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Top Power Bags for Gym Workouts in 2023

Woman holding a black power bag in a gym setting

There are countless pieces of equipment and fitness accessories that consumers can use during their workouts to help build strength and stability, but one of the most versatile options is the power bag. Everyone from the die hard gym goer to a complete beginner can take advantage of the wide selection of power bags available which range in both weight and shape to better adapt to the individual. 

Power bags are the perfect way to add some intensity to a workout which is what makes them a popular choice for training exercises. 

Keep reading to learn more about the top power bags for gym workouts. 

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Global market value of power bags
Weights of power bags
Top selling types of power bags for gym workouts

Global market value of power bags

Man lifting black weighted power bag in front of body

Power bags were initially designed for high intensity training programs like those made for rugby teams but they are now a popular tool for anyone wanting to focus on strength training in a versatile way that doesn’t involve lifting dumbbells or doing presses. They have quickly become a strong presence in the fitness equipment market as a whole as more consumers look for alternative ways to exercise and maintain their fitness levels. 

By 2022 the global market value of fitness equipment reached just over USD 16 billion and between 2023 and 2030 that number is projected to increase by at least a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3%. What’s really helping to drive sales of fitness equipment is the growth of e-commerce platforms which makes the equipment more readily available for consumers from different regions of the world and allows them to read reviews and compare the various products more effectively. 

Weights of power bags

Light blue power bag with 10 kg weight classification

Power bags for gym workouts vary in weight and can be anywhere from 5 kg up to 50 kg. The lower weighted bags are used as introductory weights and for light training exercises whereas the very heavy power bags are used for training large muscle groups and can even be used with a partner in team training exercises. The middle weight range sits at 15 kg – 20 kg and these bags are ideal for core stability exercises as well as strength training. 

Top selling types of power bags for gym workouts

Woman with weighted power bag doing a lunge in gym

Strength training is very important for any workout routine. It not only conditions the body but also helps to develop a person’s overall health and lifestyle in a positive way. Power bags are a popular tool and an alternative to heavy weight lifting as they provide a unique way for consumers to work on their strength and stability in a versatile way. There are numerous ways that power bags for gym workouts can be used as well as a variety of styles available for consumers.

Woman doing lunge with lightweight black power bag

According to Google Ads, “power bags” is searched for 6600 times on average per month. Between March and September 2023 there is an increase in average monthly searches of 18%, with 6600 and 8100 searches respectively over a 6 month period.

When looking at specific types of power bags the top searched for tool is “weighted vest” at 135000 searches per month followed by “bulgarian bag” at 18100 searches, “weighted sandbag” at 4400 searches, “strongman sandbag” at 1900 searches, and “kettlebell sandbag” at 590 searches. This shows that consumers are looking for power bags that provide a more unique and hardcore workout than regular sandbags do. Keep reading to learn more about each of these power bags for gym workouts.

Bulgarian bag

Man doing a squat using a black Bulgarian bag

The Bulgarian bag is a unique type of power bag for gym workouts that’s crescent in shape and is considered by many to be a more comfortable alternative to a traditional sandbag. It’s generally made of high-quality materials such as genuine leather to enhance durability which is crucial in the types of workouts that this power bag is used for. This incredibly versatile power bag comes with a series of grip handles which allows for different exercises to be performed including side, underhand, and overhand grips and in some cases there are areas for additional weight to be inserted rather than consumers needing to purchase different bags with differing weights.

The durability of the Bulgarian bag is reinforced with high-quality stitching along the stress points to prevent tearing. It’s also considered very easy to maintain due to the wipeable material and some options will include removable covers that can be washed. Bulgarian bags are predominantly used for high-intensity workouts but there are exercises that can be performed by beginners as well which is something to consider.

Between March and September 2023 the average monthly searches for “Bulgarian bag” was stable at around 18100 searches over a 6 month period. February and November present the highest search volume at 22200.

Weighted sandbag

Man doing a bicep curl using a black weighted sandbag

Weighted sandbags are the traditional type of power bag that a large majority of gym goers use in their workouts. These bags are cylindrical in shape and come in a variety of different weight categories so consumers are able to choose one that’s a suitable weight for them. They’re made of a durable outer material such as nylon so that they can withstand a lot of regular use with handles placed strategically on various areas to enable different types of exercises.

The weighted sandbag comes in various sizes and are often color coded based on the weight so they are easier for the gym user to locate. These power bags are predominantly used for activities such as conditioning training, lunges, squats, and power cleans as they are considered more user friendly than barbells. 

Between March and September 2023 there is an increase in average monthly searches for “weighted sandbag” of 18%, with 3600 and 4400 searches respectively over a 6 month period.

Strongman sandbag

Woman with weighted power ball balanced on shoulder

One of the top power bags for gym workouts, and specifically crossfit training, is the strongman sandbag. This type of sandbag is rounded in shape and is predominantly used for activities such as weighted carries and shoulder tosses but can be used for squats if necessary, although they can be awkward to hold in that position for beginners. The strongman sandbag isn’t completely full of sand so when it’s being used it creates an unstable load meaning users will be able to work on their strength and balance at the same time.

These sandbags come in various weight categories and are made of a durable material such as nylon or canvas to withstand constant dropping on the floor. They’re great for full body workouts since they target different parts of the body, depending on the exercise being performed, but they can be difficult to grip due to the surface. 

Between March and September 2023 there is an increase in average monthly searches for “strongman sandbag” of 20%, with 1900 and 2400 searches respectively over a 6 month period.

Kettlebell sandbag

Black kettlebell sandbag with red strap around body

Kettlebells are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment found at gyms and one of the latest additions to power bags is the kettlebell sandbag. This weighted sandbag is similar in shape to the strongman sandbag but with the addition of canvas handles that enable users to lift the sandbag easier. Consumers can also use it in place of a kettlebell which can be a safer option than using a traditional heavy metal kettlebell. Although this is a new addition to the fitness equipment market the kettlebell sandbag is growing in popularity with gym goers.

Between March and September 2023 there is an increase in average monthly searches for “kettlebell sandbag” of 18%, with 590 and 720 searches respectively over a 6 month period.

Weighted vest

Man wearing a green weighted vest next to tires

The weighted vest may not be a power bag in the traditional sense of the word but it’s certainly worth noting in this article due to its popularity with consumers focusing on weight training who may find it difficult or uncomfortable to use a regular weighted bag. Weighted vests help to add resistance to the body to make a workout more intense and the vests have adjustable weight pockets built into the design so consumers are able to increase or decrease the weight whenever they feel it’s appropriate, giving them full control over their workout.

A big attraction of the weighted vest is that it allows for even weight distribution across the upper body so there is less strain on specific areas which can cause injury. Consumers will be looking for weighted vests that offer secure fastenings that are also adjustable, breathable material with comfortable padding on the shoulders, and durability so that the vests are able to withstand a lot of wear and tear as well as heavy weight. Some vests will also feature reflective elements if they are being used outdoors. 

Between March and September 2023 there is an increase in average monthly searches for “weighted vest” of 33%, with 110000 and 165000 searches respectively over a 6 month period.


Woman holding small power bag ready for squatting

The top power bags for gym workouts include a wide variety of weighted bags that can be fully utilized for workouts that revolve around strength training, stability, and conditioning. Not all sandbags are suitable for everyone, with the more advanced types such as the strongman sandbag more widely used by high-intensity athletes or crossfit enthusiasts. On the other hand the traditional weighted sandbag is suitable for all fitness levels and can be used for a number of different exercises. 

Overall, power bags are the perfect addition to any gym space as they take up minimal room and are some of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment available for consumers to workout with.

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