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The Top Unisex Table Tennis Shoes for 2023


Table tennis is a popular sport globally and has been part of the Olympics for over almost four decades. While it may be more popular in some countries than others, there is a very high demand for unisex table tennis shoes that will help improve overall performance and comfort. As with all sports it’s important to have the right type of footwear to use, whether the consumer is just starting to play table tennis or they’re a regular player and competitor.

This article will look at the top types of unisex table tennis shoes and what makes them so popular among consumers. By acknowledging that table tennis players can’t compete at their optimum performance level with regular running shoes, retailers and businesses can tap into a market that’s expected to blossom in upcoming years. Keep reading to find out more!

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What makes table tennis shoes unique?
Global market value of table tennis footwear
Top types of unisex table tennis shoes

What makes table tennis shoes unique?

Table tennis is sometimes compared to other sports such as badminton, tennis, and squash but anyone who plays table tennis knows that it’s a completely different sport with entirely different footwork and technique involved. Table tennis is a fast paced sport that requires very detailed footwork in order to perform well, which is why it’s so important that players are able to access table tennis specific footwear.

The ultimate design factor of table tennis shoes is that they make the player move faster. They’re made of a lightweight material with thin soles with a flat heel and a very strong grip so players don’t slide or roll their ankles. Table tennis shoes are designed to not only allow the player to perform well but also with injury prevention in mind since the sport requires a lot of small movements with the feet that can end badly with shoes that don’t have the proper support built into them for the sport. 

Pair of blue unisex table tennis shoes next to paddle

Global market value of table tennis footwear

The rise in popularity of table tennis outside of Asian countries has fueled a high demand for unisex table tennis shoes globally. These shoes vary in price point depending on the features and the branding but they can all be worn by players of any ability so it’s down to the consumer as to which pair of shoes they like the most. Table tennis shoes are very specific to the sport itself meaning the target market is small but very demanding.

In 2022 the global table tennis footwear market was valued at approximately USD 111 million. By 2028 that number is expected to have grown by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 4.13% bringing the total value up to USD 141.5 million. 

With consumers able to watch professional table tennis tournaments through streaming devices as well as the Olympics every four years, the popularity of the sport is only expected to increase. On a local level more governments are providing funding to start up table tennis clubs and host tournaments which is another cause of the rise in popularity of this indoor sport.  

Man wearing unisex table tennis shoes on a red court

Top types of unisex table tennis shoes

The demand for high quality table tennis equipment is on the rise which has brought with it further demand from consumers for comfortable table tennis specific footwear, most of which are labeled as unisex. The top types of unisex table tennis shoes available on the market today include the casual training shoes, velcro unisex table tennis shoes, psychedelic table tennis shoes, professional looking table tennis shoes, soft leather table tennis shoes, breathable mesh table tennis shoes, and metallic table tennis shoes.

Casual training shoes

There are many types of unisex table tennis shoes available for consumers in today’s market. One of the most popular of these are the casual training shoes. These table tennis shoes are designed to be lightweight so that the player is able to perform small footwork movements without being hindered by the weight of the shoe. The thin sole provides a sturdy grip on the indoor flooring service which helps to prevent overall injury and keep the feet comfortable throughout the training session or match.

These casual training shoes are made of a breathable material with air pockets that allows for air to circulate through the shoes when being worn. They also feature a comfortable sock lining and can be embroidered with any logo. Overall this is a fantastic shoe for players of any ability and although it has the name of a training shoe it can easily be worn for matches too. 

Person wearing blue and white unisex table tennis shoes outside

Velcro unisex table tennis shoes

Velcro sports shoes are often associated with children since they’re very easy and quick to fasten. However the unisex table tennis footwear market has seen an increase in recent years of adult table tennis shoes being designed with velcro fasteners – and to great success! The velcro unisex table tennis shoes are a unique form of footwear for the sport that not only look great when being worn but offer optimum comfort and support, just like laced shoes do.

With a neutral colored sole to prevent marking the flooring, the rest of the shoe can be whatever color the consumer desires. Since these are a more unique style of table tennis shoes the most popular design of them is to have multiple colors printed on the leather with a fabric trim along the top to match. Unisex table tennis shoes are certainly becoming more vibrant as demand increases and these might be one of the most stand out versions yet.

