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Women’s Cut & Sew Styles of Autumn/Winter 2022-23: 5 Top Trends


Businesses that want to see a spike in sales can take advantage of the endless supply of trends presented by female cut and sew styles in the autumn and winter seasons. Apparently, there is a lot going on, from fashion wears like track jackets to the much-celebrated T-shirts and denim pants.

It would be nearly hard to list every trend, but the key designs that have caught the heart of most women will be examined in-depth in this article.

But before jumping into the trends, here is a look at how vast the market is and why it is a big win for sellers to jump on them.

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Is the women’s cut and sew market profitable in 2022/2023?
Five remarkable women’s cut and sew designs of A/W 22/23
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Is the women’s cut and sew market profitable in 2022/2023?

The market for women’s cut and sew market in the U.S. is forecast to hit $2.5 billion by 2024. In 2019, the U.S. market for women’s clothing had a total estimated worth of $295 billion. But the total revenue generated in 2022, so far, is $790.9 billion and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.6 percent from 2022 to 2026.

With an estimate through 2024, this statistic shows the income generated by the U.S. industry of “cut and sew apparel manufacturing” from 2012 to 2017. By 2024, it is anticipated that the U.S. cut and sew apparel industry will generate roughly $7.54 billion in revenue.

In 2016, industry sales were $4.3 billion. In that same year, the average sales per company were $4 million. By 2025, it is anticipated that the women’s fashion sector would have grown by 5% based on current data and the steady market flow.

Women’s empowerment, a rise in the proportion of working women, the evolution of fashion trends over time, and the ability to spend more on new products are all factors in this expansion. Additionally, the influence of the internet nowadays has been crucial, with manufacturers profiting from the simple exposure of their products.

Five remarkable women’s cut and sew designs of A/W 22/23

The tees

Lady rocking a cut and sew T-shirt

Tees are popular fashion staples that grew from basic to a culturally significant top that most ladies rely on as standalone or for layering. One of the most famous ones that women love to rock is the basic variant. These gender-neutral tees come with crew necklines that are appealing and suit all body shapes. Consumers can explore this piece by pairing it with denim pants and a trench coat.

The V-neck shirt is an interesting variant for women who want a piece that shines in its right. Customers can pair the V-neck tees with corduroy or leather pants for a cool and relaxed look. Another intriguing variant is the ringer tees. This T-shirt looks like the crew neck, but it has contrast bands on the neckline. It is an ideal match for females who want a subtle detail that can blend into different styles.

The turtleneck tees are the perfect go-to for females who want a comfy winter-ready piece that is loud on fashion statements. The unique style can go with slim-fit leather pants and top coats for a sophisticated look.

For a grungy romance vibe, oversized tees do the trick to accentuate the casual and semi-casual feel. These staples pair well with matching baggy pants, which would be denim, chinos, or corduroy. Women who want to experiment with the look could aim to pair oversized T-shirts with pencil jeans pants or satin trousers.

These tees come in wool and cotton fabrics, others coming in poly-cotton blends as well. Also, they pair well with linen or satin pants and denim trousers.


Casual fashion trends are what drive the hoodie. Utility greens pay homage to the outdoor trend, and the design is kept upscale by contemporary finishes that are not overdone.

Hoodies are loved for their aesthetics as well as their heat retention, which is key in autumn and winter periods. Coming in solid colors like pink, red, blue, and turquoise, hoodies are the perfect casual or semi-casual addition to the wardrobe.

Some also come in tie and dye or ombre colors, which speak originality and creativity.

A lady in a gray zipper hoodie and tank top

More upscale variations of the classic hoodie are included under casual feels. In the shape of rounded, large forms and luxurious fabrics, comfort is still evident.

An outside peak performance style with a more cutting-edge and technical feel has replaced this ski lodge trend. The most common hoodie fabrics are cotton, polyester, or wool blends that are certified organic, recycled, or both. Younger aesthetics embrace a variety of 2000s topics in conjunction with “TheNewIndie.”

Oversized silhouettes with front zip-ups emphasize comfort, but slim-fitting ribs and an extended silhouette offer novelty. Crafted details channel “TheNewIndie” for a folk vibe, while cartoon visuals bring a happy emotion to the presentations.


This cut and sew dress, dominating this category, is created in a range of figure-hugging shapes and layering textures as more female consumers anticipate the cold months. This fashion piece is available in traditional black as well as modern color updates including lavender, luscious crimson, and chic dark oak.

Ruching and cutaway elements elevate the dress for versatile modern occasion wear while maintaining the trend of manipulating fabric.

These dresses are inherently formal and can be worn to a good number of events like buffets, open ceremonies, and weddings. They can be long maxi dresses with wool fabric or long bohemian-styled dresses with belts that accentuate the figure of ladies.

Track jacket

The women’s track jacket is becoming a popular alternative for trans seasonal outerwear after finding success in the menswear market. It can be worn as a complement to a matching set in vintage fashions or incorporated into utility-based outdoor trends like peak performance with vibrant technical elements.

It has a modern twist that fits for smarter business casual appearances, especially in the colder months, thanks to its clean and raised finishing. There are many color variants that match this fashion piece, but blue, black, and white straps are the most popular ones.

A lady wearing a white and black track jacket

Second-skin top

A lady wearing a black slim fit top

This clever layering item is ideal as an exquisite choice for the traditional market. By using woven trim details and patches, designers evoke pared-down bohemia for a craft-based, smart-casual aesthetic.

A lady in a cream slim fit shirt

Blends made of cellulosic, silk, or FSC viscose add sheen and a luxurious look. Also, stretch materials made of recycled materials or bio-based materials are part of what makes up this second-skin top trend. An excellent example is the stretch turtleneck, which ladies can wear outdoors under a trench coat or jacket during the winter or fall seasons.

The second-skin top comes in a variety of cool and hue colors like beacon orange, sophisticated neutrals, and more that give off a certain warmth and cozy feel—making a good layering fashion piece.

Closing words

In essence, because these trends are the focus and top choice for autumn and winter this year, the market for women’s apparel never has a shortage of demand. The T-shirts and second-skin tops are perfect for women to lounge around in or even wear as underclothing before layering further with a fleece jacket or shearling coat.

The track jackets are intended for less formal events like social get-togethers and even hitting the gym. Then there are the dress gowns for seminars and business meetings, and the hoodies for girls’ nights out. The truth is that these trends continue to sell themselves.

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