

Other things to note before buying eyelash curlers

Rounded rubber pads

The ideal eyelash curler should have rounded rubber pads on its base. In this case, the bigger and softer the pad, the better. This often overlooked feature is necessary for the most comfortable usage experience. Also, it helps protect the user’s lashes from breaking under pressure.

Curlers that open with ease

Eyelash curlers should have easy-to-open and close designs; it makes them more comfortable to handle. The last thing consumers want is to get their lashes stuck on the curler when they have to open it too hard.

Final words

With lash lifts and growth serums being so popular, it’s clear that women are spending big for fuller, longer, and curlier lashes. So, it’s no surprise that eyelash curlers are also among the list of products women want.

After all, 165,000 potential customers searched for them in December 2023 (based on Google Ads data), and that number grew from 135,000 in November. It seems people are clamoring for this tool.

But, before businesses jump in to swim in profits, they must use the tips discussed in this article to learn how to add the best eyelash curlers to their inventories.

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