Pair of white, black, and red unisex table tennis shoes

Psychedelic table tennis shoes

While some table tennis players prefer to have a toned down look with their footwear, others love loud and vibrant colors that really make a statement. The latest psychedelic unisex table tennis shoes are proving to be a huge hit among consumers of all ages with their unique patterns that other players more likely than not won’t have. 

These water resistant and lightweight table tennis shoes generally have a colorful body that perfectly matches the psychedelic look of the outsole and midsole. The midsole is where the fun really happens though. Here is where you’ll find the unique color combinations that give a 60’s vibe to the shoes and it’s this area specially that really catches the attention of the consumer. When paired up with a colorful set of laces these unisex table tennis shoes look quite spectacular on the court.

Pair of multi color unisex table tennis shoes

The professional looking table tennis shoes

With table tennis’ growth in popularity there has been an influx of unique versions of table tennis shoes entering the market in an attempt for companies to stand out against the stiff competitions in such a niche market. As previously mentioned though, whereas some consumers want to stand out on the court with colorful footwear and sportswear, others prefer a more simplistic look which is why the professional looking table tennis shoes continue to be one of the top selling pairs today.

These high quality table tennis shoes match any outfit and give a professional finish to the consumer’s overall look on court. In some instances these unisex table tennis shoes can be matched with a table tennis bag for the ultimate look. The main body of the shoe is a plain color, such as white, and there is often a splash of color around the heel or ankle, as well as on the tongue. The soft inner cushioning and the anti-skid sole complete this elite pair of table tennis shoes. 

Person wearing blue and white table tennis shoes on court

Soft leather table tennis shoes

There are various materials to choose from when it comes to unisex table tennis shoes. Many are made of a durable fabric but over time this fabric can tear especially in areas where the other foot may hit it, such as above the insole. This is why a lot of consumers prefer to purchase soft leather table tennis shoes which are significantly more durable even after excessive use over time. 

Like other types of table tennis shoes not much is different other than the main material being leather. The rubber outsole allows for a strong grip on the court and the inner cushioning, especially around the heel area, makes these shoes very comfortable to wear even for several hours at a time. 

Left foot table tennis shoe in white and bright orange

Breathable mesh table tennis shoes

Leather is the most durable material for unisex table tennis shoes but it’s not for everyone. Leather is known for causing the feet to sweat and the material isn’t as breathable as others, and for consumers who are constantly wearing their table tennis shoes for high intensity matches they don’t want their shoes to still be wet the next day.

Breathable mesh table tennis shoes are the perfect alternative for hardy leather shoes. The mesh is located along parts of the shoe where the most air circulation is necessary and it’s strengthened by leather trim on the outside so that the structure of the shoe isn’t compromised. There are plenty of versions of these shoes available for consumers which is why they’re one of the top types of unisex table tennis shoes on the market. 

Pair of white table tennis shoes with dark blue trim

Metallic table tennis shoes

Colorful table tennis shoes are without a doubt rising in popularity among consumers today, but one type that really stands out are the metallic table tennis shoes. These shoes are signed with both laces and velcro straps so the consumer can choose which fitting is best for them. They may look bulky compared to other versions of unisex table tennis shoes but they’re actually incredibly lightweight and don’t hinder the wearer in any way.

The outer material is made of either PVC or leather, with a mesh or microfiber upper material that makes the shoes comfortable to wear around the ankles. The market is expecting more metallic table tennis shoes to enter the market in the coming years as consumers look to add more unique footwear and clothing to their on-court look.

Blue metallic table tennis shoe with velcro straps across it


Footwear is a crucial part of any sport and with table tennis it’s no longer enough to just wear regular running shoes or even tennis footwear. Table tennis footwork is specific to the sport so it goes without saying that players need to have specially designed footwear to perform to their maximum capabilities. 

The top types of unisex table tennis shoes looked at above include the casual training shoes, velcro unisex table tennis shoes, psychedelic table tennis shoes, the professional looking table tennis shoes, soft leather table tennis shoes, breathable mesh table tennis shoes, and metallic table tennis shoes. Sellers looking to do well in this niche can invest in these types of shoes to ensure they are providing their customers the best options available on the market today.

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