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Top Outdoor Playground Equipment Consumers Will Pay Hugely for in 2024

Colorful outdoor playground equipment at a park

Countless children create cherished memories on playgrounds, with outdoor equipment playing a central role. This equipment’s vibrant and engaging colors provide an undeniably fun experience, allowing kids to let their imaginations soar.

Playgrounds won’t be complete without these fun products. While many have evolved, adding safety and accessibility features, their fundamental designs remain centered on making children have fun.

The number of kids waiting to have fun isn’t dwindling, and sellers can leverage it. Keep reading to discover five fantastic pieces of outdoor playground equipment worth purchasing in 2024.

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Overview of the global outdoor playground equipment market
5 outdoor playground equipment to stock up on
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Overview of the global outdoor playground equipment market

Vibrant-colored outdoor playground equipment in a lush green park

The global outdoor playground equipment market reached US $5.53 billion in 2022. However, experts predict a surge in demand for these products, pushing the market to US $10.88 billion by FY 2032 at a 7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Parents are becoming aware of the importance of outdoor games to child development, and it’s expected to drive market growth. The increased safety of modern playground equipment also helps boost market growth.

North America dominates the market with the highest revenue share. Its dominance is due to the rising number of play schools and commercial playgrounds. Europe follows closely behind as experts predict it will witness significant growth.

5 outdoor playground equipment to stock up on

1. Merry-go-rounds

Three little girls spinning on a merry-go-round

Merry-go-rounds are among the most exciting and classic rides on any playground. This spinning equipment allows kids to hop on and spin around quickly by pushing against the ground to develop momentum.

While the classic one is fun to ride on with friends, some modern designs create options for a child to spin alone for more control and safety. Some designs even allow children to hang by their arms and turn with their legs dangling.

Merry-go-rounds are not going out of style anytime soon. Google Ads data shows they average 246,000 monthly searches, proving they’re still incredibly popular.

2. Swings

Two dogs on a playground swing with yellow bars

Swings have been around for a while, and although they’ve evolved, these play tools have maintained their core concept. However, different types now exist to offer incredible experiences.

The classic playground swing features belt seats that bend when kids sit on them. But here are some other types that change how the rides work.

  • Accelerator swings: Instead of single seats, these swings work perfectly with groups. Their large disc can accommodate multiple kids simultaneously, making it more interactive than traditional swings.
  • Generation swings: These swings do more than accommodate kids—they can host both toddlers and adults.
  • Inclusive swing seats: Not all children are ready for standard bucket or belt swings. Thankfully, they can use inclusive swing seats to get used to the feeling. They can accommodate all kids, regardless of size, shape, and abilities.

Swings are one of the most popular playground equipment—almost everywhere. However, people are still searching for them, showing swings are still in high demand. Based on Google Ads, swings have gotten a consistent 823,000 searches in 2023.

3. Still rings

Still rings at a sandy outdoor playground

Still rings on playgrounds closely resemble those used in gymnastics. Suspended from long horizontal chains, they are a classic among kids today. Children grasp one ring and extend their other hand to reach a second ring while remaining suspended in the air—like a gymnast.

This playground equipment is great for developing upper-body strength. It’s like killing two birds with one stone—kids get to have fun and get stronger through physical exercise.

4. Monkey bars

A mother supporting her son through a monkey bar course

Monkey bars are a classic! Originally, they looked like horizontal ladders suspended above the ground by vertical poles. These playground tools allow children to swing from bar to bar, replicating graceful chimpanzee movements.

Interestingly, monkey bars were popular in larger jungle gyms, giving kids enough room to climb and swing in multiple directions. Here’s another exciting fact: monkey bars are present in almost all playgrounds, but manufacturers have updated their designs in various ways.

Most monkey bars are more than just horizontal ladders. Some of them look like rings that still replicate the movement popular with standard monkey bars.

Since monkey bars are everywhere, it’s safe to say they’re one of the top-trending playground equipment items to purchase. Check out these stats: Google Ads data shows they averaged 246,000 monthly searches in 2023.

5. Seesaws

Two young girls on a seesaw at an outdoor playground

Seesaws have come a long way! From simply placing a plank on a barrel to having more safety-conscious versions with safer degree angles. Children can bounce back and forth on these play tools, with one child putting weight on one end to raise the beam and vice versa. 

Some modern designs allow even toddlers and up to four children to hop on and enjoy the game. To make seesaws safer, partial car tires or other shock-absorbing materials are often added to cushion impact. The seesaw’s safest version comes with a spring center, which prevents hard landings in case the other rider falls off.

Seesaws are as old as time when it comes to playground history, and as people say, they are old but gold. With 1 million monthly searches in 2023, seesaws have cemented their legacy as one of the top-trending playground equipment.

In conclusion

Children deserve a unique and happy space; playgrounds can be that for them. Aside from their positive effects on kids’ development, playgrounds offer children more chances to interact with their peers.

Some playground equipment requires cooperation, allowing kids to nurture their budding social skills and have a good time. Others can provide amazing physical and educational growth.

Playgrounds will always be around, so playground equipment will always be needed. Businesses must prioritize these trends to make the most of outdoor playground equipment in 2024.

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