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Popular Camper Van Accessories Trending With Consumers Today


Camper van accessories are important additions to any van life experience. They help to enhance the functionality, comfort, and convenience of a camper van, regardless of the age of the vehicle itself. These accessories are specifically designed to optimize the space within a camper van and make outdoor adventures more enjoyable for everyone.

Camper van accessories range from practical gadgets that help to improve storage and organization to innovative appliances that enhance cooking capabilities. There is a wide range of camper van accessories available to suit every traveler’s needs and they don’t necessarily need to break the bank either. Let’s take a look at the most popular (and unique) camper van accessories that consumers are buying in 2023.

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Difference between camper van accessories and household accessories
Global market value of camper van accessories
Popular must-have camper van accessories

Difference between camper van accessories and household accessories

In some instances both camper van accessories and household accessories can be used interchangeably, however there are some important differences between the two that should be taken into account.

Camper van accessories are specifically tailored to van life and are meant to optimize functionality, space, and overall convenience. Due to the limited space of a camper van these accessories are often compact in size and are designed to help tackle challenges while on the road.

Items such as foldable furniture, miniature kitchen appliances and accessories, and hidden storage solutions are all camper van-specific and are found in all types of camper vans. They’re designed not for a permanent space but rather for ease of mobility as well as durability.

Household accessories, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. They’re designed with permanence in mind and don’t usually have to adapt to more compact spaces. These types of accessories are meant to help improve everyday life and are often chosen based on personal preference and the design of the space as there are more options available than camper van accessories offer.

In order for camper van users to make the most of their often limited space it’s crucial that the correct accessories are purchased so that they can embrace the freedom of being on the open road in comfort.

Man and woman sitting inside modern camper van

Global market value of camper van accessories

In recent years the number of people changing from a traditional home to camper van living has increased as people look to live a less permanent lifestyle that allows them to travel. With the increase of people working from home this has enabled many consumers to finally live their dream life while still having a main stream of income.

When it comes to camper van accessories many people will purchase small pieces of camping gear to equip their vans with since there are already a lot of camping products readily available in the market.

In 2022 the global market value of camping equipment reached USD 22.18 billion. Between 2022 and 2031 this number is projected to reach approximately USD 43.25 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7%. That’s almost double its current value in less than a decade!

More people are enjoying outside activities such as camping or hiking but this growth in value also comes as a result of camper van owners purchasing smaller camping equipment, such as cooking accessories and storage containers, to add to their mobile home.

Family of three making s’mores around fire outside of van

Popular must-have camper van accessories

Camper van accessories help to enhance the comfort and convenience of the relatively small living space a camper van offers. They’re designed to make life more enjoyable, whether the consumer is a regular camper van user or they’re trying it for the first time. By equipping camper vans with the best accessories available consumers ensure a more relaxed driving and living experience on the road.

There are quite a lot of unique camper van accessories hitting the market as van life becomes more popular among consumers of all ages. Some of the most popular and highly rated include the folding camping chair and table, the bug net, the portable coffee maker, the solar shower, stacking pots, the portable cinema projector, the privacy shelter, and the portable hammock. Keep reading to learn more about each of these unique camper van accessories.

Folding camping chair and table

Larger camper vans are now fully equipped with a small kitchen and collapsible dining space within the van itself. But for many camper van owners and renters the idea of using a mobile home is to enjoy the fresh air, which is where the folding camping chair and table comes into play. Since space is limited within a camper van it’s not always practical to store large pieces of furniture inside it so having compact alternatives is a crucial component to van life.

One of the most popular types of camper van accessories is the folding table and chair set which can vary in size with some offering multiple chairs for larger groups as well as a longer table and others including just a pair of chairs and a small table. Since the chairs and table are easy to store when not in use they are ideal for space optimization as well as convenience for when people are on the go. The most recent versions of this portable furniture have been designed with comfort in mind and they often have unique features such as storage space built underneath the table and cup holders added to the chairs.

Couple sitting outside camper van with folding table and chairs

Detachable bug net

One of the biggest problems for people using a camper van is having mosquitos and other bugs entering the interior of the van when the doors or windows are open for an extended period of time. A solution to this is the detachable bug net. This net is easily attached to the frame of the door to block out any insects from entering the camper van. On a nice day most people will opt to have their van door open so it’s not difficult to see why this is one of the most popular pieces of camper van accessories among consumers.

Not only does the bug net help to prevent insects from flying into the camper van, it improves ventilation within the confined space and can also help in the evening for consumers who like to sleep with their windows open. Consumers are taking full advantage of smaller bug nets for the windows of the camper van so that they can have them open as well without bugs coming inside. The detachable bug net allows consumers to enjoy the view of the surrounding scenery in a bug-free environment which is why it’s a must-have camper van accessory.

Bug net camper van accessory attached to open sliding door

Portable coffee maker

One of the most popular camper van accessories for coffee lovers is the portable coffee maker. Unlike stovetop coffee makers used for camping, the portable coffee maker has a few more modern features added to it that allow it to seamlessly fit into the on the go lifestyle. This type of coffee maker has everything built into the small device such as the water tank, coffee spoon, coffee filter, and even the cup itself. It’s ideal for compact spaces such as camper vans and is a great way to get fresh coffee at all times.

