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Amazing BBQ Grills That Make Sense in 2022-2023


Every warm season comes with the need for some tasty backyard grills. But not all grills will fit the occasion. As charcoal and gas aren’t the only grill types on the market, businesses have way more options to stock, with each one offering different heating and fuel sources. Some even change the overall flavor of the dishes grilled on them.

In this article, businesses can explore diverse fantastic BBQ grills that will attract grill-lovers in 2022-2023.

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How big is the BBQ grill market?
Seven BBQ grill types consumers will always love
Different consumers, and the BBQ grill perfect for them
Factors to consider before choosing a BBQ grill
Go get these BBQ grills

How big is the BBQ grill market?

Globally, the BBQ grill market reached a $4.79 billion value in 2018. GVR experts project the market will continue to expand at an impressive CAGR of 4.5% over the forecast period (2019 to 2025). This industry’s market growth is attributable to rising weekend and holiday cookout trends among the younger population.

The gas segment carried the highest share of the BBQ grill market in 2018. It generated $2.67 billion in revenue, accounting for more than 50% of the industry. Other segments continue to expand as home cooking becomes more popular among consumers. As a result, the global industry maintains a strong presence and big size.

Seven BBQ grill types consumers will always love

Wood pellet grills

Anonymous person using a wood pellet grill

Businesses can easily attract consumers who love a rich smoky flavor added to their dishes with wood pellet grills. These BBQ grills are the ultimate combo of a standard gas grill, charcoal smoker, and kitchen oven. These bad boys can bake, smoke, and cook almost anything.

In addition to the smoky flavor, wood pellet grills are also easy to use and give food a tender texture. All consumers must do is set the right temperature and close the lid for the required duration. The lid acts like a chamber that prevents the smoke from escaping, allowing it to soak into the food for an authentic smoky flavor.

With these grills, sellers can appeal to consumers looking for a hands-off smoker. Wood pellet grills can also use specialty pellets with a variety of wood flavors.

Gas grills

Man grilling sausages on a gas grill

Grilling doesn’t get easier than gas grills. These outdoor cooking appliances use natural gas or propane tanks as fuel. Some variants feature lidded cook boxes with wheels, making them portable.

Gas grills offer metal burners under the cooking surface, which generate little flames. Although small, these flames yield enough heat to cook dishes properly. But there won’t be an appealing smoky flavor.

The selling point for gas grills is how fast they cook dishes. They’re also beginner-friendly, as consumers need little or no experience to use a gas grill successfully.

Gas grills appeal to consumers who fancy having a lot of grill space and easy operations.

Charcoal grills

Meat cooking on barrel charcoal grill

Grilling dishes over charcoal is a classic. Tailgate parties, warm weather picnics, and backyard barbecue cookouts are great ways consumers can utilize charcoal grills. Don’t forget the ultimate smoky taste charcoal adds to dishes.

Businesses can stock up on these grills to provide a more affordable and portable outdoor grill. Retailers can also offer designs featuring hot, direct zones for browning and searing; and a cooler unit for slow and indirect grilling.

Unlike gas grills, charcoals heat up slowly and lack precise temperature control, but they can reach up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Charcoal grills also come in different types. Sellers can purchase ceramic, kettle, or barrel charcoal grills.

Grill lovers who want an affordable way to grill, but fancy the charcoal flavor, are ideal consumers for charcoal grills.


Man holding the handle of a smoker grill

What’s not to love about smoker grills? These horizontal appliances offer full control over the smoking process. They can effortlessly set lower temperatures for gentler and slower cooking and enhanced flavors.

Despite its tasty and tender offerings, smokers need more experience in handling than other BBQ grills. Their design makes them cook dishes next to the heat source instead of directly above. However, it’s more complicated than it sounds.

Sellers can attract more experienced consumers who can handle grilling with a smoke. Beginner grillers may need practice runs before getting the best results from them, making experts ideal consumers for smoker grills.

Outdoor electric grills

Meat grilling on an electric grill

Electric grills eliminate the need to clean charcoal or refill gas. These grills only need outlets to run and will still deliver great dishes.

These grills use electric elements to supply constant heat for cooking. Electric grills offer a way for businesses to present a safer and more efficient alternative to consumers worried about grilling over a fire.

Most electric grills feature drip pans under the heating grate. When grilling, these pans will catch juices that escape from meat and other dishes.

Retailers can use electric grills to attract consumers living in areas with gas or charcoal grilling restrictions. Grillers without huge outdoor spaces will also love electric grills.

Indoor grills

Vegetables and meat cooking on an indoor grill

Not all grills have to be huge. Indoor grills feature smaller sizes that will barely consume space on a kitchen counter. They also won’t release smoke, making them safe enough for inside cooking.

Businesses can stock up on three indoor grill types: griddles, grill pans, and open grills. Indoor grills present consumers with an affordable and beginner-friendly alternative to outdoor grilling.

Hence, businesses can market indoor BBQ grills to consumers without large outdoor spaces.

Portable grills

Outdoor grilling on portable black grill

Portable grills make cooking on the go or during camping trips easy. Sellers offering portable grills can entice consumers who find it difficult to lug heavy equipment around while grilling.

Apart from being easy to use, portable grills are incredibly sturdy and convenient. They only need small propane tanks (16 oz) to run, and consumers can store them under the grill lid when transporting.

Portable grills are ideal for consumers who prefer grilling on the road instead of in backyards.

Different consumers, and the BBQ grill perfect for them

Grillers who are into the BBQ process and grill slow foods

Charcoal grills are perfect for these kinds of customers. They get to start the BBQ process by building a fire and heating the grill to cook the dishes slowly. They’ll also enjoy the nostalgic feel of charcoal burning.

Consumers who want to start the grilling process fast

Gas grills are the go-to for consumers who prefer the fast lane. Rather than wait half an hour with charcoal grills, consumers can get cooking in 10 mins with a gas grill.

People who grill a lot of quick-cooking foods

The smoky taste is fantastic, but not all foods can wait that long to soak it in. Consumers cooking meals like sausages, steaks, veggie kabobs, or burgers would prefer using a gas grill.

Factors to consider before choosing a BBQ grill


No doubt, accessories make the grilling process more comfortable. Items like side shelves can come in handy when grilling. Businesses can also offer small folding tables for consumers without large spaces.

Chimneys are also effective for charcoal grills. They help start a fire without the need for cheater sticks or flammable liquid.


Businesses must always consider portability before choosing a BBQ grill. Depending on consumer preferences, they can stock up on grills with wheels or disassembly capabilities. Consumers always on the move will love grills with disassembly features. Grillers who prefer regular outdoor grills will love wheels for easy storage.

Go get these BBQ grills

Although BBQ grills pose many safety concerns, consumers can still enjoy outdoor cooking as long as they follow the necessary procedures.

Some apartments and condos place restrictions on certain grill types to prevent fire accidents. However, consumers can still enjoy the taste of grilled foods with electric and indoor alternatives.

Regardless of safety hazards, businesses can leverage these wood pellet, gas, charcoal, smokers, outdoor electric, indoor, and portable grills consumers will love in 2022-2023.

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