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Top 4 Plyo Boxes for High-Intensity Workouts

Three adults holding a squat on top of plyo boxes

Gym-goers who are looking for a training tool that’s both simple to use and very versatile often turn to plyometric boxes to enhance their workouts. Plyo boxes offer people a unique way to improve one’s overall strength and agility without the need for heavy weightlifting gear. They’re also often used for cardio workouts and are a popular tool for crossfit classes as well as high-intensity gym classes for more advanced trainers. 

Read on to learn more about the global demand for plyo boxes and discover the top types of plyo boxes available on the market today.

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Global market value of plyo boxes
Top 4 plyo boxes for workouts

Global market value of plyo boxes

Woman using wooden plyo box for tricep push up

Plyometric exercises cover a wide range of training methods that focus on rapid and forceful movements to help improve overall strength and agility, while working on cardio at the same time. The use of plyo boxes in particular has grown substantially over the past several years, with consumers taking more of an interest in their health and taking part in activities such as crossfit where these boxes are heavily used. They’re also known for being incredibly inexpensive and can be made at home using plywood if necessary.

Woman using explosive jump to land on plyo box

By 2023 the global market value of plyo boxes reached over USD 200 million. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% between 2021 and 2031, that number is expected to reach at least USD 355.5 million.

Top 4 plyo boxes for workouts

Man standing with one leg on wooden plyo box

Plyo boxes are either square or rectangular in shape and can be used on any side to perform an exercise. If the plyo box is rectangular then users have the option of changing the height of the box to suit their needs and higher the intensity. Ply boxes are traditionally wooden but more versions of these fitness tools have started to emerge on the market that provide users with a safer option.

Woman swinging on wooden rings on top of plyo box

According to Google Ads, “plyo boxes” has an average monthly search volume of 40500. Throughout the entire year searches remained steady at this search volume showing that the popularity of plyo boxes is always high.

By looking more specifically at the different types of plyo boxes that are the most popular, Google Ads shows that “foam plyo box” comes out on top with 1900 searches followed by “wooden plyo box” with 1000 searches, “adjustable plyo box” with 880 searches, and “steel plyo box” with 320 searches. Keep reading to learn more about the key features of each of these styles of plyo boxes for workouts.

Foam plyo box

Woman landing her jump on a green foam plyo box

Foam plyo boxes are considered to be the safety option in terms of material which is what makes them an increasingly popular choice among consumers. Unlike harder materials, the dense foam helps to reduce the impact on the joints when a person lands their jump on the top of the box or steps up onto it. This shock absorption is ideal for consumers who suffer from injuries or are just recovering and can’t handle harder surfaces.

Foam plyo boxes are known for being lightweight and easy to move, which is ideal for gym settings when multiple people will be using them. Since users don’t need to fear hurting themselves too much on these boxes thanks to the soft material and non-slip surface, plyo foam boxes are suitable for all skill levels.

Google Ads shows that searches for “foam plyo box” were highest in January and April, coming in at 1900 monthly searches.

Wooden plyo box

Wooden plyo box with boxing gloves sitting on top

The classic type of plyo box is made of wood and is known for its durability and stability that isn’t always found in foam plyo boxes. Wooden plyo boxes come with various heights so users can decide what height is best for them. The wooden platform is incredibly stable and creates almost no risk of the box wobbling if the exercise is performed properly. 

In order to prevent injury, it’s important that the platform is smooth to touch and that the edges are beveled which will reduce the risk of cuts if a person lands incorrectly on the box. Wooden plyo boxes are a popular option in both gyms and crossfit studios as they’re easy to stack with built-in handles and are made of a heavy-duty construction.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between June and November 2023, searches for “wooden plyo box” remained steady at 1000 with the most searches coming in February.

Adjustable plyo box

Row of adjustable foam plyo boxes in different colors

The adjustable plyo box is the perfect option for gym spaces that don’t have a lot of room to store a large number of boxes for people to use on a regular basis. These boxes are usually made of a dense foam material and come in various heights that can be securely stacked on top of one another. 

The idea behind this is that consumers are able to adjust the height by only a small margin which isn’t something that’s an option with regular plyo boxes. Each box height will be shown in a different color with numbers on the side so users can easily pick which one they need.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between June and November 2023, searches for “adjustable plyo box” increased 18% with the most searches coming in February at 1000.

Steel plyo box

Metal adjustable plyo box with rubber anti-slip platform

The steel plyo box is a unique option that’s starting to become more popular with today’s consumers. Rather than taking on a traditional box shape, this plyo box looks like a metal stand that has a non-slip platform on the top. The legs on each side of the platform come with different height options so users can change their workout intensities. 

It’s important that the steel plyo box comes with a secure locking mechanism to ensure that the height doesn’t change when weight is added to it. Although not a traditional plyo box, it’s a popular option for consumers who need to save space and want to invest in fitness equipment that will last a long time.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between June and November 2023, searches for “steel plyo box” remained steady at 260 with the most searches coming in April, May, July, and September at 320.


Woman jumping on red foam plyo box in gym

Plyo boxes are becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts who want a more versatile way to train various parts of the body. These boxes are heavily used in crossfit classes but they are also quickly becoming a staple piece of exercise equipment in gym spaces as they’re easy to use for any skill level. When paired with other workout equipment such as power bags and dumb bells, plyo boxes become an important component of strength, cardio, and agility training.

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