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TICO Launches Next Generation TICO Pro-Spotter Electric Terminal Tractor

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TICO (Terminal Investment Corporation) Manufacturing, the leading terminal tractor manufacturer and one of the largest terminal tractor fleet owners and operators in North America, launched the next generation of its Pro-Spotter Electric Terminal Tractor.

TICO Pro-Spotter Electric Terminal Tractor

TICO announced production of its first-generation electric terminal tractor in 2023 with its partnership with Volvo Penta, leveraging the Volvo electric technology into its terminal tractor design. Recognizing the additional requirements that many terminal tractor users have, TICO’s new Pro-Spotter Electric incorporates additional battery and driveline options from a diverse set of suppliers. Full production will commence in 2025.

Key features of the new TICO Pro-Spotter Electric Terminal Tractor include:

  • Scalable range of onboard energy levels, with top end of 312 kWh
  • Top end unit GCWR of 160,000 lbs. plus 61,000 ft-lbs. of wheel end torque tailored to the port operator
  • 175 kWh max fast charge or inductive charging adaptable
  • BABA Compliance (Build America, Buy America Compliant), qualifying for the nation’s major grant funding programs such as the Clean Ports Program

Source from Green Car Congress

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