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5 Fantastic Skateboard Trends To Follow Today


Skateboarding has been a popular recreational activity and sport for many years. Although once thought of as a rebellious sport, it’s recently been embraced by people of all ages as well as city councils who have started to build more skateparks or upgrade old ones. 

With this explosion in popularity there are certainly some new skateboard trends to look out for.

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Overview of the global skateboard market
Choosing the right skateboard
5 skateboard trends to follow
The future of skateboards globally

Overview of the global skateboard market

Skateboarding used to be dominated by males of the younger generation, but all that’s starting to change. The rise of social media platforms such as TikTok has meant that people from around the world now have access to skateboarding videos, which has helped to peak interest in the sport. 

The addition of skateboarding in the summer Olympics also gave the sport more of a global platform. The skateboarding market is seeing a larger number of girls than ever before taking part in skateboarding, and there’s also been a rise in older participants.

In 2018 the global skateboard market was valued at approximately US $1.09 billion. Reasons such as an increase in awareness of the sport and it being an alternative to electric scooters, which are also growing in popularity but don’t provide health benefits, have helped to raise the overall value of skateboards. 

By 2025 the market is expecting this value to rise to US $2.38 billion, which is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.1%.

Woman riding a skateboard in an empty parking lot

Choosing the right skateboard

Not all skateboards are built the same, and some are better adapted than others depending on what the consumer wants to use the skateboard for. Mini-cruisers are generally used for ages 9 and under, as they get used to the size and balance of the board. 

For consumers who want to do more technical moves and stunts, the double kick board is the best option, whereas the cruiser is perfect for consumers who want to ride along the street casually. There’s also the option of the long board which is designed to help people improve their surfing or snowboarding skills on solid ground.

Man building a skateboard in an indoor shop

5 skateboard trends to follow

With such a rise in the popularity of skateboarding among all age groups, there are a lot of new skateboard styles hitting the market in order to keep up with demand and new innovations. The top skateboard trends to follow include plain colors, customized boards, after dark skateboards, skateboards made of plastic, and artistic boards.

1. Plain colors

Selection of skateboards in vibrant colors lined up

Skateboards are fairly well known for having colorful and unique patterns on the bottom of the deck, but the market is seeing more consumers interested in purchasing blank decks with plain colors than previously anticipated. This is down to a number of factors, but two of the top ones include price point and the freedom to personalize the deck.

Blank decks tend to cost less than skateboards that have been professionally designed or have an intricate pattern stamped on the deck. For consumers who are just getting into skateboarding, or those who prefer a single color as opposed to multiple ones, this is the perfect fit. 

Skateboards with plain color decks allow the consumer to add to the deck themselves as time goes on. That may be in the form of stickers or if the consumer is artistic then they may wish to design their own pattern for their board to add a personal touch to it in order to really stand out on the street or at the skatepark.

2. Customized boards

Selection of skateboards with unique prints on the bottom

Skateboarding is one of the most popular street sports today, and there are thousands of skateboard print designs to choose from, ranging from classic looks to more vibrant and unique ones. 

It’s easy for consumers to shop online or in store and choose a print that they like, but the skateboard market is seeing a rise in the number of consumers customizing the entire board, from the wheels down to the print, and especially the grip tape color.

Customized prints on skateboards allow the consumer to really make their mark on their own board, and have a skateboard that no one else will have. It’s a way for skateboarders to not only be involved in the building of their board but also to share their personality with other skateboarders. 

The number of people taking up skateboarding as a sport has risen in recent years, and getting the consumer more involved with the process of making their own skateboard is proving to have huge benefits for the overall sales of skateboards around the world. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a skateboard that matches with the consumer’s outdoor apparel either.

3. After dark skateboards

Selection of plastic skateboards with glow-in-the-dark features

Many sports are undergoing modern transformations, and skateboarding is no different. There are new skateboard features hitting the market constantly, and one of the top skateboard trends right now is the luminescent board. 

It could be the skateboard that glows in the dark, but the addition of underboard lights, glow-in-the-dark grip tape, and glow-in-the-dark wheels are really picking up steam and becoming more common.

The skateboard market is also seeing more attempts to have glow-in-the-dark prints on the bottom of the board, which have really piqued the interest of some consumers. These prints tend to be more retro in design and give a throwback and nostalgic feel to the board, which traditional skateboarders can’t get enough of. 

4. Plastic skateboards

Plastic skateboard with colorful design and pink wheels

Like with many industries, the skateboard market is seeing a big rise in demand for skateboards made from recycled materials as more consumers look to change their lifestyles and live more sustainably. 

Skateboards are predominantly made from maple wood, but more designs are coming out that use plastic that can be fully recycled or that’s made from previously recycled materials such as plastic bottles — a big win for the eco-friendly consumer.

Plastic skateboards aren’t a new invention, they’ve been around since the 70s, but they are growing in popularity again as consumers look to incorporate retro clothing and sports gear into their wardrobe and routine. 

Plastic skateboards tend to be more vibrant in color, and are perfect for children learning to skateboard as they’re more durable than wooden skateboards and the color choices are often more appealing. This is a big skateboard trend to look out for in the coming years.

5. Artistic boards

Three skateboards with artistic designs on the bottom

For consumers who don’t necessarily want to customize their own skateboard, there are plenty of ready-made artistic boards to choose from. These acrylic print skateboards have always been popular choices among skateboarders of all skill levels, and with production levels hitting an all time high, there are now more choices than ever before for consumers to dive into. 

Skateboards that have creepy designs or psychedelic looks are starting to lead the way, but the market is also seeing an increase in consumers hiring skateboard artists to design a board for them. 

There are even skateboard decks being painted with classic Renaissance paintings on them and other well known pieces of art. Artistic boards are here to stay and are one of the top skateboard trends to keep an eye on.

The future of skateboards globally

Skateboarding is a universal street sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their skill level. As more consumers start to pick up a board, or fall in love with the sport all over again at a later stage in life, there are some important skateboard trends to watch out for. 

Skateboards with plain colors, customized boards, glow-in-the-dark features, plastic skateboards, and artistic boards are all growing in popularity with today’s consumers and look to be here for the long term.

As mentioned above, skateboards made of plastic are once again on the rise as consumers look to become more eco-conscious. This is a major trend that will only increase in demand over time, with brands looking to create skateboards from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, as well as attempt to reuse pieces from broken skateboards in new ones. 

The future looks bright for skateboard enthusiasts, with more people taking an interest and new designs hitting the market.

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