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Top Tattoo Aftercare Trends in 2024

Tattoo cream being applied on an arm

Tattoos are a great way to communicate personality and individuality – it’s one of the reasons why people love them. However, getting a tattoo comes with responsibilities, including the need for appropriate aftercare to prevent scarring or infection.

As that need grows, so does the demand for high-quality tattoo aftercare products. Here we’ll highlight five tattoo aftercare product trends, showing sellers what they should consider stocking in 2024.

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An overview of the tattoo aftercare market
5 tattoo aftercare products to leverage in 2024

An overview of the tattoo aftercare market

A tattooed woman holding a tattoo cream

As of 2022, the global tattoo aftercare product market was valued at US $126.2 million. Experts predict the market will witness an 8.07% CAGR, pushing it to be worth US $201.03 million by 2028.

The market owes this promising growth to the number of people getting tattoos as a means for self-expression. With that need comes the growing want for ink enthusiasts to get the most mileage out of their tattoos via the best aftercare products available. In this segment, soothing balms hold the highest market share, with experts predicting it will witness the highest CAGR over the forecast period.

5 tattoo aftercare products to leverage in 2024


An open moisturizer on a plain white background

Moisturizers are an essential post-tattoo product. It’s recommended that moisturizer is applied to a new tattoo for at least two weeks to one month to help it settle into the skin.

Drying out of a tattoo can lead to increased chance of scabbing,  color loss and reduced definition, and irritation. Luckily, moisturizers, especially unscented and alcohol-free varieties, are a simple fix to help avoid all of these outcomes. 

Since 2022, tattoo moisturizers have received 14,800 monthly searches on average, according to Google Ads data.

Two bottle of moisturizer on brown cloth

Protective tattoo films

Protective tattoo film on a freshly tattooed arm

Protective tattoo film, meanwhile, acts like a second skin after receiving a tattoo, helping to keep moisture in and potentially harmful bacteria off. Similar to cling film, protective films are self-sticking and protect the tattooed area in those crucial early healing days.

In November 2023, protective tattoo films received 6,600 searches, according to Google Ads data.

Tattoo foam soaps

Tattoo artist applying tattoo foam soap to freshly tattooed arm

You could say that tattoos are like cool-looking wounds, and with any other injury, they need special care for a speedy recovery. It could then also be said that tattoo foam soap is the best remedy to keep tattoos clean.

These impressive products clean the user’s tattoo and kick harmful bacteria to the curb. Plus, they come with special oils to ensure that the user’s skin doesn’t dry out.

Person applying tattoo foam soap to a colored tattoo

The best part of using tattoo soap is that they not only keep tattoos clean – some can even restore the vibrancy of older tattoos. Most variants are hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal, meaning that they are approved for more sensitive skin types.

Tattoo foam soaps are relatively new products when it comes to tattoo aftercare, which is reflected in their search rankings: in 2022, they had 210 searches, which had risen to 320 inquiries by November 2023.

Tattoo balms

Five silver tins of tattoo balm

Tattoo balms are the MVPs of post-tattoo care (they received 9,900 searches on Google in November 2023 alone). Applied to the skin and then wrapped using plastic wrap or a bandage, they act as the first line of defense against infections.

But that’s not all. Tattoo balms also prevent tattoos from drying out, aiding the healing process. They come packed with ingredients like calendula oil and candelilla wax, which helps to reduce the chances of scabs developing during the healing phase.

Silver tins of yellow tattoo balms

Tattoo balms offer the best results when consumers use them three times per day for about two weeks under a protective film, wrapping, or bandaging. Even after two weeks, tattoo balms can be used to help maintain healthy, moisturized skin and keep colors fresh.

Tattoo creams

An open tattoo cream on a white background

Tattoo creams work like moisturizers. However, their formulation, made solely for tattoo aftercare, keeps tattoos much more vibrant than regular moisturizers.

The best tattoo creams come loaded with moisturizing, soothing, and protective benefits, especially plant-based varieties. They help nourish the user’s skin and play bodyguard without messing with natural perspiration.

One of the best ingredients to provide these benefits is panthenol, which can aid regeneration, offer hydration, and help maintain the skin’s natural elasticity.

Tattoo creams are the most popular tattoo aftercare products, drawing in a whopping 110,000 searches on Google since the beginning of 2023.


Tattoo aftercare products are more than just a step in the tattoo process – they’re the ticket to a smooth and speedy healing process.

While these products work great individually, they offer an amazing synergy when provided together. For instance, it’s advisable that consumers use a tattoo foam soap to wash the tattooed area before applying moisturizers, tattoo balms, or creams. 

With the tattoo aftercare scene blowing up, there’s been no better time to invest in these top-notch products.

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