The portable coffee maker also helps consumers cut down on costs as they don’t need to stop at coffee shops every few miles to get their coffee fix. On top of that consumers are able to bring their favorite coffee with them rather than having to adapt to whatever is available on the road. The latest versions of this coffee maker are fully chargeable and portable so they simply have to be plugged into an outlet while driving and the machine will be ready to go at any time it’s needed.

Black electronic portable coffee maker inside a vehicle

Solar shower

Not all camper vans come fully equipped with a built-in shower room, with most people opting to shower at campsites or fill a bucket with water and bathe very quickly outside. The latest camper van accessory that’s proving to be very popular with consumers around the world is the solar shower.

It’s a unique invention that allows users to maintain their personal hygiene in a cost effective way that also doesn’t harm the environment. It’s designed with convenience and comfort in mind and can be used directly outside of the camper van without any additional attachments.

The concept behind the solar shower is very simple and easy to grasp for first time users. Once the bag is filled with water and hung up in the sun the bag will gradually heat up. As soon as the water is to the temperature the consumer wants they’re able to use the shower head to wash themselves using the warmer water – all through the use of solar power!

The solar shower is an innovative and simple design that allows camper van users to be independent from normal campsites and stay off the grid for a longer period of time.

Woman in bikini using solar shower attached to a tree

Stacking pots

Whether a camper van has a built-in kitchen or not, consumers will still need to have cookware available. Since space is very limited inside a camper van it’s important that consumers have pots and pans that can easily be put into storage in a way that doesn’t take up a lot of room or cause damage to the van when it’s moving.

The stacking pots have been a popular camping accessory for decades and they are now becoming just as popular in camper vans. There are different versions of stacking pots to choose from depending on the needs of the consumer though.

Some stacking pots will look like bowls and these can be attached to gas fires or used over a campfire. Others will look more like regular kitchen pots with detachable handles so they can be stacked for storage. This concept is perfect for safety reasons too as it limits the chance of the pots falling or moving while in transit. Stacking pots are a must-have camper van accessory for both seasoned and new travelers.

Set of four stacking pots set up outside in campsite

Portable cinema projector

A unique camper van accessory that a lot of consumers are purchasing for their vans is the portable cinema projector. This little device can fully transform a camper van into an entertainment hub and is the perfect way to watch a TV show or a movie with friends and family. For consumers who take a lot of drone footage while traveling this projector is perfect for watching their latest videos too as it’s fully compatible with smart phones – no laptop needed!

Portable cinema projectors are often used in homes or at schools but the latest miniature designs are perfect for smaller spaces such as camper vans. Many can even be used outside on a makeshift movie screen so consumers can enjoy a movie under the stars. And since the weather isn’t always perfect they’re a great way for consumers to entertain themselves when they’re stuck indoors. Having a miniature cinema projector readily available to use can really help to save the day!

Privacy shelter

Not everyone is comfortable showering outside in the open or having to change their clothes where other people may see them, which is why the privacy shelter is the latest must-have camper van accessory. It offers a private setting for consumers to use outside of their camper van, where they can get changed, use a portable toilet in privacy, and even take advantage of the private space to shower using a solar shower. Privacy shelters not only offer a reprieve from prying eyes but they also protect the user from outdoor elements.

The latest pop up privacy shelters are designed with not only comfort in mind but also flexibility and ease of use. They’re fully portable so when they’re not in use they fold down into a flatpack that can easily be stored away in the camper van. It will help to enhance the camper van experience and improve the self-sufficient lifestyle that people want.

Grey and black tall privacy shelter with portable toilet

Portable hammock

For many people the point of traveling in a camper van is so that they can enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible, which is why the portable hammock is one of the most popular camper van accessories in today’s market. This type of hammock is very lightweight and can easily be folded down so it takes up almost no space in the camper van. Many outdoor hammocks also include mosquito nets so consumers can relax outside without the worry of being bitten. And for consumers who are traveling in a bigger group or as a couple there is also the option of a multi-person hammock.

Portable hammocks help to provide extra relaxation while allowing consumers to further enjoy the nature surrounding them. They are also a fun way to improve seating options and will help to enhance the outdoor living experience of the person using it. Some people even prefer to sleep in hammocks rather than their own bed!

Woman relaxing in hammock next to camper van and lake


Having the right camper van accessories on hand is essential for both regular and new camper van users. They not only help to enhance the camper van life experience but they also make a camper van seem more homely and personalized which is important for consumers who are always on the road. The most popular camper van accessories today include the folding camping chair and table, the bug net, the portable coffee maker, the solar shower, stacking pots, the portable cinema projector, the privacy shelter, and the portable hammock.

Many accessories used in camper vans are also used in camping but as van life grows in popularity the market is expecting more camper van specific gear and accessories to enter the market that will further help to optimize space, offer more entertainment options, and create an overall more enjoyable experience.

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