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Top 5 Trending Packaging for Pets


Packaging plays an important role in sales, and can be the difference between a consumer choosing one brand over another. When it comes to packaging for pets, visual appeal as well as ease of use are big factors with consumer choices. The most popular styles of packaging for pets range from various food bags to high quality boxes.

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The market value of packaging for pets
Packaging for pets trends: top 5 choices
Future direction for packaging for pets

The market value of packaging for pets

In recent years the market has seen an increase in demand for more superior materials when it comes to packaging for pets. Consumers are also being more conscious with pet food ingredients, and are looking to purchase pet products that have a more luxurious appearance to them, and that help to promote a healthy diet for their animals. 

In 2020 the pet food packaging market was valued at USD 9.4 billion. This number is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% between 2021 and 2030, reaching approximately USD 16.6 billion. The increase in consumers owning pets has marked an upsurge in the variety of pet food in the market, and as these consumers are starting to have a larger disposable income, more sales are being made than ever before. 

Woman with dog holding up large bag of dog food

Packaging for pets trends: top 5 choices

There is a wide variety of packaging for pets in today’s market, but not all are suitable for every type of food. Trends in the packaging industry are seeing increasing demands for stand-up pouches, paper tube packaging, liquid pouches, corrugated shipping boxes, and four side seal pouches. Here’s a look at the key features of each one. 

Stand-up pouches

There’s no shortage of varieties when it comes to pet food packaging, but some are better suited than others for the type of food being stored in them. The stand-up pouch is a popular choice among consumers, as the size makes it easy to store both at home and on shop shelves, and the sealable opening means that the products stay fresh longer once opened. 

Unlike larger sizes of packaging for pets, the stand-up pouch takes up minimal space and can easily be taken on the go as well. For many consumers, sustainability is a key factor when choosing packaging, and the stand-up pouch is completely recyclable which is an added bonus.

Small stand-up pouch with round pet treats inside the bag

Paper packaging tube

Many types of pet food are traditionally sold in tins, but the paper packaging tube is beginning to rise in popularity and replace metal tins. This type of packaging helps to keep the contents fresh as it’s both airtight and moisture proof, and the variety of lid choices means that it’s fully customizable too. The paper packaging makes it ideal for storing powders or dry treats, and is more environmentally friendly than tins or plastic.

Two paper tube cans of pet food on white table

Liquid pouches

The stand-up liquid pouch is probably best known for food and drinks packaging, but it’s being seamlessly integrated into packaging for pets too. This style of packaging is a good choice for liquid pet food or treats, as it has various nozzle caps to choose from, is fully sealable, and creates a superior moisture barrier. The pouch itself can have any cover printed on it for maximum visual appeal too.

The larger nozzle caps are helping to transform the stand-up liquid pouch from a liquids-only packaging to one that can be used to dispense smaller pet food or treats simply by pouring them from the bag. Food such as bird seeds, puppy food, and rabbit pellets are just some examples of the type of food that can be stored in this style of packaging for pets.

Two white stand-up liquid pouches with different frontal designs

Corrugated shipping box

Packaging is important during all points of the sale process, and that includes if an item is being shipped or stored in a physical shop. The corrugated shipping box is the perfect way to make an impact on the consumer, by having it fully customized to match the brand and items inside. 

These boxes can securely hold heavy products while in transit, and are an easy way to store bags or boxes of pet food and toys. For the eco-conscious consumers out there, these secure boxes can be repurposed for other storage needs or household projects, and in some cases can be used by their pets. This is one of the most popular packaging for pets on the market today.

Two different sized corrugated shipping boxes for pet food

Four side seal pouch

When consumers purchase pet food or cat litter, they tend to buy large bags that will last. The four side seal pouch is a popular style of packaging for pets that’s been around for a long time, and continues to be a big hit. The large size of the pouch makes it easy for consumers to scoop out the contents, and it’s easy to store as it can stand by itself without falling over.

What makes this type of packaging better than others is the premium look it has. The zipper closure makes it look more upscale, and helps to highlight the freshness of the product inside while keeping pets out. The overall design of the pouch can be adjusted as well, to better suit the type of consumer that the company is targeting. 

Large bag of dog food next to owner and dog

Future direction for packaging for pets

Packaging for pets comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. While not all types of packaging are suitable for everything, these popular styles help to make a positive impact on the consumer and therefore increase sales. Corrugated shipping boxes, stand-up pouches, paper packaging tubes, liquid pouches, and four side seal pouches are all proving to be the most popular types of packaging for pets today.

The packaging market is seeing a steady increase in packaging becoming more eco-friendly, so it’s expected that more sustainable materials will continue to be used in the future but they will still take on the traditional shape of the most popular types of packaging for pets. 

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