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Tips on Buying the Right AirTag Alternative GPS Trackers

An AirTag being connected to an iPhone

AirTag alternatives are most suitable for Android users, with similar, if not better, features. Placing an AirTag in your luggage, keys, pet leash, or small items can help you locate them from a few feet away.

Despite being new, AirTags’ popularity, fueled by Apple’s reputation, lies in their precise tracking. Leveraging Apple’s “Find My” feature, AirTags present a challenge for Android users seeking alternatives. Numerous trackers exist, each with distinct features, from enhanced battery life to cross-platform compatibility.

Yet, factors like pricing and functionality complicate the choice. While some trackers, like the Apple AirTag, rely on Bluetooth, others use GPS navigation to find lost items. Some AirTag alternatives are also compatible with Apple devices.

AirTags produce a beeping sound when moved away from their linked iPhone. AirTag alternatives have extra security features like LED lights, water resistance, and a longer operating range.

With insights from industry experts, here’s how to choose the right AirTag alternative.

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Why an AirTag may not be the best option for you
What to consider when buying a suitable AirTag alternative
8 best AirTag alternatives to buy
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Why an AirTag may not be the best option for you

Apple AirTag being inserted in a small credit card wallet

While an AirTag is powerful when paired with iPhones or other Apple devices, several factors limit its application.

Lacks cross-platform support

AirTags, crafted by Apple, are exclusively designed to function with iOS devices. While this strategy aims to keep Apple customers within its ecosystem, drawbacks become apparent. 

Users must activate the tracker using an iPad or iPhone to make it operational. This poses a notable setback for individuals relying on Android devices.

Available only in one form/shape

The AirTag features a thicker design compared to other trackers. Although its circular design offers compactness and convenience for attaching to various items, it may only suit some use cases. The bulging center of AirTags might inconvenience users who prefer a slimmer profile.

Privacy concerns

Apple has made efforts to address privacy concerns, particularly regarding stalking. For instance, if someone places an AirTag on you, Apple sends an alert to your iPhone. The AirTag app detects the unique signal as you move, warning you about a potential stalker.

A person typing in a password in a computer

However, the drawback with AirTag lies in its cross-platform incompatibility, as Android users cannot receive these alerts. This, in a way, leaves them vulnerable to potential stalkers.

Limited range

Various factors, including the surrounding environment and obstructions, influence any Bluetooth tracker’s effective range. Compared to other trackers like the Tile Pro, which has a 400-foot range, Apple’s AirTag has a very short range of only 33 feet.

What to consider when buying a suitable AirTag alternative

Maximum tracking range

The maximum tracking range specifies how far the tracker can be away from your phone while keeping a good connection. The maximum tracking range varies depending on the tracker. Select the tracker with the most effective range based on what you’ll use it for.

Consider whether you’ll use it indoors or outside. Walls, for example, can reduce the effective maximum range.


Find My app icon on an iPhone next to an AirTag

Check your tracker’s compatibility with your devices. Some manufacturers design trackers that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Find out if the tracker allows sharing with others, as this feature can be helpful in collaborative tracking activities.

Battery life and recharge capabilities

Evaluate the battery longevity and recharging alternatives of a tracker before purchase. Some trackers are maintenance-free, while others rely on rechargeable batteries.

A battery-shaped pond located in a lush forest

Although rechargeable choices may incur lower overall expenses, they require periodic charging, so factor in your charging frequency requirements.


Sound plays a crucial role in tracker selection. For easier identification, prioritize trackers with customizable or distinct sounds. Visual cues through LED lights also offer a viable alternative.

Size and style

An ideal tracker should be compact and inconspicuous. Users need to factor in size and style, especially when attaching the tracker to smaller items or using it on a pet, where a less bulky design is preferable.


Durability is crucial when using the tracker in conditions exposed to elements like dust, high humidity, and water. Check the tracker’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating; for instance, AirTags boast an IP67 rating, indicating high water resistance.


Considering your budget is essential before opting for an AirTag alternative. Prices vary based on features, brand, and additional capabilities. The Apple AirTag, priced at US $29 for one pack with no subscription costs, serves as a benchmark. Users should carefully balance their budget with the most essential features for their various use cases.

8 best AirTag alternatives to buy

Here’s a list of the best AirTag alternatives, each with perks and downsides. 

1. RSH AirTag: Best AirTag alternative for smart features

With MFi certification for smooth Apple device interaction, the RSH AirTag stands out as the best AirTag alternative. It goes beyond simple location services with an array of intelligent capabilities, which include push messages, app remote control, real-time tracking, and activity monitoring.

