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Top Biker Jacket in Winter by Style


For consumers looking to get the best biker jacket in winter that will last for several seasons, they’ll want it to have the ability to keep them warm in cold weather and look good too. Both men and women are now sporting biker jackets, and with such a wide variety of them available in today’s market there’s a style to match every personality with key features and technologies to look out for.

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Biker jackets in the global market
Top 5 styles of winter biker jackets
The future of the biker jacket in winter

Biker jackets in the global market

Biker jackets are now in more demand than ever before. For female consumers this can be put down to a number of factors such as colder weather creating a surge in sales of warmer jackets, more fashionable designs of biker jackets hitting the market, and an increase in promotions of the best leather jackets on television and through social media. 

In terms of the male consumer, biker jackets for winter have become a must-have wardrobe choice, as it not only keeps them warm but also makes them look stylish while doing everyday activities. The popularity of biker jackets is hard to miss, with the global men’s coats and jacket market, which includes biker jackets, hitting USD 48.5 billion in 2021. It’s projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% until 2028. 

Woman wearing a white leather biker jacket on sunny day

Top 5 styles of winter biker jackets

The growth in popularity of biker jackets for winter has generated an explosion of new styles in the market. These styles vary from traditional biker jackets to more eccentric ones, but many of the core features have remained and make the jackets instantly recognizable as biker jackets. The top styles to look out for in today’s market include the fur collared leather jacket, the waterproof leather jacket, the waxed biker jacket, brightly colored jackets, and the studded winter biker jacket that’s never really gone out of fashion.

Fur collared leather jacket

One of the best selling biker jackets for winter on the market today is the fur collared leather jacket. This timeless biker jacket is popularly worn by both men and women, and now comes in a variety of styles and colors that are in keeping with modern consumer lifestyles and demands. Leather jackets have always been used to keep the wearer warm in a colder climate due to their thick material, but the addition of the fur collar adds an extra bit of warmth as well as style to the overall look. There’s also the option for consumers to have the entire jacket lined with fur.

What the market is starting to see now is consumers wanting fresher colors rather than the typical black or brown biker jackets. It’s not uncommon to see colors such as red or blue combined with a fur collar, and some jackets even have contrasting pockets and zippers to give the jacket a more unique look.

Collection of fur lined leather jackets hung on a wall

Waterproof leather jacket

For consumers who spend a lot of time outdoors in more extreme weather conditions, the waterproof leather jacket is a must-have for winter. The tight fit of this leather jacket keeps the wearer warm and at the same time stops any type of moisture from getting in. Many types of biker jackets for winter aren’t fully waterproof, which can be a problem if the consumer is wearing the jacket while riding in the rain. The waterproof leather jacket eliminates the need for the rider to have an over-jacket on hand.

This style of motorcycle jacket is one of the most versatile on the market, as it can be worn for both riding and everyday use, and is perfect for the year-round rider. The newer jackets that are entering the market combine practicality and fashion in a way that isn’t usually seen with biker jackets, and some even include thermal liners. The waterproof leather jackets with a removable hood are one of the up-and-coming styles to keep an eye on too.

Man in city wearing black leather jacket holding coffee cup

Waxed biker jacket

Many consumers will associate biker jackets with leather, but waxed biker jackets are really starting to make their mark as well. Waxed jackets are a very popular piece of outdoor clothing for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, whether that be off season hiking or working on the farm. The waxed cotton exterior of the jacket is ideal for providing waterproof protection to the wearer, and it’s very resistant to wind as well.

When compared to other waterproof materials that can be used for biker jackets, the waxed cotton can actually help to retain body heat at a better rate. This means that the wearer won’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing to stay warm. The waxed material is also known for its longevity, making the waxed biker jacket a good all around investment to make – another reason why it’s a fast growing trend among winter jackets.

Two bikers wearing black waxed biker jackets outside

Brightly colored jackets

A big trend in the fashion industry right now is the use of color, and this is now spreading into biker jackets. Biker jackets are traditionally neutral in color, with the brighter colors being reserved for racing jackets or sponsor logos. That’s all starting to change with new consumer demands though, as uniquely colored biker jackets for winter are growing in demand with both men and women. 

Today’s consumer now wants more out of their purchase, which means the biker jacket is being used for more than just riding. Everyday fashion now includes biker jackets, and this has started the trend of people wanting a more vibrant wardrobe during the colder months of the year. For consumers who still want a more neutral colored jacket, embroidered biker jackets have become a surprising new trend that looks to be growing in popularity.

Man wearing black leather jacket with colorful logo on back

Studded winter biker jacket

Biker jackets are often meant to make a statement, and with the studded winter biker jacket there’s no better way to stand out in the crowd. This nostalgic jacket gained popularity during the punk fashion era and has never really gone away. Over the years new versions of this jacket have emerged, and today it looks to be making a strong comeback with both riders and consumers who love wearing statement pieces.

This type of biker jacket is very comfortable to wear and can often be more secure than other types due to the belts and buckles that are sometimes added to the different designs. It’s predominantly found in black so the studs stand out more, but there’s also a big demand for studded leather jackets with large patches or logos on the back and shoulders. There are many different ways to wear the studded jacket which is what makes it so popular.

Man wearing black leather jacket with small studs on

The future of the biker jacket in winter

Consumers looking for a good biker jacket in winter aren’t short on choices. Whether they’re looking to wear it while riding a motorcycle or simply want to wear it around the town as a statement piece, there are many practical and unique versions of the biker jacket on the market today. The current trends to look out for have the fur collared jacket, the waterproof leather jacket, the waxed jacket, colorful jackets, and studded biker jackets at the top of the list.

Biker jackets have always been in high demand and the jacket market is expecting this to continue among all types of consumers. Although leather is one of the most popular materials to use for this type of jacket, the fashion world is becoming more sustainable by the day, so expect new alternative materials that are environmentally friendly to start entering the market as well. 

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