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Top 5 Sweater Dress Trends That Shoppers Love


What consumers love about the sweater dress are its comfort and versatility. Much like the fashionable cotton summer dresses, sweater dresses can be dressed down for a casual look with a pair of boots or dressed up for events, parties, and office wear. This type of women’s clothing is perfect for fall and winter, and today’s top sweater dress trends are catching the eyes of women everywhere. 

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Global market value of sweater dresses
Best ways to wear a sweater dress
Top 5 trending styles of sweater dresses
Are sweater dresses back?

Global market value of sweater dresses

When the cooler weather hits, it comes as no surprise that the sales of knit sweater dresses increase drastically. With such a high demand from women for these types of dresses, there are more styles in the market than ever before, with everything from bright patterned dresses to more refined knitted dresses being sought after. An increase in online sales, as well as new technologies, have helped to push the global knitwear market, in which dresses play a big role. The global knitwear market was valued at USD 644.29 billion in 2021, with that number expected to increase to USD 1606.67 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 12.10% during the forecast period.

Woman sitting on a couch reading in long sleeve dress

Best ways to wear a sweater dress

There are new styles of sweater dresses constantly hitting the shelves, so it’s important for the consumer to be aware of how to pair the different dresses with other pieces of clothing and accessories depending on their shape. One of the biggest sweater dress trends today is the use of a leather jacket paired with a full or mid-length dress. For dresses that are brighter in color, pairing them with a dark pair of tights not only provides extra warmth but also adds a sense of sophistication to the look. For the colder weather, a cozy scarf to compliment the dress will never go out of style.

Whether it’s a mini, a knit dress, or a full-length dress, there are plenty of options for the consumer to choose from based on their own personal style. When it comes to the biggest and top sweater dress trends, however, there are some styles that are leading the pack. Dresses with high necks, polo dresses, cardigan dresses, cut-out dresses, and the classic mini dress are going to be making big waves in the fashion world.

High neck

One of the most popular ways to keep warm in the winter is to have a high-neck sweater, and this is now being implemented into dresses too. The high-neck sweater dress is the perfect way to be both stylish and warm, as most of these dresses are made with a heavier knit cable than others. The neck size can vary between a tighter fit and a mock neck, depending on the consumer’s preference. It can be paired with heels, sneakers, or knee-high boots, and dressed up with the addition of a belt or black tights.

Dark red knitted sweater dress with high loose neck

Polo dress

The polo dress takes its inspiration from earlier decades but still looks timeless. This type of sweater dress is generally made of a lighter knitted material and is perfect for fall days or for special occasions indoors during the wintertime. What’s great about this sweater dress trend is that there are many variations to choose from, and each one is as popular as the next. There are ultra-fitted polo dresses as well as looser-fitting ones and dresses that give a more flared look. By adding a few accessories to this type of dress, it will fit in perfectly for work, team events, and late-night dinners. This is one sweater dress that many people are going to want to be able to pull out of the closet day and night.

Woman wearing brown polo sweater dress with buttons and belt

Cardigan dress

Almost every woman has at least one cardigan in their wardrobe, and with this new sweater dress trend, they’ll also have at least one new cardigan dress too. The great thing about the cardigan sweater dress, with its longer sleeves, is that there are many options when it comes to pairing it with other clothing. The cardigan dress can be worn fully buttoned up to show off the wearer’s silhouette, with a matching pair of boots or comfortable sneakers to complete the ensemble. Alternatively, it can be used as a top layer with a shirt and leggings or jeans underneath. With so many ways to style the cardigan dress, it’s set to become a must-have fall and winter season sweater dress.

Woman wearing a light brown cardigan dress with buttons

Cut-out dress

The cut-out dress is one of the more unique sweater dress trends on the market today and provides a bit of a throwback look while still looking very modern. This is the type of dress that would be worn to an event, such as a winter wedding or party in the colder months, as it reveals more skin than other styles, providing a sexier appeal too. 

There’s no set rule when it comes to where the cut-out should be placed. The most popular versions of this dress have the cut-out somewhere along the chest or on the waist, but back cut-outs are also rising in popularity with consumers. When paired with the right accessories and cute boots, and maybe some high-quality tights, the cut-out dress will be turning heads everywhere.

Woman wearing a thin striped cut-out dress holding purse


Some consumers may feel like the mini dress has its place in the warmer months, but the mini is making big waves in the world of sweater dresses—and consumers can’t get enough. Rather than wearing a short skirt, the knitwear market is seeing an increase in demand for sweater dresses that fit just above the knee to show a bit of bare legs. The often thick cable knit of these mini sweater dresses allows them to keep the wearer warm, and when worn with a pair of thick winter tights, everything comes together perfectly. The mini is now an all-weather kind of dress, ideal for cooler fall temperatures as well as winter weather.

Woman wearing a cream mini sweater dress inside

Are sweater dresses back?

The rise of the sweater dress in recent years has brought forth new designs that make them both versatile and fashionable. The sweater dress trends that are impressing consumers right now include the high neck dress, polo dress, cardigan dress, cut-out dress, and the mini. These designs are all expected to retain their popularity in the coming years, so fashion retailers can jump into these trends for healthy sales and profit when the cooler months hit.

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