Its appealing features include multilingual support, a robust construction made of sturdy ABS plastic, options for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), and customizable smart tags. This stylish tracker is the top option for anyone looking for a dependable, feature-rich alternative. It provides a thorough and customized tracker.

2. Ariza iTag: Best AirTag alternative for tracking lost keys

Ariza iTag, a premier AirTag alternative, excels in key tracking with its compact 32×32×14mm design, IPX7 waterproof certification, and black/white color options. Powered by a robust ARM 32-bit processor and with Apple MFi certification, it seamlessly integrates with the Apple Find My Network for enhanced GPS location accuracy.

Reminder modes, combining a buzzer and LED, ensure you never misplace your keys. With a long-lasting CR2032 battery lasting up to 100 days and exclusive iOS 14.5 app control, Ariza iTag is a suitable AirTag alternative for Apple users.

3. Trangjan Smart Tag: Best AirTag alternative for tracking pets

Trangjan Smart Tag, an Apple MFi-certified GPS Anti-lost Tracker, outperforms AirTag as the best option, especially for pet tracking. It ensures precise and long-lasting tracking thanks to excellent GPS navigation, IP67 waterproofing, and smartphone management.

This multipurpose iPhone 15-compatible device includes call reminders and complete GPS/GPRS tracking for pets, older adults, and valuables. Its AGPS capability and seamless connection with iOS make it a standout choice for smart tracker users who value utility and reliability.

4. Tile Tracker: Best AirTag alternative for Android users 

If your device runs on the Android 4.3 version, the wireless iOS-compatible Tile tracker is an excellent pick. The 4.0 Bluetooth chip’s range sits at 25 meters, so it outshines AirTag, which must be within 10 meters of your device.

Powered by the crowd-pleasing CR2032 lithium coin battery lasting up to 6 months, this tracker boasts a remote control shutter function for taking photos remotely. Other features that take its tracking capabilities up a notch are the loud vibration and ring-bell reminders, a sturdy ABS build, multi-lingual support, and a location tracker feature to check your valuables’ last placement.

5. iTrackEasy Tag: Best stylish AirTag alternative

For style enthusiasts, the iTrack Easy tag is a worthy AirTag alternative. It offers LED flashing and alarms to help keep tabs on their wallets, bags, keys, and more.

Available in multiple stunning colors, including orange and dark blue, the itrackEasy tracker is superior to Apple’s AirTag in several ways. The 10–20-meter indoor and 50–80-meter outdoor working distances are quite impressive. Its easy-to-replace CR2016 SONY battery can last 12–14 months, surpassing AirTag’s, which lasts roughly one year.

The finder’s multi-lingual support and compatibility with iOS 8.0 or newer and Android 4.3 or newer also make it a fantastic option for the masses. 

6. Mega C Tag: Best AirTag alternative for tracking luggage

Featuring the dominant ARM 32-bit processor, LED, and buzzer reminders, and an IP68 rating, Mega C is a reliable solution for users’ tracking needs. Its compatibility with Android and iOS devices renders it a must-have accessory for many.

With the tag’s unlimited range, you can track luggage, pets, kids, and pretty much anything or anybody miles away.

7. TITUO Mini AirTag: Best AirTag alternative for tracking children

The TITUO MFI smart finder, whose alarm volume is up to 120 dB, is a feasible AirTag alternative for parents with iOS and Android devices. Its connection range is 10–20 meters indoors and 20–60 meters outdoors, slightly shorter than iTrack Easy’s.

There’s a key ring to attach to your little one’s school bag or jacket for convenience. More excellent features of this MFI-certified device include GPS navigation, app remote control, location history, and an IPX5 rating for water resistance.

8. KDE Tracker: Best compact AirTag alternative

The KDE mini tracker, with a reminder, privacy protection, and a lasting CR2032 battery, suits users looking for a tiny but feature-packed locator for their precious items. The iOS and Android-compatible AirTag alternative has a real-time location recorder and a range of up to 25 meters.

Closing thoughts

When comparing various AirTag alternatives, you’ll find trackers with diverse features, each catering to unique preferences. The Tile Pro is best for its broad cross-platform functionality and impressive range.

On the other hand, trackers like the Chipolo ONE Spot flaunt durable batteries, and minimalistic options such as the Cube Shadow are in the mix. You’ll also need to consider other factors, like sounds and alerts, durability, water resistance, and privacy.

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