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Top 5 Fishing Rod Trends to Stock in 2024

Multiple fishing rods lined up near a lake

Fishing is one of the many outdoor activities that became highly popular in the 2020s. Research shows that approximately 54.5 million Americans visited the nation’s waterways for freshwater, saltwater, and fly-fishing activities in 2022—and that’s in the U.S. alone! Nevertheless, consumers adopting fishing as a fun activity will need the right gear—fishing rods in this case—for the best experience.

However, since various environments and fish species demand different approaches, consumers have some variety when selecting fishing rods. Usually, rods come in three primary categories, but thanks to technological advancements, many more sub-categories are available for different fishing techniques!

Keep reading to discover the top five fishing rod trends that offer impressive durability and effectiveness for an improved catch in 2024.

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Is now a good time to enter the fishing rod market?
Top 5 fishing rod trends to offer in 2024
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Is now a good time to enter the fishing rod market?

Experts say the global fishing rod market will grow from US$ 1.29 billion in 2024 to US$ 1.98 billion by 2034. This growth, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% per year, results from new materials like carbon fiber and composites entering the market. These materials make fishing rods lighter, stronger, and more sensitive, driving demand for these products. Better reel systems and guides also make these fishing gear more attractive.

This has also been an increase in people traveling for fishing trips, making travel-friendly and specialized fishing rods more popular. Additionally, ice fishing, especially in places like Norway, Bulgaria, France, and Canada, is becoming more popular. These trends are all boosting demand for fishing rods worldwide, making 2024 a great time to enter the market. Also, experts predict the North American fishing rod market will reach US$ 578.3 million by 2034. Meanwhile, East Asia will account for 36.5% of the global fishing rod market by 2024.

Top 5 fishing rod trends to offer in 2024

Spin fishing rod

A spin fishing rod with a brown handle

These are the most common fishing rods for consumers. They are similar to casting rods but come with some extra perks. For instance, consumers can enjoy more stability and power by holding these rods with their dominant hand. In addition, spin rods have their reels at the bottom, making it easy to cast and reel in catches. Consumers will get exceptional performance when using spin fishing rods in lakes, rivers, or from boats. They also offer size varieties, making them perfect for almost any fishing consumers want to do.

Spin fishing rods are very versatile—whatever fishing technique consumers want to use, there is likely a spin rod for it. Their versatility also extends to reels, rod lengths, and rod weights. Here’s the cream of the crop: consumers will find it easy to fix tangles with these rods. In fact, spin fishing rods don’t have a lot of cons, although some young fishers (like kids) may find using the bail system tricky. But adults can easily teach them what to do. Spin fishing rods are doing pretty well search-wise. According to Google data, they have attracted 12,100 searches in February 2024.

Fly fishing rods

Person holding a fly fishing rod

Consumers turn to these rods when they want to enjoy a special fishing technique known as fly fishing. These rods come in many sizes and lengths, allowing consumers to catch all kinds of fish with them. But there’s more! Fly fishing rods help users cast special fishing lines (fly lines) in a delicate way to trick fish into biting. Additionally, fly rods are usually longer than other fishing rod lengths, with the most common length being 9 feet—but some can be as long as 14 feet.

Fly fishing rods are great for trout, steelhead, and salmon fishing. With this rod, consumers can enjoy their favorite activity on fly fishing-only waters. These rods also present flies in a way that’s impossible with other rod types.

However, these rods have shorter casting lengths that may annoy some consumers. Wind can also affect the results of fishing with this rod. Unfortunately, fly fishing is much harder to learn than other fishing techniques. Fly fishing offers a unique experience that consumers can get without fly rods, so it’s no surprise they are slightly more popular. Fly fishing rods attracted 14,800 searches in February 2024.

Ultra-light fishing rods

An ultralight fishing rod in action

As their name says, ultralight fishing rods have super thin and light designs. Manufacturers make them light enough to help consumers make gentle casts and catching small fish more fun. Ultralight fishing rods are also perfect for backpacking trips because they are light and easy to carry. Businesses can find ultralight rods for spinning, fly fishing, and other fishing types—but they are typically meant for catching smaller fish.

Ultralight fishing rods are one of the best options for trout and small warm-water fishing. Consumers can use them to present the lure delicately to trick picky fish. Since they are lightweight, these rods are also easy to travel with. But, consumers shouldn’t hope to catch big fish with these rods. This is because they feature thinner and lighter materials, making these ultralight fishing rods less durable. Not to mention, casting long distances can be tricky with these rods. According to Google data, ultralight fishing rods raked in 2900 searches in February 2024. Although not as popular as other types, these rods appeal to a niche audience that prefers minimalist adventures.

Trolling rods

Three trolling fishing rods on a moving boat

These rods do one thing exceptionally well: fishing from a moving boat. Troll fishing involves moving the lure through the water. For this reason, trolling rods are usually stiff and have big reels that can hold lots of fishing lines. However, they are mainly ideal for trolling and don’t tend to handle other types of fishing well.

Trolling rods are perfect for big lake, ocean, and pond fishing. Manufacturers specially design them for fishing behind a moving boat, making them better than regular spin casting rods. However, these rods offer low versatility and will only work for trolling. Trolling rods also cater to a niche audience that prefers fishing from moving boats. They have accumulated 1900 searches in February 2024.

Casting fishing rods

Angler using a casting fishing rod

Casting fishing rods are great for beginners or kids because they are incredibly easy to use and pretty simple overall. These rods have a button consumers can press (usually with their thumb) to release the fishing line. Their reels also work smoothly, making them so easy to handle—consumers don’t need any expertise to use casting fishing rods effectively. And unlike other rods, these rods have their reels on the top, not the bottom.

Beginners can use these fishing rods to catch smallmouth bass and other warm-water species. Their enclosed reels also reduce the chances of fishing lines getting tangled. These rods give consumers impressive casting control and accuracy. Casting rods are one of the more popular types of fishing rods because they are easy to use and control. They’ve gotten 18,100 searches in January and February 2024.

Closing words

Fishing rods offer a lot of variety, allowing consumers to catch their favorite fish with their preferred technique. While spin fishing rods are the most versatile options, fly fishing variants open access to restricted areas, like fly fishing-only waters. Ultralight fishing rods appeal to consumers looking for the lightest way to catch small fish while trolling models have the necessary designs for fishing from moving boats. Lastly, casting rods are the go-to for all beginners! So leverage these trends to enjoy more sales from the fishing rod market in 2024.

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