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5 Brilliant Trends of Women’s Dresses for Pre-fall 2022


The pre-fall season is here, so more female consumers are seeing this period as the perfect time to bring their sexy back. Most of these ladies are feeling a burst of boldness and freedom as they rock these trends this particular season.

But before delving deep into the various pre-fall dress trends, here is a brief report showing an overview of the market so far—displaying the behind stats. Keep reading to find out more about the various trend collections. 

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The market size for women’s dresses in 2022
Five exquisite women’s dress trends for pre-fall
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The market size for women’s dresses in 2022

The market size for women’s clothing was valued at $1,386.1 billion in 2018. According to reports, it is targeted to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2019 to 2025. The rise in the female population, rise in the proportion of working women, change in fashion trends, and strong consumer buying power are key factors influencing the market growth.

Celebrities and social media’s growing influence is not left out. In truth, the effect of the influencers is indirectly encouraging manufacturers to keep releasing new designs and trends. 

Additionally, more sellers are working tooth and nail to boost the number of consumers they serve, notwithstanding the platforms available. So, these retailers can capitalize on the increased growth of this market and begin to stock up their inventory with the trends listed in this article. 

Five exquisite women’s dress trends for pre-fall

Mini shift dress

A woman wearing a mini shift dress

Image source: Pinterest.com

The mini shift dress has straight lines that flow from the shoulders down the body, with only very tiny variations in the measurements at the bust, waist, hips, and hem.

They come in different styles as some hug the body tightly while others are freer around the waist and torso. These mini-shift dresses also are produced in varying fabrics. Some are knitted or crocheted while others are made entirely of wool. Other fabrics in this instance are animal pattern prints, cotton, and cotton-poly blends.

The mini shift matching set is two-piece wear that women do not need to match with anything as the top and bottom complement each other. But women are still at liberty to pair these with knee or ankle-length socks.

Because most of these dresses are cut out at the thighs, they are great when paired with net stockings or leggings that are a little bit see-through. It provides a great formal wear alternative.

Some mini-shift dresses, like the ones with more intricate designs including animal prints, come with collars. These can be paired with outer sweaters and jackets like a knitted vest, leather jacket, or top coat to match.

Nuboheme dress

Lady wearing a dark blue short flare dress outdoors

Image source: Pexels.com

The Nuboheme trend delves deeply into the crevices of unorthodox apparel pairing and belligerent ingenuity from fashion designers everywhere. It is pre-fall season and women are encouraged to experiment with what is in their wardrobe.

The simple fit and flare dress is the first on the list as it brings back early 90s fashion in the style of a thin silk or satin dress with a flared midsection coupled with ruffles. 

These dresses can easily be paired with an outer coat or jacket, preferably in solid dark colors like deep blue and black, which contrast with the white and cream of the dresses. Knee or ankle-length socks work as well and give off a semi-casual appearance to the wearer.

Woman wearing beige short and flare dress in the woods

Image source: Pexels.com

The cotton gown is another honorable mention that also flares out at the midsection but has a nipped-in waist and also hems that drape around the ankles. It is a solid gown and women can choose to wear them as is.

The trans-seasonal belted dress also falls within this trend. The dress is left open below the waist to represent or give the image of a split gown down the middle and comes in beautiful floral or polka dotted patterns. Women can pair these also with socks or any coats of their choosing.

A solid dark blazer would aid the attire to appear more formal for women who choose to adorn them for work-related events or formal gatherings.

Skater dress

A woman wearing a floral design skater dress

Image source: Pinterest.com

The skater dress gets its nom de guerre from the appearance of renowned figure skaters all over the world. It is a simple gown that fits close to the body and ends at the thighs. It is not tight around the torso or taut around the waist to leave enough wiggle room for ease of mobility.

These dresses flare out at the waist and look beautiful in the different styles they come in. A few are the statement sleeves, the sleeveless and short-sleeved dresses, the pleated skirt, and the floral designs.

Women can wear a skater dress and a white blazer as elegant, timeless basics for many years to come. Black suedes that are knee-high are a simple way to add a touch of casualness to the ensemble.

A woman wearing a plain white skater dress

Image source: Pinterest.com

Skater dresses and charcoal coats together are undeniable evidence that a safe off-duty style can yet look totally beautiful.

The pop-punk styling looks really good with silky statement sleeves that throb against the wind. They also come with elastic bands at the wrists to keep the dress intact. Women can pair these with blazers or jackets as the pre-fall season could tend to get a tad chilly.

Modernoccasion dress

Woman wearing a black high slit satin dress

Image source: Pinterest.com

The modern occasion dress toes the line between what is casual and what is formal. The styles listed under this trend are high-slit dresses, slim-fit ruffles, and even the subversive sexy dress style.

These dresses appear in fabrics such as satin and silk, which are thin and easy on the skin especially if it is a dress that will be worn often. Cotton dresses are durable and easy to keep clean and maintain. Linen, lace fabrics, and satin also work for these dresses.

A beautiful model in a blue high-slit dress

Image source: Pinterest.com

The high slit dress could be knee or thigh height. Solid colors like pink, blue, and cyan are perfect feminine colors that give off a clean party aura. Women can pair these with outer blazers with their arms out of the sleeves to inject a bit of casual into the ensemble.

The slim-fit ruffle plays around with seams and hemming a little bit. As a burgundy or solid red dress, it is perfect for party outings or visits to the local club at night. Women can choose to wear it as is or fit it with a blazer or coat.

Noughties nostalgia dress

A woman wearing a nipped-in glittery purple waist dress

Image source: Pinterest.com

Noughties nostalgia dresses today have fun styling. This fashion heavily incorporates tweed and satin or silk textiles. The plush and feminine layering dresses are all covered in intricate styling in various beige and cream tones. 

A woman wearing a plush dress

Image source: Pinterest.com

Bright hues including light blue, green, pink, and yellow are possible choices for these outfits like in the hyper-bright layering category. The creativity that goes with these looks gives the outfits a modern touch.

Closing words

With so many inventive items that will increase sales, the market for stylish women’s clothing appears optimistic. The skater dresses are just one fabric away from taking over the industry, modern occasion dresses blur the border between formal and casual wear, and noughties nostalgia offers added comfort with a touch of style. 

In order to boost their profitability in the pre-fall season this year, businesses must concentrate on the trends.

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